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Grade A USTZ Eggs

Fweddit is a US time zone, PvP focused group of friends looking to add more people to our community. Join our discord and hang out, that’s the best way to get to know us.

Here’s why you should join our flock:

From hatchling to rooster

You’ll never be just a line member to us. We have plenty of opportunities for you to go above and beyond, such as being an FC or scouting, and you will get rewarded for doing so. We want you to aspire to do more than anchor and press F1.

Targets, Variety, Opportunities

You may have heard of the big blue donut before, we tried that and didn’t like it. With us, the galaxy is yours to shoot. We live in low sec near the edge of null where a variety of targets require different fleet types. Just to name a few:

  • Low sec roams

  • Blops drops

  • Large fleet fights

  • Chill gatecamps

  • Capital warfare

Interested? Here’s what to do next

  1. Get to know us on discord

  2. How to apply to fweddit

Our requirements:

  • 10m+ skill points

  • About a year of playing Eve

bok bok

Coming back to EVE after way long break and looking for corp
80mil sp returning toon looking for nullsec Corp
Pilot looking to return to eve, but only if I can find a corp
55M returning player
Returning player (56m SP) looking for corp
[SEEKING CORP] PVP ~66m looking for 0.0 or FW corp EU TZ
8mil SP pilot looking for mercenary corp
Pvper looking for a corp
Returning player looking for nullsec/lowsec Corp
I'm lost --- PVP player looking for Corp
EUTZ Newbro looking for pvp
What is it?!
Returning Player
Back from a long break
Enthusiastic USTZ noob looking for corp/friends
80 mil SP toon - looking for any EST active pvp corp (WH/Low/High idc)
35mil sp character returning to the game after 3 years and looking for a lowsec Corp
Three new players looking for a corporation
Multitoon returning player looking for a corp
Old Player Returning, Feelers out for new home. 51m SP
48m sp player looking for new home
Looking for join a fresh corp
Returning player looking for a new home. :)
Returning noobie looking for PvP oriented corp in nul
140m sp PVP pilot
Player looking for digs
Old player returning - 168m SP
Returning Player Looking for Null Home
Yet another returning player looking for corp
Looking for a corporation that can help me find a purpose (US West Coast)
Returning player, 12 ish years experience - Long post - Thanks
NOT Looking for sov corp/alliance nor goon affiliated entity
Returning Player 116mil SP
Returning player back to exploit the blackout!
13M SP returning player looking for basically anything
Returning player
Need a new home
160mil SP FC w/useful alts LFC (Open to anything)
Returning pilot looking for small gang pvp. 90mil SP
Experienced Pilot looking for work
Dead post please ignore
Returning Player Looking for Corp
Old player LF a new home!
Returning player looking for an alliance
Old Player coming back
87mill sp LF pvp Corp
Looking for a new corp with players over 30 (70 mil skill point char)
Back and Bored: 77+ mil SP dingbat with nothing to do
UK player 60m SP with alts looking for something engaging
99 mill sp lf Nullsec pvp
175 mil sp player looking for a home
Returning 40m SP pilot looking for corp
75M sp UK pilot looking for low sec corp
31+mil SP old guy returning cause of blackout-looking for casual experience in WH/null
6mm SP Missilier/shield looking for corp to help grow into logi role
161M+ SP looking for a new home
51.4M SP looking for a new home
Looking for a corp [PvE] [PvP]
Blackout made me do it. 77m SP returning player looking for a home
Looking for a corp
33m newbe looking for a home
Throwing a bottle in the vast known universe
Looking for new corp!
Looking for new corp
Old dude, not ready to retire
Old Toon returning, Looking for a home again
Returning to Eve after a long hiatus. Looking for a good alliance home
Old Pilot Looking to get back in
26 mil sp player returning to the game after a long break looking for a home
Looking for friends. HS. LS. PVE. PVP
Former active player looking to return
50m SP returning player w/ 3 accounts LFC EU TZ
New Player looking to start PvP (UK Timezone)
Anyone Newbie friendly?
New pilot looking for some fun
92m sp retired BLOPS FC (for the minute) plus alts looking for BLOPS corp
Returning player looking for AU TZ activity
Newbro Looking for PvP-focused Home
Found a corp, close thread please
Returning player 41m sp
Newbro looking for a low-sec PVP corp
140mil sp looking for active low sec corp
265m sp looking for a new adventure
150 Mill SP Combat Pilot looking for a home
Brand new player looking for CORP
Old vet looking to take another crack at this game
Looking for a small fleet corp or a corps that does small fleet operations?
Looking to join a pirate corp
Returning Pilot
Returning EU player LF real life friendly Corp PVP/PVE
Returning Logibro
133M+ pure combat pilot looking for small PVP group
2 x Characters looking for EUTZ WH PVP corp
215m SP combat player looking for 0.0
Looking for a Crew / Corp - Returning player after 15 years
66+ mil character looking for corp
Returning bittervet 260m sp with AT ships
54/43 mil sp chars looking for home
Returning player 206m sp
Returning EVE player from 2012
Thinking about a new corp
Looking for exploration corporation
Returning player looking for a home in 0.0 or WH
Experienced Pilot 140m SP lf Lowsec and Blops
AUTZ Vet looking for new home
121 mil SP Pilot looking for home in Null
LF a low/sec corp that can show me the way of a pirate
Looking for corp who run small group activities
LF Pacific US Timezone Corp
Looking for casual pvp in the euro no f1
Played a small amount 6 years ago; looking to continue with a group now
5 Old Vets Looking for a Low-Sec home
Old hand looking for a corp after a 12+ month break
106M Main/100M Alt - Returning after 6 years - PvP Focused - USTZ - Looking for new home
Looking for a lowsec group
37.6m SP Pilot looking for a new home (WH, FW, PvP)
Looking for PVP Corp/Alliance in Low Sec - USTZ
New player looking for a pvp corp
Newish player trying eve again! Need home!
9 returning players looking for new home
100 mil+ pilot looking for RL fun some week evenings and some weekends
60+M PvP subcap pilot, lowsec bound, seeking new home
58m sp Amarr pilot LF uk/eu pvp corp
Looking for a new home
New Player looking for a Corporation or group to improve
Looking for a corp (0.0)
Returning 36m sp pilot looking for small corp
Where to begin?
2x 94M+ SP subcap and cap toons looking for corp
105m SP US player looking for corp
17m sp looking for collective
Looking for a new corp
Looking for New Player corporations to lend a hand
47m SP returning pilot
Returning Player - Looking for PVP Corp
60 Mil skill point returning looking for Russian/English group
Helpful / Drama Free Corp USTZ (EST) Wanted
160 mil char looking for a chill place
Returning Player
109 Mil SP Player Looking To Return
Can anyone teach an old dog new tricks?
Looking for null sec Alliance
In need of a pirate home!
Looking for PvP/PvE Nullsec Corp
Possibly Looking For a New home
Semi-Inactive Veteran Looking for a corp
Looking for low sec corporation
Player looking for gangs
65m sp Minmatar/Gallente PVP player returning and looking for a home
Returning Play LFC
Looking for a abyssal Corp
Returning from 5 year break - New injected Sabre, Manticore Pilot Looking for trouble in null sec
LF Corp... again
Looking for Null Corp
Returning looking for a pvp corp
Looking for a newbro pirate corp
Old Player looking for a New home 41 mil sp
Looking for corp around Domain, Tash or Kador
Looking for Corp
Returning Noob Looking for Home
144mil char looking for null sec pvp
131m sp / 121m sp Returning Vet
Newbro looking to try my hand at small gang PvP
Old vet looking to return to Eve with 1-2 newish friends - PVP- multiple 60m+ sp chars - EST
82m-SP Returning Pilot and friend LF for Nullsec Home
New Player LF Corp
40m sp Looking for something willing to API/ESI
Newbie in US-EST seeking corp w/Discord
130M SP Returning player looking for PVP Fun
Returning 49.5 mil SP Pilot LF pvp Corp
Returning 95 mil Null Pilot looking for home
LF Null-sec Corp :: Mainly Logi/Carrier Pilot :: 75m SP :: Ratting
Returning Vet , 95Msp + 70Msp
Noob looking for Corp
62 mil Sp pilot lf Cal mil or Amarr Mil FW PvP corp
Casual newbie looking for casual friendly corp to learn the ropes with
Returning Player 48M
92 mil sp pilot looking for a corp. Been gone a long time
34.4mill sp
Returning Old Fart looking for corp
Returning Old player returning after several years looking for corp
Returning Player Looking For Null Corp
New player -8 GMT, down for anything
New pilot looking for a good home
New caldari pilot looking for military based career pvp
Hackneyed old Vet Looking for a Corp
Returning player LF Amarr fac war
LF 0.0npc corp or small pirate corp
Just another lost indian looking for a (PvP) tribe
Closed, thanks for all the replies:)
Bittervet looking to be convinced to come back (No Blocs)
(Corp Found)
37M SP Returning Player Looking for a Home
Looking for a pvp experience
Looking for casual friendly corp
74m SP returning player
Returning 6 Million SP looking for casual but active corp
Returning Player LF Home 100msp +alts
Veteran Player Looking For Corp
Newbro(4mln SP) looking for a corp(EUTZ)
Long time player looking for an active corp
Two accounts w 2 60m sp pilots + various alts looking for home
Old bitter vet Looking for home
Looking for a corp!
Looking for Corp
Looking for a good corp for an on and off player

Still looking for members

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Thanks <3

come be elite and solo drop on carriers with us! (ignore all the other feeds we’ve had before that)

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