Returning player looking for pvp corp - 93mil sp

Hello Ladies and Gents,

I’m returning to the game after a couple of years hiatus. Looking for a pvp corp who doesn’t mind when one makes isk from time to time. I personally have a decent amount of it…I just like to make some daily so it stays that way! :slight_smile: Looking for maybe a corp that is about 80 percent pvp focused and 20 percent pve. Ratting, complex running, faction warfare…etc. I don’t mind if the pvp is roaming or gate camping as long as ships are exploding. You people are great at that ■■■■! So be the special snowflake that you are and make some more explosions with me in your fleet.

Corps that I will be interested in:

A corp in faction warfare, wormhole corp or nullsec corp that pvps alot. I mean like if it makes your e-peen get bigger and really excited when pixels blow up, then we will be long time friends fast. If your corp pvps alot and also has good isk making…then basically thats what I’m looking for and I might love you long time.

I am not super thrilled about going -10 but will do it for the right corp. IE. You are awesome people and ■■■■ just clicks with us. Won’t go -10 “just because” for idiots.

Little about me and my char

I’ve been the sole owner of this character since 2011 and have almost 100mil sp and about 98 percent of that is in combat skills. Been in the US Navy since 2004 (and still am) so hopefully you are military friendly.

The corp that I’m currently in was made by me just to stay in while I took a break from eve.

Thank you for your time, you guys are wonderful peeps and have a nice day! Feel free to respond to this thread, send me a message in game, or private convo me.


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Are you interested in joining a pirate alliance in lowsec by any chance? Send me a mail in game if you want more info.

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Current active duty navy right here!

Check us out!

Join our public channel @ Best.-Public and say hi!

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eve mail sent

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🇪🇺 NUL-L Recruiting EU/US. Stand out jump in our pub and check us out!!!

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If you’re interested in joining a Faction Warfare and Nullsec Corporation/Alliance feel free to swing by our discord channel and we can talk about recruitment :slight_smile:

Join us brother .

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we have cookies feel free to hit us up ingame or discord


Hey man, I have sent you in-game mail with more details. I look forward to your reply o/

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Hey @Unknown_Phenomenon

Would you consider lowsec? I don’t think you’ll ever get down to -10 if you rat/plex a bit on the side. We also have a lot of fights in 0.0 (syndicate) which won’t affect your sec status.

We here at filthy peasants are a US TZ lowsec/0.0 sec pvp corp that lives in the Solitude region. While we base out of lowsec we regularly roam through 0.0 and aren’t afraid of fighting our larger 0.0 neighbors. We’re an established corp with active leadership and good FCs that lead fleets everyday.

Our corp is made up of mostly working adults so our activity varies on weekdays but if very strong on weekends. I’d love to chat with you if you have any questions. If you’re interested check our our forum post and killboard. You can also join our public chat Open Filth to have a talk with us.

You seem like a good fit. Military experience is common in PL, and we’d love to fly with you and see how it works out. Give us a ping in public discord.

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