Looking for Null Corp

Returning player looking for a new null corp to join. USTZ mostly.

I’ve lived in null basically my entire eve career and I’ve done pretty much everything. I can fly almost every ship across all my accounts including caps/supers/titans. I have no problem joining up for strat/cta ops when required.

Just looking for laid back corp to shoot the ■■■■ with and have fun. Contact me in-game or on discord at Thel#1894

Decent space to make isk is highly preferred.

Bokbok @Linda_Sentzke ,

When you have a chance, come into Fweddit discord and I’d love to talk about you joining Fweddit https://discord.gg/0kCRVItfTl2qAwf1.

Fweddit’s part of Free Range Chikuns, a proud poultry loving, small USTZ NS/LS alliance that specializes in blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights.

Anyways, come into discord when you’re free, just ask for me, niv (CEO).

Fweddit ad’s here for reference