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As my old topic was closed dye to inactivity (I was a bit busy because of pandemic :frowning: ) I’m open the new one. So… there is my little story:

I’ve fall in love with EVE: Online in 2009 year. Since this time I’m playing this game (with breaks ofc).
I owe EVE a lot of funny moments, tons of positive and good vibe.
Also I found new friends there <3 (and also my bestie @Mantis_Akiga <3 )

So, I decided to draw a girl of Servant Sisters of EVE cos their ships are beautiful and their lore quite interesting :slight_smile:

Mira, Servant Sisters of EVE

Also I drew a commission for a beautiful @Clementine_Lafleur . It was so excited experience and I’m very grateful for such opportunity :3

I’ve started learning watercolours, so I drew my first ship in EVE, best beast for newbies (and not only newbies, cos it’s really good <3 ):

I’ll try to keep this topic updated :3 Hope you’ll like it.
Fly safe \0/


Probably better situated under Communications Center > My EVE >
but good work there!

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Well done on the Rifter !


100% recommend to anyone looking to get a profile done of their character, the style is absolutely stunning!


This is great stuff! I would love to see more.

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How much for a portrait?

Your work is fantastic! Keep sharing it!


This is a great place for it, art of fiction is fiction squared.
Or something…
Ok fine, I made that up but it sounded good when I typed it.

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Thanks all for this warm words <3
It gives me a lot of motivations. So I’ll try to draw a new ship that caught me for his predator elegancy :3
@Mizhir replied you in twitter dm :slight_smile:


Beautiful work, keep it up!

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