Konstantin Surovij for CSM 16

Hello! I am Konstantin Surovij

o Your EVE Online story.

Played since 2010 for fun.

Played since 2016 with ambitious to achieve some results in this game.

At the moment one of 2 Legion of xXDEATHXx leaders and person, who represent XIX in the English community. One of the FI.RE coalition leaders, representing our coalition in the Eve universe on the all levels. XIX is the biggest Russian alliance at the moment in the universe with hundreds of real players.

Was FCing since 2016 on different scales as well, started as a home defence FC and became one of the main FCs in the coalition.

o Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

I am FCing for at least 2 years among the best FCs in the galaxy and hear how people react on different aspects on the game., listening every week about potential changes and people opinions about it. I am dedicating a lot of time to the literally every aspect in the game. As an alliance leader you have to follow meta and adopt or you will die, I have dedicated my life to this game and am ready to continue doing it during next CSM year.

o Why are you applying for the CSM?

Russian community needs to have a representative, for more than 5 years you could not see anybody in CSM, who can speak Russian. Russian’s play this game differently, they play this game every day as such, we have our own problems and wishes, and we want to make this game better and know how to do it.

o What can players expect from you?

Our community is amazing. You are amazing people, who have fantastic ideas and know how to improve this awesome game. I am ready to help you carry over your ideas to CCP. This game is ready to be changed, but only you can decide how these changes should look like. We shall fight in highsec, we shall fight in nullsec, we shall fight in wormholes and in lowsec, we shall fight in faction warfare space. We shall never surrender and forget about our opportunities to make this game better


is this why you doxx people lmao


Before you vote, a bit of reading material:


In short, this individual will threaten to doxx you if you disagree with him or are against him.


played since 2010 for fun

i guess if you call doxxing “fun”



before you read know this man doxxs players rather than deal with them within bounds of game


We shall never surrender and forget about our opportunities to make this game better

Yeah I’d love to play a game without botters, RMTers, and doxxers but you support all three.


What are your honest opinions of botters in the game and how would you combat them?

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Hi, I am very interested in your campaign for CSM and have yet to make my ballot. What do you feel are the most pressing issues facing the community?


lmao Asar

If u make this statement, u need to find at least some proves for it. At the moment u do not have anything. People on reddit and CCP had answered on this statement already and i ask u to stop this kind of behaviour.

As I told already on Russian forums, I did not have any intentions to threaten anybody by this post in private messages to Deepwater Hooligans leader. I believe he knows where this person lives and doing some clicks does not really give u the opportunity to find a person. I understand, that it can be offensive for someone, and not gonna repeat this stuff in the future.

Thank you for your opinion, but you do not have any proves behind you statements about my support to botters,rmt and even ddoxing was 50/50. If u dislike me, just tell me. Do not try to find any bad reasons for it.

Botters should be banned obviously. If people tell me about botters,we are investigating it and removing these pilots from our alliances. But i am not working in CCP company to solve this problem. I am just helping them to solve is as much as i can.

Nice to see Dreadbomb and friends here, always big fans,i understand <3

nice attempt at damage control


Soon we will not be able to build ships. I believe it is the main problem.

you do not have any proves behind you statements about my support to botters,rmt and even ddoxing was 50/50

Then how do you explain


It is a very good strategy to post screenshots from private conversations. You can find a lot of interesting information in the private conversation, but u will never understand the content of it. This time it was just a joke by finding renters for this space, etc.

If you follow morale things, please talk with timoxa about this article as well. It should be fair.

Timoxa isn’t running for CSM, and as a result isn’t trying to represent the community.

You on the other hand are running for CSM and hoping to represent the community, while not only doxxing people, but also “joking” about the use of botters. You’ll need to try a lot harder to get folks on your side Konstantin.