Returning player looking for FW corp / alliance

Per the title, I am returning and looking for a corp or alliance that does faction warface.

I haven’t played in 3-4 years but have keep SP rolling.
Roughly 120m SP
Can fly most ships
US EST time zone where I can jump in a few hours a day and get blown up.

Hi Mister Tuggles-

Yes, we’re an active US TZ only pvp corp in FW. We average about 500 kills per month. We specialize in small gang setups of 3-10 pilots.

See corp advert for more info including discord and other info.

We are a null sec corp but with a high sec non wardec corp that we use for FW and training our newbros

Give me a shout on Running with Dogs Discord so you can have the best of all worlds :partying_face: :100:

Hello, In Holy Hunters

We are looking for active players , who are primarily focused on PvP . We are a C5/C5 wormhole corporation full of blood thirsty multi boxers. We do not care about zkillboards or how good of a pilot you are. We care about the desire to learn, learn to be self-sufficient and to blow ships up, either our side or theirs. No trash talking in local and no insult towards different community members.

We are building a community towards having fun over voice chat , making jokes and having our own inside jokes while still being more serious once content is found. We are looking for people who don’t mind taking risky fights, jumping through End of Life or crit wormholes to get a fight. A night made of laughs and kills is the core of the corporation

What we are looking for:

  • Scanning skills lvl IV and a covert ops ship
  • The willingness to create your own content
  • A Working microphone which is used by joining an active voice channel
  • A " no hard feelings attitude" when losing ships
  • Better take risky fights than no fight
  • Team Player
  • 20M SP Minimum
  • Fly without leadership around

What we offer you:

  • Competent Fc’s with over 5 years of WH experience with FC training
  • Armor/shield brawl
  • Skirmish
  • Defense eviction
  • C5 PVE + farmholes opportunities
  • 85% corp buyback program
  • Frequent PvP ops
  • Free ammo or modules in stock
  • A set of core values that keeps us classy
  • In game skill plan for every doctrine
  • Scouting leads to PvP loot

“A warrior’s greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius.

If interested, either join our Holy Hunters or join our public in game chat : Holy Hunters Room !!!

Up up

Hello Mister Tuggles,

Warm welcome back to New Eden! It’s always great to see veterans returning to the stars.

While Cryptopia primarily operates from the unpredictable confines of wormhole space, we have a deep appreciation and history with faction warfare. In fact, many of our pilots have roots in faction warfare, including an old-time Caldari FW FC, and we frequently engage in FW activities when our journeys take us to K-space.

Here’s why you might find a home with us:

  • Flexible Playstyle: While our primary focus is on wormhole operations, our proximity to lowsec via our lowsec static allows for spontaneous FW engagements, offering you the action you crave.
  • Experienced Players: With your significant SP and capability to fly most ships, you’ll fit right in with our roster of experienced pilots.

If you’re open to blending wormhole life with bursts of faction warfare excitement, Cryptopia would be delighted to welcome you aboard. Hop into our Discord channel [CYPTA] Cryptopia to chat further.

But if your heart is solely set on FW, we completely understand and wish you all the best in your search. Either way, it’s good to have you back in the game!

Fly dangerous, and may your guns never cease firing!

Warm regards,
Serathi Geos
CEO, Cryptopia

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