Returning pilot

I’M a returning pilot that had a lot of stuff going on and now looking to return to EVE. Already invested a year sub so il be active for at lest that long.
Looking for a corp that uses voice communications with 10+ active players on at average.
I have discord, Skype, ts3, vent and curse.

53m skill points on my main
got 4.5bil in assets so you wont have to fit me out right off the bat.

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You should join Mecha Enterprises fleet, Federation Uprising’s high SP corp. If you want to learn more, feel free to join our discord here:

if you’re interested in pvp

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I will eve mail you in game but check out our Corp forum ad for a bit more information about GRRKA

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Krypted Gaming is looking for quality, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity, and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players. We live in the nullsec region of Deklein, and are proud members of SLYCE.

We aim to be,

  • Tight Knit (~40-50 actual humans)
  • Highly active (88.5% of our members are online daily)
  • Top Contributors in PvP & Industry (top 3 for monthly alliance fleet participation)
  • Knowledgable & Approachable (tons of guides on our website)

Whether you are a new player or veteran, we are looking for team players who want to contribute to a community. All of our members are active, decent human beings (except our corporate Grandpa, Helltrek) with lives outside of the game. Given that, we also have plenty of memes!

Monthly Krypted Updates
Fleet Commander Logs
EVE Online Guides

Come chat with us in our Discord!

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Hey @William_Coldfire I recently started a WH corp with some of my friends, right now we have a small but reasonably active group mostly EST timezone.
Our WH is C4 C3/C4
We use our C3 to krab isk to fund pvp and our C4 is our content chain.

You are looking at about 100-200+m/hr from the C3 with sites avaliable, and multiple pvp opportunities every day.

If youre interested hit me up ingame & further reading here: [LOAH] C4 (C3-C4) WH corp is looking for members!
Newbros definitely welcomed

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Hi William Coldfire,

Currently my specific corp doesn’t have 10+ avg on. (We do at times) But our Alliance does and we hang out on mumble on that.

We are a Null Sec corp in Alliance Sov Space. Take a look at our ad / website. Might be something you are interested in? With the SP you have some big Null fights you might want to get in on?


Blue Sparrow Evans
CFO / Chairman of the Board

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Howdy @William_Coldfire!

Considering your message, I can safely say that The Republic fits the bill just fine for your needs! Please see our advert here.

If you’ve got any more questions and/or would like to join us, please join us on our Discord server (the information is in the advert).

All the best,

LeVa MagloN / Alex
Republic of US

youll love it here :slight_smile:

What exactly are you looking for? If its pvp feel free to check us out. If not, well best of luck:)

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