Statement by Ashterothi to the Convocation of Empyreans on Triglavians and Formation of EDENCOM

From: Ashterothi
Sent: 2020.05.22 04:43
To: Convocation of Empyreans,

Greetings Fellows of the Convocation,

I have been thinking about the grave threats and ample opportunities that lay before us. We stand at the precipice of unprecedented challenges and perils, as well as those who would surely love to use circumstance against us, to strike us if we let our guard down.

I have heard the offers of this “Zorya Triglav”, as well as their Convocation. While they have not been forthright, we have still attempted to assess their desires. What we have found is a culture defined by the rule of might tempered by a desire for unity. They seek to “prove” us, and we have done so, first within their territories, then by defending our own, and finally by aiding them against those who bore us into this universe.

Despite this, all attempts to actually communicate or support the efforts of Zorya and their ilk have been met with less than nothing. Our logistic ships, flying their own TTC-72 Rodiva class Cruiser, trying to save one of their own in an Emerging Conduit from another Empyrean, was met with deadly force for their trouble!

Now Zorya wishes to take our people, and perform experiments on them. Well to that I say this: Rocks are one thing, our people are something else. The baseliners who bore us are the birthright of all Empyreans to do with as we see fit. It is beyond the pale to simply ferry them away without discussion. My very home of Fliet coming under direct attack is the shining example of this undignified behavior. If the Triglavians wish to have us consider their “Vyraj”, they better learn to act with more manners.

That said, CONCORD is and continues to be the True Enemy of the Empyreans. ANY tool, ANY method that may bring us closer to forever unbinding us from the shackles of our oppressors must be pursued. Without CONCORD intervention, our power would be completely unbound, and the Triglavian would be just another gnat under our foot. The fact that they are a “threat” at all is just another sign of the broken deal brokered with the Immortals that rightfully should rule these Stars.

To CONCORD I say: let us free and we will rid you of this menace.

To Zorya I say: We are proven, show us what you offer or you will never see another Liminality.

The Empyreans are the future of New Eden.

We are inevitable.


CONCORD is incompetent in many ways, sure, but with no regulations stopping us, capsuleers would be the biggest force of evil this cluster has ever seen. Civilians would be massacred left and right and planets would be glassed.

Have you met other independent capsuleers? To begin, a staggeringly high percentage of those like us are just flat-out crazy.

I hate this attitude.

First-off, you’re not immortal. Even if you believe all your clones are the same entity, you’ll have an end eventually. I’ve seen enough of us die our final deaths to know that.

Second-off, what makes us intrinsically better than baseliners? That we’re genetically compatible with some freakish Jovian technology and are able to fly ships better with fewer people crewing them? The average capsuleer is a wretched sociopath and a mass murderer. If anything, we’re worse.

CONCORD could handle this invasion much better than they are, but giving indy capsuleers free reign would do more damage than the Triglavs ever could.


Let us not forget those “baseliners that bore us” continue to ensure our continued careers through the clone lab technicians, the ship crews, the hangar crews etc etc etc


Captain Ashterothi

Thank you for sharing this communiqué. The acknowledgement of the dire threat the Convocation of Triglav poses to our population and solar systems is something that must be underlined above and against all ‘Trigmania’ in popular culture as well as against the luring promises of their exotic nature, technology, and shrouded history.

Regarding the role of CONCORD, we believe that it is not helpful to utilize the current situation for a conflict that exists since the release of independent capsuleer licenses. Even though CONCORD has acted very questionably in the past, calling them the True Enemy of ours seems a gross, if not misleading, exaggeration. Also, if ‘any tool, any method that may bring us closer to forever unbinding us from the shackles of our oppressors’ is a topic that should be linked to the defense against the Triglavian threat, is questionable.

Surprisingly, your communiqué does not explicitly refer to EDENCOM. Does that imply that you see EDENCOM just as another branch or offspring of CONCORD without any chance of change? If I understand the following quote correctly:

The focus of EDENCOM will be on accelerating the fortification of New Eden’s star systems, supporting the member states of CONCORD in their defense efforts, and working as closely as possible with capsuleers loyal to the cause of our common civilization. - Valkanir

I see a strong movement towards a closer relationship with capsuleers, maybe even cooperation at eye level. While I don’t expect to see us ‘unshackled’, I actually have the feeling that the necessity to grant loyal capsuleers more freedom and options to act against emergent threats is part of EDENCOM’s policy.


Haria Haritimado
Arataka Research Consortium


For the most part CONCORD do a good job of keeping the peace. I think it is only certain units within CONCORD that have, perhaps been overbearing, and even guilty of deliberately underhand operations. That can be the case with any large organisation. Hey lets look at the history of capsuleer corporations for example. EDENCOM are going to need our help to keep our way of life.

Any capsuleer is beholden to the entity that controls their medical clone.

Capsuleers shall never be unshackled.

What we see now, their deranged behavior, mutual insults, trolls, wars over a piece of tritanium or r64 moon, mass slaughter of baseline vessels, disrespectful and dishonorable behavior, hedonism and explicit (sometimes even vocal) interest in filthy uncivilized forms of “pleasures”, straightforward perversions and unnatural discrepancies, open slanders and groundless accusation, financial scams and spam…

We already have visible lack of control and the resulting degradation that came out of it.

Surely we can take care of Triglavians. We can take care of Sansha, we can even take care of Federation once we unite. But will we?

What does freedom bring, only a bunch of self-degrdading egoistic individuals who would do whatever they want instead of what is needed, who will chase their own puny profit instead of greater good for the community.

If that will ever happen, Empyreams will be not the future, but the undoing of New Eden, sinking it into unending wars for dominance caused by freedom.

If you really has a vision for Empyreans to be the future of New Eden, I would highly recommend you to advocate on cutting all the disgraceful excess of freedom CONCORD has bestowed on us and pull the leash to ensure reign of Law and Order, to ensure subordination among Empyreans like among military pilots - after all, we do have access to highly capable WAR machines, that shouldn’t be just given out to random fools who follow selfish goals.

In fact, I think the capsuleer program shall never have left walls of Caldari Navy. CONCORD shall return capsuleers back into the fold and allow only Caldari Navy to control capsule pilots, treating us as Soldiers and Military assets.

That will means we will become the Future of New Eden, that way we will ensure peace, order and prosperity, instead of death and indiscriminate destruction. Once we all be subordinate to Caldari Navy, we will cleanse our cluster from offenders in less an year. Triglavians, Drifters, Sanshas, Gallentes, Guristas and Minmatars - they all will pay for their crimes.

But that will never happen while we allow CONCORD to degrade us with excess of freedom.


And people say I have an enlarged ego.


Reporting for duty

We had the support of the Jove Directorate back then

Bondage for all capsuleers!

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How selfish to forget your life as a baseliner so quickly after being gifted with eternal life.
How selfish to forget all the lives you’ve interacted with, the ones you hated and the ones you loved.
How selfish to disregard the inhabitants of the worlds that birthed you, nurtured you, made you into the person you are now.

If anything, the easily corrupted and quick to go insane capsuleers are exactly the reason CONCORD should maintain this power over us. The day I turn my back against the Empires, not least of which the Amarr Empire from which I hail, is the day I pray CONCORD pulls the plug on me.

Lord knows that CONCORD should most likely do this to many a capsuleer as it is. They have been too lenient, if anything. Given us too much freedom. Capsuleers fighting amongst each other is one thing, but the countless cases of aggression against Empire-aligned baseliners are nothing short of tragic. Likewise, any supporters of enemies of the collective Empires should not be allowed their subsequent lives.

If freedom, the ability to engage in whatever criminal act you desire without consequence beyond the financial is what you’re after; rejoyce. You’ve got it already, as the big red button does not get pressed as it is.


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