Returning player looking for a FW corp

Send me a mail ingame or leave a message here! Best way to get in contact. Thanks!

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look at FEDUP. Casey LP here can help with where you’d be looking

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What is the name of the corp? i see alot of FEDUP corps, 1-5 man corps. but they are all very small corps. Cheers.

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FEDUP is huge they have some great corps like Aideron robotics
they had like a 100man fleet up last night. They are for sure very active

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FW is pretty dead due to a lot of the old groups taking sovereignty and sort of choking out the regions. Sadly it will be a little difficult because several large entities just gave up on FW :confused:

Maybe look at some of the new caldari groups… They need help.


Alright thanks, yea I have noticed it seems pretty dead.

Hey there, it’sa me! If you’re interested in learning about one of the corps within FEDUP, please join our Discord, and we can accommodate you as the largest and most active Faction Warfare alliance in the game.


Check us out, our alliance is pretty much the most active/top killing alliance is most of FW.

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