CSM the 13th warrior - ZepWunderbar #AURA


(ZepWunderbar) #1

I plan on bringing a new meaning to war in eveonline at the same time helping new players.
With space cash growing at new record rates I will figure out ways to help Jita BURN.

Been playing eve online since 2004, was forced to take a break for my military career from 2014-2018.

I am not a rockspider and with my heart of gold, we can bring eveonline back to the people of the world!

CSM 2018 would be great for myself as I will be able to use my skills to help.

Also a random goal is having the Tristan replace all frigates for cyno boats, God bless, SPACELYFE!

(ZepWunderbar) #2

This is my personal meme factorium, if any one would like to discus “project descovery” with me I am happy to find out more about this great feature.

(Xenuria) #3

Are you even running? I don’t see your name on the listing.

(ZepWunderbar) #4

the community is hard for Australians to build because we are so spread out from the neural network. But if you look at the candidate list I am in fact giving this a go!

With all my heart I will run for CSM every year for my lifetime!


(system) #5

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