Some my artworks about and for EVE :3

My old topic was died dye to inactivity (again unfortunately xD ) So… here we go again :smile:

My short story:
I’ve fall in love with EVE: Online in 2009 year. Since this time I’m playing this game (with breaks ofc).
I owe EVE a lot of funny moments, tons of positive vibes. Evening and nights with cozy talks and lazy gate petting, thousands of scanned sites and most important - new friends (I owe this game even for knowing my bff :3 )
So…what can I say. It was an awesome journey. And it still be it. Game has changed a lot: some changes I love some makes me mad but…people are the same. And people - are key part for this game. So while there is such awesome community - I’m happy and I’ll stick with EVE :slight_smile:
So there is some my artworks for this game and for you all :slight_smile: Hope you will like it ^^
(some of them an old one but I still love them anyway)

Mira, Servant Sisters of EVE:

Rifter, my first PvP ship


#Astero, my working pony for last few years)


Hello forum.

@Janet_Luovalle Well done! love it. Beautiful stuff.

~Fifie tries Art:


Just for the future, you can ask forum moderation to unlock your own topics if you want to use them again. Nice pics, too.


I love Triglavian lore. This is for Zorya Triglav :3 it was fun to dig the whole story behind them


Wow, saw these arts on a different resource. I especially love how the Rifter turned out : )

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