Rheaha Preynar / Withdrawn campaign

I am Rheaha Preynar.

I fly with Fwedit, bok bok bok.

I have played eve since 2004.
I am running for CSM 16 and this will be my 5th crack at it.
I am most definitely a community oriented candidate, HOWEVER.I have in the past spent many years as an industrialist, as a mentor and advocate with Eve Uni, as a member of a staunchly independent mid-size corp Iron Armada until they were absorbed by goons. I have Flown incursions and I have explored the depths of space. There is so much to do in Eve Online even after all this time I still feel theres so much to do, to try , to experience. I have weathered the crumbling of a corp I thought was solid, I have wandered alone, I found kindness and support in complete strangers and I have felt the sting of being betrayed by those I had put my faith and trust in. I found a way to find my way, and never once; though being a VETERAN in every sense of the word, NEVER did i become bitter. I still find wonder and excitement in our sandbox, and I take every opportunity to share the best of what Ive learned with the players I encounter along the way. I CHOSE to default to the best of what Ive seen in our community and do my best to be that example in the hopes of cultivating it in others. That is my hope anyways. I dont claim to know the game perfectly, or boast of my super skill at this or that. However , I have been far and wide and lived large and have been a nobody. I know alot. I am wise and painfully foolish. Im still learning, I hope that never changes. I deeply believe that in my time in Eve Online, I have accumulated a VAST wealth of experiences and stories and challenges and triumphs from all strata and facet of the player base. I have something to share. Maybe this will be my chance. Im only one player… holding the voice of a thousand.

join fwedit

I would like to invite anyone who would like to discuss my views on Eve , my motivations for seeking a seat at CSM, general questions about the game or CSM… or anything in general… to please feel free to contact me at ANYTIME (i keep bizarre hours) and i will endeavour to respond at my earliest convenience.
I can be reached via the following methods:

A position you were fired from, by me, for displaying really bad judgement.

I mean, really? Cause I have some long ranty ALL CAPS mails from you which show you being incredibly bitter and juvenile. I can bring receipts.


Well I appreciate your input, and I absolutely think you or anyone is entitled to their own perspective. I would welcome any dialogue you feel to engage in and we could compare notes , as I kept the transcripts (format and method permitting ) of our discussions as well.

I do however find it amusing that you would opt to throw your two cents in seeing as (in your own words) … “Eve Uni wants nothing to do with the CSM”, to the degree that you previously forbade any information about the CSM being presented to Eve Uni, even if one of your members inquired directly for information about CSM, what it does , and how to get involved. If you dont recall , I am more then happy to provide the transcripts of that conversation to you directly or here publicly.

I’m not in EVE Uni any more. I can say what I want now.

So you were fired for 2 reasons:

  1. Making a monumentally stupid decision with an alt corp, using your role as a director, that lead to your friends in that corp losing all their stuff. A fact you didn’t give two shits about:

Laura Karpinski [5:42 PM]
Ok. So all you took was the stuff you put into the corp? What did you do with the rest of the stuff, that belonged to others?

Jaha Preynar
[6:03 PM]
Well I dont know what happends to whatever was in the various peoples hangers , like Brann and whomever else… as for as I could read if the rent is not paid on a station the stuff goes…into asset safety? The system likes to send emails… and really once I left , wherever anything went is no longer my responsibility…

Laura Karpinski [6:23 PM]
Look, at the moment the other members of that corp are out by a lot of ISK. Your alt prominently displays in their bio that they are an alt of Jaha Preynar, Student Advocate of EVE University. That is why this whole thing concerns me. You need to work out where their stuff is an reunite them with it.

Jaha Preynar [6:26]
Everything that was there that was theirs is still theres whereever its ended up

You went so far as to claim they owed you an apology for disparaging your name:

I WHOLLY and ABSOLUTELY expect and will demand a written apology as well as retraction of whatever disparaging assumptions of my character to the extent that is necessary to dispel any question or doubt that YOU have.

  1. Constantly name dropping me and making out that you had the CEO’s ear and you were untouchable

When you campaigned for CSM I asked you not to use EVE Uni’s channels for your campaign. I said the same to every other person running who had a connection to EVE Uni. You alone were not able to follow that simple instruction, e.g. having “drop in sessions” about your campaign, endlessly talking about it in mumble and then claiming “Well they asked me” or “Its educational”.

The next year when we did actually have information sessions about the CSM you absolutely lost it and blamed me personally for you not getting a spot the previous year. All I can say is… lol. It seems education about the CSM is not important unless its you blowing your own trumpet.

NOT TO MENTION , in a unbelievably UNFATHOMABLY hypocritical walk back…you flipped on this "the uni wants nothing to do with the CSM policy… and this year there was a class on it and someone said you had either former or current CSM come talk at a class??? I cant remember which of YOUR staff DIRECTLY told me this (ostensibly someone at NSC or someone who visits there)… and if this was the case and was ether directly or at your approval…then …i dont know what… … it took me this long to reply because the idea that you would be so AWFUL to ME and give me some horseshit diatribe that the uni dosent touch anything about the CSM… then do a 180…!!! After YOUR behavior and actions almost made me QUIT THE GAME???

Your claim that you have never become bitter is hilarious in light of the many ALL CAPS mails you sent me. I liked this one:

If you want to have a REAL CONVERSATION… as I’m much less apt to let my thoughts run away from themselves. I CANNOT COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY LIKE THIS SO DO NOT BE SO PEJORATIVE AND WRITE OFF ANY INTERACTION because YOU are not willing to TALK IN PERSON LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING.

If people want a candidate who:

  • Makes extremely poor decisions to benefit himself
  • Shows flagrant disregard for the impact of his actions on other people
  • Likes to name drop and ride on other people’s coat tails
  • Cannot follow simple instructions
  • Sends fabulously ranty all caps mails

Then Jaha/Rheaha is your guy.


Strange that it needs to be said, but all the people working to make Eve Uni the place that it is are VOLUNTEERS giving up THEIR time, they are NOT your employees or minions. Something perhaps you forgot along the way. Yet you quite explicitly told me to spy on your own team and report back to you rather then just be a good leader and develop an environment where people knew who you actually were. Rather then some faceless name on the occasional wiki or forum post.

Moving on , let me address some of the things in your caustic s**t-post. Or “unhinged RANT” such that it is.
a) I was left in charge of a corp of 4 people and having to pay the bills for the corp.
b) I did not take anyone’s property, i simply left corp and the control of the corp was the sole responsibility of the CEO. I was not responsible for what happens to the corp if I leave, as I was only a director with no ability to assign roles to anyone else or affect change, that is the CEO’s reponsibility amd the CEO was MIA.
c) I made extensive efforts to compensate the individual who felt jilted by the whole situation. and in fact offered them a substantial sum of ISK well over and above their estimated valuation of their goods they could not access.
d) Proper formatting of a text message is not pre-requisite for playing eve or communicating with your corp mate, especially when you were repeatedly asked to have an actual conversation, on comms, for the sole purpose of ensuring that there was no misunderstanding, as a text “discussion” back and forth tends far too easily to have one party not understand something. As well as when a response is not immediate, it again is far too easy for things to become jumbled and not clear. Which when dealing with an issue for which you are intending to rake someone across the coals for, i would think you would want communication to be as clear and uncomplicated as possible.
d) Its unfortunate that someone such as yourself who has always presented an amiable and pleasant demeanor would feel the need to attack someone whom has always treated you respectfully and thoughtfully. I have never publicly voiced my displeasure with your leadership or the choices you made no mater how questionable, nor the number of loyal and dedicated volunteers in Eve University who left feeling under appreciated and under valued and whom you treated with a shocking level of disrespect and disregard at the least. During your tenure, two and very nearly three of eve university’s campuses collapsed, and membership levels tanked dramatically. I would encourage you to consider your own shortcomings before slapping me in the face with mine. I at least have the excuse of not knowing until after the fact that I had inconvenienced a couple other players and literally its TWO people. And simply because i was thrust with an abandoned corp in my lap, an AWOL CEO. I made the choice to move on so that I might enjoy playing EVE and have a positive attitude when I logged in , rather then bloated bureaucracy and heavy handed nonsense.

Last;y, time and time again, i have reached out to you with sincere intentions and a desire to resolve what clearly seems to be a number of issues for you. You have chosen to be nothing but obstinate and difficult. And I have said as much before, it is quite clear; especially now, that you have just taken it upon yourself to have an issue with me personally, and have opted to troll me here in this format, rather then calmly work through things like a rational and decent person. As always, I am here and available to you should you want to be reasonable and cooperative, to talk and allow you to get whatever has caused you such angst off your chest. You have my contact information and i look forward to hearing from you, should you wish to be productive and respectful. However i am choosing to opt out of any further exchanges with you in this format/ forum as I fear it is just encouraging your unhinged and combative behavior, and nobody needs that. be well. o7

For the record, the following is the mediated interaction between myself and the other party Laura is referring to. I think it was, unlike any “conversation” with Mme Karpinsky, amiable , productive, pleasant and cooperative.

We worked it out

There’s the Jaha I know. The RANDOM YELLING in the middle of a sentence. The baseless accusations against anyone but himself.

Good luck with your CSM run, man. And the year after that, and the year after that. Maybe it will eventually stop being my fault. Have fun.


Laura, I’m not quite sure what “Yelling” you are referring to. Primarily because text is not audio. If you interpret the use of CAPS as an AUDITORY exclamation rather then to denote emphasis then the fault is both yours, and the fact that you are a native english speaker. " All caps may be used for emphasis (for a word or phrase). … Short strings of words in capital letters appear bolder and “louder” than mixed case. Although in formal english typing, italics are typically used for this purpose, this is not the case for other languages. You forget I am from a bi-lingual country, and for the better part of the last 7 years have been using a language other then English. Additionally, the interpretation of all caps text to denote shouting/yelling or being aggressive began in the late 1980’s to early 90’s. As I am old enough to have been almost half way through my primary education at that point, I learned to type or write well before computers and text and email became common place. I simply learned differently. So again , if you feel you were being “shouted” at, then the misunderstanding was yours entirely. WHICH as I have repeatedly pointed out, would have easily been avoided if you had communicated like a normal human being via live , real time voice communication. It is regrettable that you feel that I “blame” you for something, in fact I dont think about you whatsoever, and had left our conflicts in the past and washed my hands of you almost 2 years ago. You had not even crossed my mind until you chose to troll me here. As fascinating as this re-hashing of our tet-a-tet of the past has been, It is by no means constructive. I encourage you to be well, and I thank you for thinking of me after all this time. I would say “fly safe” but you never actually seem to PLAY Eve… https://zkillboard.com/character/91541581/


Looks like I’m a hell of a lot more active than you, buddy. Lol.

Like I said, good luck.

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Thank you !! That’s very nice of you despite everything! Cheers!

LMAO Not sure what your plan was for getting away with this one

Kills in the last month:
Laura Karpinski: 265
Rheaha Preynar: 10

All time:
Laura Karpinski: 1291
Rheaha Preynar: 474

As a side note you do seem to be really good at losing ships (almost as many as you’ve killed at 424), but even the 2 numbers combined don’t bring you even close to her ships killed.


You’re not wrong! My KB is grim for sure. Though this is not my only character.

Haha yeah I love it

Having a positive Killboard is definitely not a requirement for a CSM member. We’ve had awesome CSM members who don’t focus on PVP, and had you not tried to attack me for mine I would not even have looked at yours, because it’s not relevant to the issues you are campaigning on.

But trying to shame me for my ‘inactive’ Killboard when yours is faaaaaar less active is just hilarious and shows who you are, to be honest. And unless you have some PVP focused character you have never mentioned, your alts killboards are even worse.

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personally I think KB is not a great measure for the effectiveness of a candidate UNLESS they are campaigning as a pvp god who knows all about such things.



Oh my lovely Laura. I think you’ve mistaken this forum, for redit. Enough now. I’ve hear a very lecture from you preaching about giving back to the and game and to be helpful to your fellow players and make it a better space for everyone. I already told you that i was not going to engage further, and that being pleasant and constructive was better. Find something OTHER then dragging me though the mud and publicly dredging up things from ages ago, and painting them to suit your malicious drama. I prefer to be helpful in the game where i can, and look out for people finding their way, and also just trying to have FUN. Is this FUN for you Laura? Do you get pleasure from further souring my enjoyment of the game! You quite nearly got me to quit entirely when this conflict all started… just because you got some sand in your twart, and opted to be ignorant and unkind. Well bravo. Thank you for again pushing more then is reasonable. im not even resubbing my account now. So thank you for being you and thank you for going out of your way to push ANOTHER player out of EVE. I truly hope this gives you whatever satisfaction you were after. And also some closure. Move on my dear. Find some new way to move forward, maybe next time chose the high road and try to be kind or considerate and ADD TO THE GAME rather then take away from it in some way. If removing me has ADDED to the game overall… then im happy to leave. Take care Fly Save Have fun, and clean that sand out of your vagina. xoxo Hejdå. Jag brukade se upp till dig.


thanks it’s been fun
Fly Safe Space Nerds
Jag älskar er alla. Även skit före detta Eve Uni CEO


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No great loss to the CSM, seems to me. You illustrated the point of the criticisms leveled at you with great accuracy.


When met with facts you cry, no great loss to the CSM or the game. Perhaps learn to be kind yourself before you sling the stone. All the best for your future o7.




I love you, man. I really do. But all of the above, everything Laura’s been touching on? These are the reasons you were booted from Iron Armada. You exercised some pretty fundamentally bad judgment by posting the contents of an Alliance SOTA to Reddit immediately after @Tridgit specifically said, “Don’t leak this anywhere.”


Being trustworthy and able to keep stuff to yourself is a core requirement of being a CSM member. Indeed, so much so that CCP makes you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. You’ve already demonstrated, a couple of times, that this isn’t a quality you exemplify.

I really do like you, man. Happy to be a friend outside of game. But this? You keep doing this to yourself.


I don’t want to keep flogging a dead horse, but just want to clarify three things:

  1. I am not “your lovely Laura”
  2. I am not “your dear”
  3. The contents of my vagina are none of your business

Keep being classy :+1: