[CSM 15] Rheaha Preynar - Community Candidate

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Greetings to you all. Whether space nerd, industrialist, pirate or care bear, F1 Monkey , content creator, FC or new-bro, or leader of a great alliance or fledgling corporation, lone wolf explorer, or miner. Greetings.

I am Rheaha Preynar, and I am vying for a seat on CSM 15, so ostensibly I am vying for your consideration and should my hopes and goals for the future of the CSM and EVE align with yours…perhaps your vote may fall my way.

I want to begin by saying I strongly encourage you to educate yourself on all of the candidates for CSM 15. I earnestly believe adiverse group of players from all across New Eden can only serve to make the opinions of the CSM and the feedback they can bring to the table richer and more dynamic. Whether you are from a Sov Null block or Womhole, or Highsec… we ALL benefit from an environment where ALL players have a voice and are heard and appreciated. Listen to the different candidates , and cast your votes towards those who share your vision for the game , who represent your play style. Don’t just throw votes towards the same corners of space where they go year after year, dont vote for whom you are TOLD to vote for. Make your vote count , you have a voice and your voice deserves to be heard.

*** Who Am I?**

I have been playing for a while, a LONG while, between this my primary character my other, Jaha Preynar (eve Uni). and a toon from long ago, this will be my 16th year in eve (17 but I took time off in university). I have played as an industrialist, explorer, staff member and mentor within Eve University. For a time, as a member of a medium sized and independent null sec corporation. Finally and more recently, I have found a home with some truly entertaining and always spirited pilots who form the unique and resolutely independent corporation known as FWEDDIT - FREE RANGE CHIKUNS …bok bok bok.

What Do I Bring to the Table

Foremost I believe I am the candidate who will strive to bring a sense of balance to the CSM, I STRONGLY believe that a CSM who is receptive to all the different types of players and communities in the game is what is needed going forward. To ensure this game continues to grow and be dynamic and exciting, It needs to be appealing to new players AND those of us who have given a part of themselves to the ever expanding story of EVE. I am and have always been a champion of the new players, for it is there in their excitement and infectious desire to learn and grow that lies the wellspring of vitality that will maintain eve into the future. Alot has been done to aid newer players in their first few steps… but I feel we fall short and are failing to integrate those still new to the game into our greater community. There is so much more we could do. I feel that we are denying these players the richness that those of us going on 5, 10 perhaps more years in the game benefited from and perhaps now take for granted. The team building and ownership of our corner of space. To put it better , its the AGENCY that we had when developing our character and our allegiances. I have benefited from my position in Eve Uni and as a recognisable voice and sight in space in that players have shared with me where the game was brilliant for them and positive and also where the experience was failing them. They are always full of questions and the desire for more knowledge about the game. I get to hear their aspirations for the future of their character. Though I have heard them convey disappointments and frustrations, and sometimes these players fade away and out of the game. Some return, even years later… most do not. This is totally unnecessary. I have come to the believe that EVERY player in the game add to the whole of course , but more then that it ads to MY GAME. Every player that stays and becomes better and more skilled… is one more dynamic player that I get to play with in my sandbox. I believe that ensuring we attract and develop and RETAIN as many people as we are fortunate to have come join us in eve, should be of PARAMOUNT concern to CCP , the CSM and ultimately to each and every one of us in the game. I would suggest you ask yourself… what can you do to make eve more about the greater whole? I think that we are fortunate to have a space, a community that will; if you let it, give back to you far far more then you give.

I make no presumptions towards my odds at a seat on CSM 15, as a community candidate I know full well that there is a single seat for that role perhaps two. As always the large blocks will dictate the majority of the voting and who will sit at the table. But if you have read this far, and you take one thing away, remember my name and know that I am ALWAYS available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. If you have questions about the game, or need help with something , are lost, or just spinning in station… IF you need a pilot to fly with, or advice, or just someone to listen, whether it be about Eve or RL or anything in between… It would be my honor to spend some time with you. Even if my desire to have a voice in the CSM is a pipe dream , you can still reach out to me long after elections, as a member of the greater eve community, I believe that you and I are on the same team and I have always been, and will always continue to be here to help, however I can.

Please Vote Responsibly
-Rheaha Preynar (Fweddit)

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Hi, I’m the CEO of this Nerd. I vouch for him


Im subordinate to ^^this nerd. and I approve this message.

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This man has my vote! Eh!

Canadians in space eh?

hey dude, nice interview on ccp twitch. Thats what brought me here.

I think I get where your comming from, a few of us in the Center for Advanced Studies also see the plight of the newbro everyday up close and personal. CAS over the years as some might know has become one of the rarer NPC corps that has taken up the mantle of the newbro cause and provides a constant stream of answers and generally possitive support to those rookies lucky enough to have chosen it when first creating their character. CAS also provides fleet level content for mining, pve and thanks to those who run them, full pvp null sec roams with free ships under the guidance of members from a (pretty good for an underdog) Aliance Tournament team.

My concern whenever I hear anything regarding pushing rookies or funneling them out into player run corporations is a fear that in the process our community in CAS is destroyed. We have also been at the vaguard of newbro interactions for many years and dare I say it, not only are we quite good at it we are quite possibly as good as many player run corps with the same intentions.

My question is this, should you get elected, would you respect the freedom of choice a newbro has to stay in an NPC corp or do you see leaving an NPC corp as mandatory option?


i want to ansew your question in detail,. ive just returned from my parents farm and the land of no hi speed internet… i will give you a proper answer to day… just didnt want you to think id ignored yer well thought out question

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