12m sp Pilot looking for pure pvp

12m sp. Pretty pvp focused. Gallente frigs and dessie focused.
Self sufficient with my alts.

Looking to get into small to medium scale pvp. Low or null. I just got back into the game 6 months ago and have been catching up and building this character in addition to my indy alts. Havent pvpd in years. Was in a null sec corp briefly in 2011 and did a lot of FW in gallente federation.

I miss blowing people up.


Hey Gotchufam,

That’s a genius name btw. I’d love to have you in corp. We are short bus ballaz living up here in Deklein. We are avid PVPers and small gang is a large part of who we are. (check out killboard below)

Zkillboard for SBBAL

We also are in the SLYCE alliance so your indy toons have plenty of room to expand your wallet. Whether mining, importing to stock markets, or even PI. We can offer it all.

As a small corp too we are down to earth with around 25 pilots. Cap capable if that’s one of your goals.

Below is some of the general information that our forum post has and the replies I make to it most of the time are zkill links to previous battle reports.

Here is our discord if you’d like to chat just @ me or one of the online members.

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join wingspan

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Hey! Maybe you’d like to give us a shot. :slight_smile:

Consider ExDominion .

PVP (small gang, large fleets, BLOPS, caps, the whole shin-dig)
Nullsec, part of Legacy Coalition.
RL 1st.

EXDOM HUB Public in-game channel

We simply ask that you’re social on our discord and voice chats. Members all play the game to have fun together.

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