Rescinding of old Words; Grievances

Not long ago I made a statement toward pilot Diana Kim that I have since come to realize was unnecessarily harsh, and perhaps in retrospect ill-afforded. In fact, I was actually proven wrong in my initial assertion that she objectively did not talk to people and discuss problems. For a moment, however brief due to our respectively busy schedules, we discussed our differences. Having explained to one another the root cause of our confrontation, I believe that we have worked past it. With the exception of this public retraction of those incendiary words that I make now.

To that end, I look forward to further civil dialogue. Whilst I understand fully than many find Diana to be abrasive, I would encourage you to afford her the patience and concern that I did. Perhaps you may find resolution to your grievances.





Never apologise to it. Under any circumstance.


Understatement of the decade. More like a grater laced with hydrochloric acid.


Frankly i think we should show the man some respect if he seeks to apologize for something he deemed out of line. These is his relationship with Diana he seeks to repair.

As for lending more patience. Well, I’ve burned that bridge already. But if allowed a second chance i be up to it. While i may think Diana is a bit to nationalistic for my tastes. I do have to admit her talents in combat are impressive, she certainly has the experience, no one can deny that.

In fact - Diana if you’re reading this . I like a fresh start too - As warriors, so I invite you to a friendly dueling session with kestrel-class frigates. I will not challenge your honor in this, we do this to work out our frustrations in combat. We keep going (Which i will personally fund) until we’re both satisfied


The thing is, no reciprocation would be offered by the other party were the turntables to be turned. Ergo, concordedly, vis-a-vis, it’s a fool’s errand at best, trying to keep in the good graces of a petty criminal.


This is what we must fight against, the ego, to offer dialog and an olive branch is never wrong, only the person swatting it away is the person that will be left holding a bag of sour uvas (grapes), besides think deeper and more sinister, if you get close your object of contention again it gives a person an opportunity to victimize them again.

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Diana is just one more damaged person. We are all damaged to some degree: just look at the egger “community” as a whole and you’ll see the Red God’s own collection of broken toys scrambling to kill each other for fun, profit and neatly arranged strings of data that bolster one’s imaginary e-peen.

Abrasive? But what is the limit of being abrasive? It’s when someone greets you with live ammo.

But Isn’t that the way all fringe space works? IGS Pro-Heth spam mixed with racial slurs doesn’t really work when compared to a proper nullsec entry gatecamp when a flashing wall of instalocking T3s vaporises your friggin shuttle and all you can do is to LAUGH at them as you die in a fire.

Here’s your f-in revelation of the day, OP: we’re all a bit Diana. New Eden is Diana.

Pray that it remains so, because New Eden might as well soon be Anyanka Funk.

I think that’s called “Dark Light From the Heart of the Mother” or something.


I offer civil dialogue where I know it to be appreciated.


Strange… Kimmie and I get along just fine. Maybe most of the people who talk to her are just looking to rile her up? Maybe they’re the abrasive ones.


Quite the contrary, she and I settled my conflict with her prior to my even attempting to resolve her issue with me.

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I assure you that I am soft to the touch.


I am not the one that has swatted it away.


We got along until she decided to ask me to do something illegal and immoral and threw a tantrum when I did not.


You’ve bent the knee, then.


You have an interesting world view. Does it get you much trouble?

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Rather the opposite, my worldview has been formed by the trouble that has been bestowed unto me by others. Often times for perceived transgressions that I’ve had no way of knowing would blow up so much. People are harsh and expect you to meet arbitrary standards you don’t learn about until after the fact; hence, I reply in kind.


Of course, when you deal with humans you’re unfortunately dealing with the absolute worst of the worst, something that will help you is to understand the term machiavellian, it is a description of a human traits, now, it’s not to say ‘all’ humans are terrible but humans are treacherous creatures, they can flip on you quickly if it’s advantageous for them, but that’s where you find out who is honorable and who is not to be trusted.
If you understand this trait of humans it makes dealing with them much more easier, in eve players tend to behave completely selfish and aggressive, however I have found a few that I would call good folk, these people I would honor an agreement even if it cost me in game items, because it is important to me to also behave in an honorable way, even if they flip afterwards, doesn’t matter, I still have my honor and that is important to me so I can separate myself from the herd.

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Some people she can get along with just fine. Others, she is outright hostile to simply based on their affiliations. She does nothing but insult me and my brothers and sisters. If you are able to talk with her, by all means do so. But she doesn’t afford that courtesy to everyone.


It all was just misunderstanding, and while it caused some unpleasant interactions, I am glad that it is in the past. Mr. Nomistrav has shown merit and I am taking back offensive words I told him in reply, since what he accused me of isn’t stated anymore, my own hostile words lost their meaning. And I apologize I said them in the first place.

As for the following… “comments”, of course I am not as unappealable as certain trolls love to depict me. I only treat people as I see fit according to their own behavior. If someone believes I give them unreasonably harsh treatment, I am always open for negotiations. Of course, provided they aren’t members of FDU and other hostile entities - they will have to leave them before addressing me. Just because first and foremost I am soldier and ranked officer of Caldari State.

For the others - I would like to say, that I do not want to hurt anyone who is not hostile, and if I do that by mistake like I did to Mr. Nomistrav, please just confront me openly and say me so, then I can bring apologies and avoid further conflict.

Other trolls love to claim like I make enemy almost of anyone - and that is absolute lie. I know personally times more people whom I am friendly with than those, whom I am hostile with. As for those rare persons whom I am hostile with (without affiliation to direct hostile group, like FDU), if I haven’t approached them myself yet - it simply means I see no merit in doing so, or because I have approached them in the past and believe that it is a useless case. And I will repeat, if they disagree with my harsh treatment to them - I am always open for explanation and finding of possible solutions, if they will want it.

I am myself pretty much content with the status quo, and I believe I haven’t wronged anyone.

And one more time, I would like again to apologize to Mr. Nomistrav. He is a merited person, and a respectful opponent.