An Open Letter to Kasiha Valkanir, Provost Marshal

Greetings, cousin.
I greet you as a cousin for two reasons. First, we are both born of the Tribes, though our paths have diverged greatly. Second, I consider you family through the purpose we share, halting the Collective’s invasion of inhabited sectors.
I’ll not mince words here, just as I have not done so elsewhere. I do not trust the Four Empires or CONCORD, for there are too many individuals with their hands pulling strings of one sort or another. As well, I cannot truly trust EDENCOM, for it is an extension of CONCORD. This has troubled me greatly, even as I have met and fought alongside capsuleers of all Four Peoples and all routes of life.

As I have come further in my career as a capsuleer, it becomes more and more apparent that it is the bond between individuals that creates trust. I count as brothers and sisters Matari, Amarr, Gallente and Caldari pilots, all of whom I’ve fought alongside. Many of these people would have once torn at each other’s throats on sight, but have become united in the defense of our cluster.

I wish for there to be a connection with the highest echelon of EDENCOM. I want to speak with you on a personal level. I want to bring you into the shared bond we have, so that even if we distrust the organization at large, we can trust you to do everything you can to help.

We all want the same thing, I believe. Please help set our minds at ease.


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