Breaking News: Komi hacks FTL Network!

Hello, I’m Komi Valentine

I’m a hacker and explorer. Today I found a backdoor in the FTL Communication Network. To proof it, you can try to open my profile:

I would like to sell this exploid to CONCORD officials for 1 billion ISK or 500 PLEX. Additionally I want to be acquitted of all crimes and legal charges that CONCORD addresses to me through this exploit.
CONCORD officials can reach out to me via the mailing service if they want to cooperate.

The backdoor is a huge security risk, because it allows capsuleers and baseliners to cover their identity. I’m looking forward to CONCORD officials reaching out to me to resolve this problem as soon as possible!

Best Regards,


Enjoy your ban…

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To make this clear: It was found more or less by accident. No illegal procedures were used, no privacy laws were violated and every registered user in the universe is able to do it right now with very little effort.
This issue needs to be fixxed by CONCORD as soon as possible!

  1. You will not attempt to decipher, hack into or interfere with any transmissions to or from the EVE Online servers, nor will you try to create or use any third party add-ons, extras or tools for the game.

Would you kindly file a bug report on the matter please?


You might want to add “thou shall not attempt to blackmail CCP” to the TOS :wink:

I have no say in what goes into the TOS. Buuuuut I do get to forward topics like no one’s business.

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yea id write a bug report… just looked there actually is nothing on her bio.

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Now this is interesting.

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I will file it tomorrow as soon as possible. I’ve been awake for 18 hours and just need a little rest after this exciting day.
Also: what about the payment? :wink:

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Take it up with Concord, not me.

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Hmm Concord, how come we can not set a bounty on a GM? Concord never allows it.

Is this why I cannot connect on port 26000?

Yo también no puedo.

unless in a specified part of the forums, you are supposed to use English. Please and thank you.

I am sorry, i am learning inglish. I am new in EVE, sorry.

I wasn’t wasn’t trying to be mean, but Unless its one of the supported language forums like french or german, the rest of the forums are English…

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Thank very much :sonrisa:

I have not yet received an official statement from CONCORD. My bug report is finished, with detailed instructions on how to reproduce it and an how to make my profile appear again.
I’m ready to send it, once the payment arrives and CONCORD meets my requests. I think 1 billion ISK is a reasonable amout for this issue and the work I spent for the documentation. Bug Bountys are a common thing in Caldari corporations.

Alexandre Arthie [DED] has closed my thread on the IGS probably to cover up the failure.
I immediatly request this thread to be unblocked. My research has shown, that this exploit existed for many years and probably some pirate groups have used it to cover up their identities.

I am in Cloud Ring right now, far outside the jurisdictional district of CONCORD. I hope they will soon negotiate this matter. Until then, my profile will be invisible for everybody.

o/ Komi

PS: I deny any connection to general connectivity issues of the FTL. And I have not violated any TOS, even if it might appear that I did.