[TMOCC] Two Maidens One Chalice Alliance - Amarr FW Alliance - Willing to help you defend/attack structures/groups

Top Amarr FW Alliance - Super active PVP and willing to fight the good fight.

See this post for more details about us: [MOTCC] Maidens Of The Chalice - Making Amarr FW Great Again - Top Amarr FW Alliance - Low Sec PVP - Super Active - EUTZ/USTZ

Corp Requirements:

  • A good attitude towards the alliance
  • Willingness to help achieve alliance goals
  • Minimum of 5 active pilots
  • Actively recruiting members (At least have a forum post/corp ad)
  • Have all members on Discord/TS3
  • Willingness to fly Alliance Doctrines

If you’re in need of help defending a structure or fighting a bigger group, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll likely be happy to help - We’re always up for good fights when possible, see below for some of our fleets - Some wins some losses):

Alliance Public Channel: TMOCC Pub
Alliance Contacts: Gian Bal (CEO) - Manella Antollare (Director) - First Commander’Riker (Director)



recruiting still

Still recruiting!

Still looking for more corps!

still recruiting!

Recruiting still!

still recruiting!!

One new corp about to join. Yours could be next!

Another corp just got accepted into alliance, yours could be next!

Recruiting still!

Still recruiting!

Still looking for a few more corps!

Recruiting still!

Saikamon is ours! join now!

Kamela and huola are now ours, join today!

still recruiting

Sosala is ours! Join us today!



Recruiting now!