227 mil SP looking for PVP

Hello everyone,

I had not much time to play Eve for the last year but now I am back.
My character has never been unsubbed so I end up with 227 mil SP on my main and I possess multiple alts.
Furthermore I am able to fly basicly every ship in the game - most of them with maxed out skills.
I am self sufficient with enough ISK to buy all necessary ships.

I am looking for a PVP focused group of players that do not belong to the Imperium or Panfam. I am also not interested in holding SOV. It is only acceptable if it is done to trigger fights but not to live in.
Since wormholes scare me my search is limited to corps in Lowsec (prefered) and NPC Nullsec.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me here or in-game.


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Why do wormholes scare you? They’re not that bad; minimal blobs and great small gang PvP.

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This guy ^^ you should look into

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If you’re looking for an old school pirate group, primarily just gate campers, hit me up.

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We’re SOV based however alot of people come to us to pew pew and we have very regular fleets (usually at least 1-2 a day)

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Yo Nuskoginus,

Mea Culpa. was recently formed by a few older but not too bitter buddies sharing exactly your interests. We do small scale pew pew in all kinds of ships, mostly in lowsec. We have absolutely zero interest in aligning with any bloc or do anything SOV related. We’re a small group and intend to keep it that way, so you actually know that guy you’re on comms with.

Come and have a chat on our discord: https://discord.gg/YGE9FHV


Take a look at our recruitment post Invicta is an old low sec pvp focused group might be what your looking for

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