I came to play for FW

I came to play for FW and I wanted to be, and I trained quickly for it. So, I get in and no easy wayt to find a corp that is operating in your area. Then when you talk or ask question in Militia chat 90% of time it goes unanswered. Another thing I seen is that there is no real unity with same faction killing their own and I even see some dude in broken English issuing challenges to hi Faction.

What am I missing?

Yes I am a noob, maybe 2 weeks, hell even made a FW alt on another account.
There needs to be FW corps that will accept a noob and not say they do then say oh you need 5 mil sp, I seen that so many times with various corps and not just FW.

Just curious as to why this does not resemble more of a state of war and less of free for all?

The idea of FW is great but sadly it’s pretty broken and used just to farm. You might want to join a FW corp for a more focused experience but as a solo I’m not sure you’re going to find what you are looking for…I could be wrong as it’s been a while since I ran FW…

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Join a FW dedicated corp. There are simply too many spies in the Milita chat.


How can there be FW spies? I thought the whole idea was just to bash each other.

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The beauty of FW is that you can constantly fleet up and coordinate with others via Militia channel regardless of the activity levels or areas of operation of your FW corp/alliance, or even if you don’t have one at all (ie. NPC FW corp). It’s not hard to fleet with the militia and take part in ops held by others, or form your own and have random militiamen join since you can create Militia-only fleet adverts.

Like, I usually participate in Minmatar FW and the central Minmatar FW alliance is Ushra’Khan - most ops are held by or in conjunction with them, and even those who aren’t hosting UK-based ops might use their Discord server for voice comms for their fleet simply because basically everyone else in Minmatar FW is already on their Discord. Now I’m more-or-less in a 1-man FW corp, so I frequently join their fleets or form my own using their comms and my fleets are primarily comprised of their members simply because they are the dominant entity in Minmatar FW. Banding together with randoms is how I led the capture of Sosan a while back - I logged in, saw the system was near 100% contested, posted a fleet advert and kept pitching it in Militia channel “Sosan is almost vulnerable, help me flip it”, 20+ people joined in, and over the span of 4 hours we took it over, all without any prior planning and only using the help of random militiamen.

If you REALLY want to be part of an active corp/alliance that itself engages in FW, you really should consider relocating, but I cannot emphasize enough how unimportant this is when you can simply use fleet finder to find militia fleets, or use militia channel to coordinate with others (and post fleet adverts, or ask others if you can join their fleets) and join the Discord servers of the major militia alliances to coordinate ops with them whether or not you are part of them.

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You’re correct that the FW climate is a little odd to navigate. There are indeed, a lot of spies, so very few people use the MIlitia chat.

The corporation tab in your Neocom has a filter for Faction Warfare on it, and that will help you find a FW Corp. I know of a few reputable FW Corps too. EVEMAIL me in game if you’re still looking. I know people in all four factions. We can find you a newbie friendly environment.

Best of luck!

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