Message to EDENCOM forces from Convocation of Empyreans

In several hours several of Convocation of Empyreans structures may be destroyed by the combined forces of EDENCOM loyalists. They claim that this is because of CoE’s connection to Kybernauts. I am here to attempt to clear up any confusion, and perhaps prevent unnecessary bloodshed.

The Empyrean Ashterothi was asked to resign her post from CoE when she decided to turn against CONCORD and support the Triglavians full time. We at the Convocation of Empyreans are dedicated to supporting ALL Empyrean efforts within Empire borders. Many members of the CoE fought diligently alongside many of you in support of securing Empire space from Triglavian interference. Our home of Pemene was fought and secured largely by CoE forces working against the Kybernauts. The Kybernauts have their own holding Corporation outside of ours. While we do offer our structure to support some Kybernaut loyalists, we provide services to ALL Empyrean groups willing not to use our resources as an advantage against us.

It makes us quite sad to see the Empyreans so deceived about the situation that they would attack innocent neutral parties thanks to groundless accusations. The Empyrean known as ‘Xenuria’ has also claimed credit, stating that they have hired you and brought you onto us thanks to a transgression of another Kybernaut, also not a member of the CoE, who subsequently have been removed from the organization from my understanding.

I beseech all EDENCOM forces, these are dangerous times but it does not get made better by attacking those working diligently to make a better universe for everyone. I hope that this message helps bring light to the situation, and perhaps we can all avoid the needless loss of baseliner life, and valuable equipment available to make a better space for us all.

Thank you for your consideration.

I thank you for your message and reaching out, though I have to point out that doing so in private via appropriate diplomatic channels before a public letter would have made it more believable this is a sincere attempt rather than a PR spin.

Unfortunately the evidence is clear that the organizations under attack are and have been in close co-operation with invading forces. There are ways to remain neutral in these conflicts, but consistently providing aid and comfort to pro-triglavian entities is not one of them.

Anyone supporting forces that act against the Republic and her citizens is and remains a valid target for Electus Matari.

All invaders must die.

Elsebeth Rhiannon
Electus Matari

PS. Xenuria is full of ■■■■ as usual; we have not been in any sort fo communications with him over this. Or anything else for that matter. Nor wish to be.


We did reach out via private channels. No one reached out to us prior to the strike.

It is sad to me given several EDENCOM loyalists are feeling very conflicted as they fought alongside you during the Invasion.

Regardless of Xenurias honestly, you are playing into his hands.

Said loyalists are very welcome to renounce aid and shelter to protriglavian forces and join us once again, of course.

I am sure you can figure out where to find the EM diplomats and/or high command if you want to begin negotiations.

Glory to Edencom!

Let Trigs suffer

Those loyal to the Triglavians have already left CoE during the Invasion cycle. It is the entire purpose of asking Ashterothi’s to resign from the CoE.

I repeat this only this once: what we do we do based on evidence and intel.

Never lie to me in diplomacy.

Well, you should have never let them in then. As Concord likes to say: Actions have consequences. It is about time that you feel some of these for your heinous actions against the Empires and humanity.

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This is a lie, I never at any point hired any group, organization or Mercenary outfit of any kind to go after Kyber/COE/TTI…

They offered to do it for free.

Ashterothi will continue to be hounded by forces on all sides and all those who lend him shelter will face reprisal.

I smell nullbloc shenanigans.

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To quote myself. I don’t know what Xenuria’s beef with Ashterothi is, but the implications of co-operation with the enemy against one person specifically are blatantly false.

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I don’t think anybody here is implying I am cooperating with EDI, that’s functionally impossible since EDI can’t even cooperate with itself. Your leadership is comically incompetent and is easily manipulated to a desired end.

For example you have been led to believe that Ashterothi no longer controls Kyber and has stepped down from influencing COE…

I speak for EM, not EDI.

Bootlickers all look the same to me.

It is a sad fact of life that EDI’s cooperation was not going to last. Even I expected this and I might be the most idealistic son of a bitch to wear this armor. Without a clear and present existential threat, old behaviors have prevailed.

If there is one thing I agree with the Kybernauts on, it is that the Empires have many sins to answer for. I cannot agree with how you lot have taken this out on those who were blameless in all of this.

The Triglavian Collective and their allies have effectively become the fifth Empire by matching the other four in inflicting atrocities. Even exceeded their atrocities by some measures.

As a saying goes, take care when fighting monsters lest you become one.

Xenuria, shut the hell up.


From the Trig discord, in public:


So. Despite claiming final victory in those liminal systems, with one sole exception, you still have more Proving to do? Didn’t get enough Proving in the first time around?

As a pilot whose loyalty is to the people of all Four Empires as one human race, I ask the capsuleer militias of all Four Empires to strike at the Triglavian collaborators within your area of operations.

Show them what it truly means to never be satisfied with peace. Strike back for all the innocent lives lost, the stars and planets that will never again be a home for those who once lived there. Take that same determination with which you’ve fought each other, and show the Kybernauts how it feels.

Third-party bad actors notwithstanding, the time for this kind of clarification was June.


Here is EDENCOM’s message to the Trigs and Kybers…can’t do nothing with the systems that you have conquered, neener-neener- neener-er.