The Convocation of Empyreans and the Growing Precursor Crisis

We truly live within trying times.

Strange beings from foreign realities bring into sharp relief the divides that cut into us as people, as immortals, and as cultures. For far too long we have allowed our differences and flaws to be acceptable and common, and now the trials have come, our systems tested, and our weaknesses punished.

The Convocation of Empyreans as an organization strives to always promote Empyrean affairs within Empire borders. We have always sought to differentiate ourselves from other Empyrean entities as we seek to work with CONCORD and the Empires, rather than in opposition.

In recent times one of our own, Ashterothi, a prominent and effective leader, has raised rhetoric that is sadly counter-productive to the overall aims of the institution. I wish to assure everyone that I have great faith in Ashterothi as an exemplar of Empyrean ideals and would like to quash any speculation of dissatisfaction of tension between the Convocation of Empyreans, and the Kybernauts.

All that said, the Empyrean Fleet, as the standing fleet of the Convocation of Empyreans, will now form under the Arataka Research Consortium. ARC has stood as the greates bulwark against the emergent threats, as well as being the pioneer in demonstrating the value of Empyreans to science, and the pursuit of knowledge for the good of all.

We must strive to not allow the crisis that we find ourselves in to divide us beyond the capability to handle that very crisis. We must remember that as immortals, we stand with responsibility and authority to view the long picture, and both guide and deliver our cluster into a more prosperous future.

Thank you for your time


Heret Kau


Respected Heret Kau, CEO

Thank you for your open letter and your kind words. We fully understand that the current situation puts heavy strain on corporate relationships and loyalities.

Mindful of the prospect of a very long lifetime towards an unpredictable future, capsuleers should never burn down any bridges beyond repair. Thus, we appreciate that the Convocation of Empyreans found a way to adapt to the demands of the latest developments in a civilized yet decisive manner. Likewise, the Arataka Research Consortium is not turning down the possibility of common operations.

Any further details will be discussed on Fleet Command level. I am looking forward to upcoming months of renewed and intensified collaboration on behalf of the defense of our suns and solar systems.

With kindest regards,

Haria Haritimado


I do not know much about your organization. The first I heard of you was through your wayward associate. I admit I have had… negative, opinions on him in the past considering his willingness to work with certain groups, but when I heard he was promoting Triglavian interests and flying in their fleets against EDENCOM, I assumed he represented your group’s ideals and thus banned the Convocation of Empyreans from docking at my syndicate’s structures and tagged them as our enemies.

However, in the defense of Samanuni, where Crimson Serpent had deployed assets to support the Navy and defend the terrestrial population centers, I had noticed a number of capsuleers from your corporation flying in defense of EDENCOM fleets. Indeed, I fought side by side with them.

Considering this, and affirmation of your stance here, I have decided to go back on my previous decision. Individual pilots from your organization that fly for the insurgents will be banned and hunted. But besides them, the Convocation of Empyreans will be granted access to any assets deployed in the future, and contracts on your group have been pulled.

Ugh. More of this ‘immortals’ nonsense.


Come on, there are differente types of “life” for different people.

Some consider that you live only as long as the last person who remembers you.

Collective knowledge is a form of life, if an entire tribe got their mind erased, would they still be who they were?

There are different forms of “life”, not all of them are stored in an individual meat package.

Life is a biochemical process, no matter what the romantics and the desperate might say.

No, it’s not.

Are Viruses Alive?

How do you make those cool footnote references?

And viral activity is also a biochemical process.

As for the footnotes: [sup] [/sup] but replace the [ with < etc.


Oh well, there are several interpretations (not that i disagree with yours)

Thank you, you are a darling. :kissing_heart:

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