CSM 15 | Vote for Komi!

Hello, I’m Komi Valentine the current CEO of the Tribal Intelligence Agency
and Director of the Minmatar Development Assistance Association

My home planet is Frarn V, and I’m 28 years old.
I’ve graduated from Republic University with a honorable degree in Computer Science, main focus AI Interfacing, and started my own ventures shortly after that.

Maybe you also know me from the news: Breaking News: Komi hacks FTL Network!

Why are you applying for the CSM?

I want to bring hope into dark times, where nobody seems to be open for the wonders of the universe.
Despite our technological progress, despite the memories of many terrible wars, we as a species have not improved.

Long enough have the old bureaucrats, now roughless capsuleers, ruled the council. People that start wars and speak ammunition. As in most conflict, those that suffer the most are not the leaders but the unempowered people or “Baseliners” as you call them.

I will be a spokesperson for them at the council and my goal is simple: "Make the universe more immersive!"

When I was young, I loved the stars and dreamed about travelling them one day. Do you remember your first day as a pilot? What did you expect? Adventure? Thrill? Meaning? Fun?
And what did you get?

I want to inspire all people to see the universe with fresh eyes again. I want to show them the wonders like the glistening streets of Caille or the Katia Sae memorial, the Eve Gate itself.

The capsuleers in power now are all mass-murderers, bragging with their power and ISK. Should they reign OUR universe?
If you want to leave this sinking ship and you want a universe of wonders instead of terror, vote for me!

Vote for me If you want:

  • A shiny future vision! [ strenghten the LORE/ RP side of Eve ]
  • Prosperity! [ an addition to the character creation system that has more “character” :wink: ]
  • Want to improve the living-standard in all space stations around the cluster! [ let’s talk about Walking in Stations ]
  • Want to take power away from bloodthirsty warlords! [ Meaningful world interaction ]

I think the most interesting thing, that sets me apart from other candidates are:

  • “I’ve never destroyed a ship or taken anyones life.” [ that includes NPC ships ]
  • “I am mortal”
  • “I value giving over taking”

What can people expect from you?
I will give my best to serve humanity, I’m always doing my best, and I’m not corruptable or afraid of any capsuleers!

If you have questions, feel free to ask below.

If you want to read more about me, I’ve started to write down my story:
Komi’s Story

o/ Komi


Ms. Valentine is certainly an excellent choice I think, very motivated and forward thinking.


Best of luck Komi, a fresh take like this is exactly what the CSM board needs. A voice for all the pretty things, the aesthetics and the long lost character that New Eden once had. I’d go out on a limb and say that all the other CSM candidates always just wish to improve CONCORD’s permitted mechanics of war and combat within the areas of space they love, so few actually wish to make New Eden the immersive, beautiful and creative minded place it once was.

Bring back old design, bring back things we loved, like the jukebox, radio broadcasts, let us congregate outside of the pod again. A breath of fresh air whispering into the Maker’s ears is exactly what’s needed to breathe some actual life into New Eden, rather than “AF’s are too stronk, nerf this,” or “I have idea for skin!” Make New Eden Immersive again! Sell us what we want to be sold, there’s enough skins kicking around to sink a Titan, give us something new, something fresh that contributes to the World and not just a new way to blow things up or mine a rock. Let us feel the immersion we used to feel undocking some 10 years ago.

You have my vote, Ms. Valentine.

Best of luck,

F. Orta,
UNITY Diplomat,
HPLT Director,
DF Founder


Firstly - nobody has taken anyones life playing this game.

Secondly - That’s something to be proud of? Oh.

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Getting some more story and immersion in the game would be an awesome achievement and something that the CSM has historically been setup against.

CSM seems to have always been about game mechanics with a HEAVY tilt to Sov Null needs and gripes. And I get that. But immersion and story can also be a huge draw of the game. Something that helps new players take the plunge and get their bearings in New Eden. And something beyond wallet size and KB stats to get players to stay engaged.


There are skeleton crews aboard almost every vessel, many of their lives are forfeit when the ship goes down.

Not everyone is out for blood in New Eden, it’s a sandbox at the end of the day, PvP being the sandbox’ drive or not, you don’t have to shoot other players if you don’t want to.

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I was making reference to the fact that this is a game and nobody actually gets killed in it. You know - confusing real world / game world = not such a good idea…

On that we agree. Do as you want. But - don’t act like you are somehow morally superior to other players at the chess tournament because you choose to not be a “mass murderer”(???) by brutally slaying…er…taking the chess pieces in chess games.


The candidate in question is running her campaign in-character, the person behind said character is very much of sound mind and can make the distinction, actually knowing them.


Alright then…inferior scum.


So, besides your personal roleplay, what actual things can you bring to the game?

LOL. I love you, Scoots, but c’mon - what do any of these CSM jokers “bring to the game”?


I can try my best to be a representative of the people that want to see the cluster flurish in all it’s beauty. Currently I’m setting up some surveys to gather Ideas with the people that support me. It will be a lot of work to process all that input, but in the end it will be great, since magic always happens when people work together :wink:

My qualifications are not up for debate.

o/ Komi


And if that beauty manifests as explosions, gunfire and general mayhem for worthy causes?

This kind of attitude is enough to guarantee that you won’t win. :slight_smile:

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Yeah . . . probably not a good sign for somebody to respond this way in their own promotional thread.

A holoreel is delivered by a courier to the campaign offices of Valentine. When played it begins with the stutter and spotting one would associate with ancient propaganda films, complete with a brief clarion introduction from a lone trumpeter.

Jurius Doctor is sitting in his study, in an undisclosed location in Nullsec, before a large mahagony partner’s desk.

Jurius sets down his cup of Jes’errat spiced tea, and turns to look into the camera. His attire is the body of a Triglavian environment suit, beneath an eccentric yet stylish mix of high Amarr traditional robed finery and the open, cut leather and layered ceramic plating of a mercenary captain. The gold embroidery catches the light pleasingly as he shifts in his chair.

Through the five inch plasteel viewport behind him floats a mixed armada of titans, super carriers, dreadnoughts, carriers, rorquals, and battleships. His face, if it betrays any emotion at all, shows only mild irritation but his smile is deep, warm, and genuine.

When he speaks, his tone is reserved and polite in the extreme.

"Mrs Valentine, how very good of you to announce your candidacy for the Council of Stellar Management. I welcome you to the race with open arms and the greatest civility.

"As one of the junior candidates running for the Council - myself chiefly concerned with developing an atmosphere of inclusion, the economic development of New Eden, and the expansion and training of new pilots - I feel it would be a disservice to all if I did not begin in advance by offering some counsel to you.

“Fear not, my counsel is offered free of debt or lean against your campaign.” He glances over his shoulder, “I am well supported by the Iron Guard and Nullsechnaya Sholupen. You have my support, young Mrs. Valentine, but I am afraid I cannot speak for them - which brings me to the point of this missive.”

He stands slowly, pushes back his chair, and walks slowly around the desk with his hands clasped at the small of his back. He approaches the camera drone humbly, his shoulders turned in and his eyes downcast. He sidles up to the camera’s field of view as though confiding a great secret.

"You see, Mrs. Valentine, I am young among my ilk and this is not your usual political assembly. Here the stakes are not which low sec border systems change hands between the Federation and the Republic, or setting policy on how prisoners of war are to be treated, or which economic stimulus packages to deploy to help the impoverished and needy.

"The Council of Stellar Management is composed of immortals because it serves immortals. If the concerns of mortals enter our thinking at all it is only how they introduce delays in our planetary extraction - what with their evacuations - and how much slower their reactions as opposed to fighting our own kind.

"While the heads of Ishukone or Kaalakiota might try to end your campaign by financial manoeuvring, Viziam might try to out-compete you in contracts, or the Brutor might call your … ahem… tattooed flesh and ancestry into question, my kind would simply turn the doomsday weapons of a hundred titans on the planets of your resident cluster.

“That you are a pacifist is a noble thing. I am young enough and progressive enough - even as a Holder - to overlook your naivete and the accidents of your birth. However, I represent beings who are no longer properly human and many of them count off the passage of time in centuries.”

He takes a step away and raises his voice, still warm and dripping compassion. He turns to face the camera drone and shrugs.

"If you want to play policy and politics as a pacifist join the Society of Conscious Thought. Have a care that if you continue on your current path you have a choice to make: Die horribly and watch entire systems burn because you pissed off the wrong trigger-happy immortal, or accept my gracious offer of protection and representation.

“I will always have a berth open for another fresh face.”

With that he motions with an open hand to his left and the camera pans to reveal a kilometer-long rack of clone revival units.

The feed ends in silence.


Almost everything I’ve seen throughout the forums has been vanity self-promotion of a roleplay persona and generic “Make EVE Great Again” talk without any substantive positions being advocated (start making red “MEGA” hats!!!) there or even here on this thread. Not even concrete positions for enhancing lore and aesthetics have been stated. I’m looking at your EVE Forums profile and going through your topics/posts/replies from the course of the past few months and am very underwhelmed by what I’m seeing. Almost every post has been in the Lore category, has been ego-maniacally self-promoting yourself (sometimes in the third person), and virtually nothing you’ve participated in has related to the playing the game itself (save for writing a novel about the story of your indy/market corp) or its mechanics.

The few things I’ve read that you posted that are mechanics-related indicate a considerable amount of naivete and lack of knowledge/exposure. Unless you have alts that some of us don’t know about (you should probably state them if you do), when you start saying stuff like

you are basically saying you lack experience in even the most fundamental aspects of EVE and aren’t even qualified to discuss matters even as elementary as low-level PVE. I don’t want to vote for someone who hasn’t so much as killed a belt rat. (Examining your killboard, I have no reason to disbelieve you.)

CSM is and should continue to be primarily devoted to changing the gameplay experience that affects most/all members of EVE, not about introducing new hairstyles or publishing new official short stories or making EVE-branded keychains. I am 100% in favor of expanding lore and introducing new aesthetics and I am perfectly cool with promoting roleplay, and I agree CSM could focus more on that to a larger extent than they are now, but to think that an entire seat is being occupied by someone who’s sole platform is generic statements of making the game better (again, note the lack of substantive positions in this thread or in forum contributions over the past few months) and increasing the aesthetics of the game is an affront. I’m going to be 100% honest with you: no, I am not convinced you can separate your roleplay self with your real, serious self, because if you could do that then you’d take this thread a little more seriously and would actually assume some concrete positions and run on the merits on your positions instead of treating this as a popularity contest. If you were taking this seriously, you probably wouldn’t have tagged this as “roleplay” either.

I’m also going to state that you lost a considerable amount of respect between me and EVE friends when you tried to sell your exploit to CCP and use it as a publicity stunt. Almost everyone else files a ticket when they discover an exploit and that’s it. That’s what a decent, non-egomaniacal EVE player with integrity would do. Many, probably even most, don’t even ask for/demand compensation in return for doing their due-diligence as EVE players in making the game better by reporting such exploits. I do in fact appreciate RP, but that stunt crossed the line.


OOC: The writing of official EVE Online fiction is the purview of the devs and the Interstellar Services Department, not the CSM.

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I want to clarify that I don’t mean so much to attack Komi as I am to express the most profound skepticism, and I welcome Komi to respond with substance such that there are points worth evaluating for-or-against. I may very well end up voting for Komi if I actually know what Komi would specifically advocate…

Having said that… @Jurius_Doctor you basically made the case that Komi’s strong focus on lore/RP doesn’t even belong in CSM (other than CSM possibly giving CCP the nudge that players want to see more of it, which isn’t going to accomplish much). So… what is left of Komi’s platform? What can Komi do on CSM (other than occupy a seat that, from what I can tell at this point, would almost certainly be better filled by someone) that Komi can’t do outside of CSM? Not everyone who is or becomes an icon in the community should become a CSM member or would benefit the community by doing so. Komi can always influence CSM members but doesn’t necessarily need to become one.

Again, I welcome Komi to respond because I am as equally open minded as I am skeptical.


I disagree with this. If the playerbase actually voted in a representative whose sole raison d’etre is lore then I think it would send a powerful message. Just remember how hard/impossible it is for the highsec miners and mission runners to even get one representative in. Or the wormhole guys.