LF pvp corp active around 22:00 - 01:00

Hey, fairly casual player here, looking for a corp that is in high sec or low sec (no FW, no WH) that pvps or does stuff around 10pm GMT maybe once or twice a week.

I’ve about 45 mil sp and all cruiser 5s except caldari, I can also fly a loki, bowhead and logi ships (t1 and t2). I can covops scan and fly recons and do cynos. My only t2 large weapons are cruise missiles at the moment for typhoon and raven

I’ve also a huge preference to stay in Domain or in Amarr space if I can


Come chat with us, we’re active around that time and we live in Amarr Lowsec.

MOTCC Public
or contact
Gian Bal

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Hey @Renesco

If you want to come to non-FW lowsec I think our corp maybe a good fit for you.

We here at Filthy Peasants are a lowsec/npc 0.0 pvp corporation that lives in the Solitude region. While we’re most active in the US TZ I’d say the majority of our fleets occur during the times you’re most active (22-01:00 GMT). We also have great all TZ coverage during the weekends where as our weekday activity is mostly between 19:00-04:00.

We’re an old school pirate pvp corp that lives in roam, gatecamp, blops hunt, capital drop, and the occasional structure bash for content. We fly a wide variety of ships and we almost never back down from a fight that we can take. We’re a casual corp with no activity requirements and a laid back atmosphere where you can do as you please.

Solitude is gallente space but Amarr space is literally only a few jumps away (Aridia and Genesis). I think you’ll find Solitude a pretty unique region in general through due to demographics and geography as well.

If you’re interested check out our links below and join our public channel Open Filth to have a chat with us.

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Hey Renesco,

Any interest in nullsec? ExDominion is a PVP corporation that operates mostly around that time, however we are part of Evictus alliance, which lives in nullsec.

EXDOM Hub is our public channel. A link to our discord can be found there as well.

Good luck with your search otherwise.

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Sorry no I don’t have the time to do 0.0 tier logistics for myself

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Understood -

Logistics for us is all done by others. Whether by people in the corp, or other people in the alliance.

Happy hunting for the right corp!

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