10-15 man pvp corp looking for alliance [Found One]


We are Maidens of The Chalice [MOTCC], you may already know us from our alliance, Two Maidens One Chalice [TMOCC]. We’ve decided that for the future of our group, it makes more sense for us to slim down into 1-2 corps and find a new home, I personally don’t have enough time to run alliance anymore, and members are getting a bit bored with our current area, so now is a good time for us to move on and join a more established alliance with better infrastructure to build up and chill.

We’re primarily EUTZ, with a mix of UK/EU/SA members, however we do have some USTZ members that would appreciate a few friends to play with.

Corp Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98519717/

About us:
We’re a fairly tight knit corp, have 10-15 or so active members, most of us have been together for nearly a year now. We’ve lived in Amarr FW lowsec for the past 2 years or so. We’re all experienced with small/medium gang PVP and enjoy getting into some bigger brawls - However we’re not really interested in the big bloc warfare tidi stuff.

We have a decent amount of capital pilots - a fair few of us have alts that are capital capable, could probably field about 8-10 as a corp alone, aswell as a handful of supers/titans.

Regarding recruitment: Our recruitment standards are fairly decent, each new member is chatted to for a while, and if we feel they are a good fit for us we get them to fill out a relatively lengthy application which covers what sorta stuff they’ve done in eve, basic details about them, a few questions about PVP scenarios etc. aswell as full ESI checks. At the moment we have a 15mil SP requirement.

What we’re looking for:

  • Small to medium sized alliance - Would like at least 20-30 active members, wouldn’t really want more than 80-100 though, as we’d like to keep our corp identity.
  • Though we’re open to another Lowsec alliance, we’d ideally prefer a Nullsec alliance for various reasons.
  • Decent ability for members to make ISK aswell as get some industry going.
  • Chill atmosphere, don’t really care for drama, dealt with too much of it lately.
  • Primarily EUTZ with a decent USTZ - Though we’re EUTZ primarily, we do have a few USTZ nerds that’d like some friends to play with.
  • Space for me to FC, the main thing I enjoy in EVE is FC’ing, so if you’re open to an extra experienced FC running some fleets etc. then bonus points for you.
  • No blue doughnuts, we’re a PVP corp, we want to shoot things, we don’t wanna be in a place where every person within 20 jumps is blue.
  • Decent logistics from tradehub, if your alliance has a JF service thats great, if it doesn’t then it’d be nice to have a decent JF route that isn’t too far, or a decently stocked market at the least.

Can’t really think of much else to say right now, I think I’ve covered everything. We’ll be talking in depth with alliances that offer us a spot to make sure that we’re a good match, then in a few days we’ll discuss it among directors/members .

Edit: Thanks everyone for your offers, after talking with some people and considering all the offers given to us we’ve finally found a place that suits us best.


hey @Gian_Bal

the alliance i am in is open for corps to join

looks like we can give you the stuff you are looking for
we are in every timezone
we are in LS and NS … some are in HS too but that doesnt matter for you i guess
logistics from a tradehub is not a problem

contact me ingame please and i will lead you to the right people in the alliance

hope to hear from you


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Got a discord ID?

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I may be in a doghnut as you call it but we find content as well as have more support and inftaeture than you can throw a stick at.

My offer may be a little different than what you’re looking for but we are actively looking for more active PvP players and have some fun ideas that we are kicking off in addition to what we are doing already with our roam and blops doctrine.

If you want to hear what I have to offer go check out our kill board it’s for right click jump to and hit me up in discord rangerwolfy#4987

Look forward to talking with you


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Hey Gian, for things like this I prefer not to make some fancy forum post but rather talk 1 on 1 or with both of our group’s leadership present. If you’re interested in talking, here’s our public Discord: http://bit.ly/FEDUPublic

CaseyLP [FEDUP] - Recruiter/Diplo

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Hey @Gian_Bal,

I’m from Licence To Roam. We’re an alliance based in Venal and we’re also a major fan of getting away from the doughnut.

We’re an alliance with about 20-30 active members per timezone and are always looking for some more skilled PvPers and we have daily content fighting with the local entities, especially in EUTZ.

As it currently stands we have a handful of active and experienced FCs who have flown in many alliances before and have experience from small gang warfare up to supercapital warfare and I’m always looking to grow my team of FCs.

Our alliance has a solid core of JF pilots who do a few runs a week each depending on demand and the route we use is fairly quick and solid (gotta love how close Venal is to empire).

A bonus of Venal is we have the ability to run burner missions and our members are making nice isk in the area as a group which is really nice for cohesion and keeping members pockets lined.

If you’d like to discuss our alliance and more details, feel free to contact me in game or hop into our public channel “Licenced Pub”.

Hope to hear from you soon, good luck on your search for a suitable home.

Jen Makanen.

Feel free to join our public discord: https://discord.gg/ywYqXkM

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Gian, sent you an ingame mail. Would like to talk on TS, just let me know your availability.

Feel free to reach me on Discord too:
Junkie Cosmonaut#2569

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Providence (Nullsec), Not Red / Don’t Shoot philosophy
Decent tradehub in null as well as close proximity to Highsec.

Never short on activities & PvP action.

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Thanks everyone for your offers, after talking with some people and considering all the offers given to us we’ve finally found a place that suits us best.


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