Looking for Low Sec PvP

(Edward Brody) #1

Returning playing looking for a group to do some small gang low sec pvp with.

(safira jomita) #2

Interested in nullsec?

(Edward Brody) #3

Possibly, mainly just looking for small gang pvp.

(safira jomita) #4

Send me in game mail so i can explain our corp when i get home

(CaseyLP) #5

How much SP do you have and what timezone do you primarily play in?

(Edward Brody) #6

17M SP and US Timezone.

(Arctanis) #7

Hey @Edward_Brody

We’re a smallgang lowsec and npc 0.0 pvp corp. Come check out our forum post and see if we’re what you’re looking for:

Join our public channel Open Filth to have a chat with us. I’m online now if you want to talk.

(CaseyLP) #8

Awesome, in that case I’d highly recommend Aideron Robotics! They are a multitimezone corp in the Federation Uprising alliance, a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP alliance based in Pure Blind. We do a lot of small gang in Lowsec, as our Null space is one jump from Low, and it’s something we specialize in. We’re also in a full scale war at the moment so lots of content, even for small gangs but there will also be bigger fleets as well.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our Discord: http://bit.ly/Fed_UP

(Quinlin Harpy) #9

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