[MOTCC] Maidens Of The Chalice - Sov Null Active PVP - Looking for new blood - EUTZ/USTZ


About Us

We’re a corp who have been primarily focused on the Amarr FW area of lowsec, in the Bleak Lands and Devoid region. We’ve led the Amarrian Militia for the last two years. We had a short Vacation in SC that weren’t really for us, however recently we have joined up with CVA.

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We’ve always strived to get more content, and absolutely hate massive blue doughnuts - We’re a focused PVP corp who just want to shoot things and have fun with each other, we’ll always try to prioritise quality, skilled players over raw numbers.

We’ve recently expanded our entry requirements and are also looking to recruit a new wing of PVE/Industry pilots to help expand our efforts to fund PVP ventures and provide a decent industrial backbone for our corp/alliance - This includes setting up lots of structures for moon mining and production, aswell as a dedicated system to rat in for easy ISK.

Some videos/fights

What We Can Offer

  • Content rich region, with good isk making oppurtunities.

  • Close to a trade hub for easy logistics.

  • JF Services.

  • Alliance SRP Services.

  • Staging Keepstar + Countless large/medium citadels.

  • We’re an incredibly social corp that like to be on comms and chat with each other.

  • Well thought out fleet comps.

  • Alliance built ships (including capitals), doctrine ships on contract and a stocked market.

  • Active EUTZ memberbase, with a growing USTZ memberbase (Alliance has an active USTZ).


  • Good attitude towards our corp and a willingness to try to improve.

  • 10 Million SP, with a willingness to train into doctrines.

  • Ability to follow instructions/be useful in fleets.

  • Good sense of humour.

  • We’re up for a laugh and are relatively thick skinned, but we’re not interested in racism/toxicity.

  • Discord (Corp Comms) - Mumble (Alliance Comms).

  • Capital/High SP Pilots are a bonus.


If you’re interested in joining, have questions or want to chat feel free to mail or convo:

301592770_64 Gian Bal - CEO - EUTZ/AUTZ

101998985_64 First Commander’Riker - Director - EUTZ

Or join our public/recruitment chat ingame: MOTCC Public

Fly safe o7

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Yes, please!

We’d love some fights, but we don’t think, the Amarr will have the … strenght … to come back and actually put up a fight with us.

It seems like ages since we’ve taken the warzone and we had little to do apart from some skirmishes.

Yeah we’re just builing up atm, cant wait to get some good fights and start taking the warzone! Doing quite well so far with what we got though

Getting some great fights in the warzone - come join today!

Still looking for more recruits!

Recruiting still!

still recruiting!

still recruiting

Join the fight against minmatar! We’re growing rapidly now!

Recruited some more people! Get in on all the action!

We have just setup an LP buyback program - its now much easier to make isk with little effort! join today!

Recruiting still!

Growing even stronger by the day! Join now and help defeat the minmatar menace and get rich doing so!

Still recruiting!

recruiting still

recruiting still

Saikamon is ours! Join the amarr empire now and reclaim our lost land from them minmatar!

recruiting still

still recruiting guys!