Returning Player Looking For NullSec Ratting, Industry and PvP Opportunities


I’m a returning player, having played for approximately a year several years ago. I joined a NullSec Corporation right after I started, and I really enjoyed my time there. I got up to Carrier ratting, and enjoyed making money and trying out different ships, and socialising while doing so. I also engaged with Industry and occasionally Mining, and I’d like to do more of this. We did have some PvP opportunities, but my experience is quite limited, and that’s something I’d like to change.

Summary: I’d like to make money and friends, get my feet wet with PvP (both Corporation related and small gang roams) and build stuff, and generally be part of a community.

If you think your Corporation is the one for me, reply here or send me a message in-game (or conversation request) so I can answer any questions or we can discuss details!

Fly Safe

  • Drengi Achasse

You should consider Aideron Robotics! They are a returning player friendly corp within the Federation Uprising alliance, a Nullsec/Lowsec PVP alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition. We are primarily focused on PVP and have daily PVP roams in all timezones, but we also have excellent ratting space and fully support carrier and super ratting, as well as extensive industrial infrastructure.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment Discord:


i would love to sit down and have a one on one convo with you and see what i can offer you. we are in sov null very laid back corp and area of null. alot of small gang content as well as building and ratting.

please send me a message in game at Lord Balis and we can talk

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I think Bovril is just what you are looking for!!!

Check out our reddit recruitment post:


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Hello My names Orange and i like ISK

House of Tyrell - Null Sec Corp PvP, Indy & Much Much More

GOTHT is once again opening recruitment after we have moved to our new home in Querious We are a fairly large but a tight-knit group that values quality in our pilots instead of quantity. Join us down in Null Sec and in our Mumble for never-ending content. We welcome all types of

pilots and offer a circus of activities in and out of our many systems for all your Eve entertainment. Some of the things we have to offer are PvP, PvE, Moon, Regular and mining ops, industry, shipping, and many more activities to come. We have many Fleet commanders, veterans, returning, and new players all willing to help, mentor joke around, and most importantly have fun. We have stories, knowledge about the game, and most importantly memes. Will your roar echo in the Book of Spod?

We understand that Eve is just a game and real life comes first but while online you can be anywhere from casual to a try hardcore player and fit right in on ourMumble. We also have a discord that you can keep up to date with events and happenings. We are looking for new blood whether it is a veteran lion or New Eden cubs with at least 10 mill skill points.

Any Questions or PM/Email

Orange Lucifer

in game Or Join Chatroom

House of Tyrell

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Hello Drengi,

If you’re we’re a nullsec corp that does FW with Galente Militia.

We have space in null for ratting / industry purposes.

I am interested in your motivation to do more of industry and mining. My corps mining wing is just starting up and would like to add you to our ranks.

For OPSEC purpose, more info will be available to you if you message or mail me ingame.

Message / Mail me ingame if you are interested: Jammer0331 / Manny Packman

Fly safe,

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o7 @Drengi_Achasse,

I would like to think you have already tried at least one corporation since this post and hope you have found your place in space. If you are still unsure I would love to invite you to talk to me and our team about FAYN Industries.

Kind Regards


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Yamagata Syndicate want to expand our player base and gather a solid core of pilots to help bolster our place in Eve.

We are looking for people who will fit in to our corporation and form new friendships. We have a fairly relaxed and mature player base. We expect members to show respect to their fellow corporation and allied pilots, and have a general good attitude towards the eve community as a whole.

Who are we

★ Leadership which has been around Eve since beta
★ A leading PvP corp
★ Members with experience of many wars in Eve including some of the largest battles Eve has ever seen
★ Averaging 1000+ kills a month with 90%+ kill efficiency ratio
★ Tight-knit friendly community
★ Member of Initiative Mercenaries alliance based in the Fountain/Querious regions

Why us

★ No drama
★ Experienced and helpful members who enjoy PvP
★ Content rich. Frequent fleets with a variety of PvP styles
★ Experienced corp and alliance FCs
★ Great ISK making opportunities in our home regions

We offer

★ Content Rich Nullsec Regions
★ Alliance Ship Replacement Program
★ Frequent PvP fleets
★ Corp Fleet Roams (free ships)
★ Massive Alliance Fleet Battles
★ Industrial support
★ A community focused on teamwork
★ Opportunities to be part of epic, game-changing battles
★ Great corp and alliance logistics to help you get what you want where you need it


★ Maturity
★ Team player
★ Voice comms (Mumble)
★ Discord
★ Some combat experience

In-game recruitment channel: Yamagata Syndicate
Discord recruitment channel: Discord Recruitment

Contacts: Nakito Kobara, Dawnbreaker Okaski or Alignat.

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