Statement regarding my CSM campaign

I have been criticized for my behavior, especially living in Ushra’Khan space and claiming I was a pacifist. I want to make it clear that although I have taken refuge for a week in their space, It doesn’t make me a promoter of violence.

Why did I travel there?
It was by accident. I used a needlejack filament to escape my bounty hunters (The Hunt for Komi Valentine is Over!) in Frarn. I ended up just 12 jumps away from their base. My Probe was not fit and we were running short of supplies . They received my distress call and answered.

Among other things I want to stand up for the rights of the baseliners and I will make no distinctions or judge people of different races. I firmly believe that all people of the different empires are connected by common ground.
It’s not right to portray me as a terrorist. If you live in Amarr space for a week, it doesn’t make you Amarr, right? And while I don’t agree with their violent way, there are some aspects that I admire about them, like their honor, loyality and courage.
I was in distress and needed help. Ushra’Khan were willing to rescue me and grant me support. I’m very thankful for that fact, but it does not define who I am.

o/ Komi


Ms Valentine,

I take issue with this attempt to whitewash your image to save your political career.

No, not a promoter. But by accepting the sanctuary of an alliance who deals daily in violence, you are giving it tacit approval. And yet, you took umbrage at my corporation removing derelict MTUs from our constellation - something we are very clear and open about in our mission statement - and refused to do business with us. So removing neglected MTUs is “unethical”, while allowing a violent capsuleer alliance to harbour a wanted criminal is fine? Then that is the morality you will judged by.

So purely by accident you jumped into the sovereign space of an alliance whose director just happens to be a sponsor of your Frarn workhouse?
How convenient!

Don’t worry, no-ones portraying you as a terrorist. You don’t inspire terror in anyone.
We can legitimately call you a criminal though.

You could’ve always said no. Y’know, stand by your principals and all that. Defining who you are is simple - you say one thing, and your actions say the opposite. You’re a sanctimonious hypocrite.


Yeah, I’m not buying it either…

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