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So I recently returned after a failed attempt at returning some months ago after a RL move that took longer than expected. I quickly jumped into a Corp that made me an offer. While a good bunch of guys, just not a good fit for me.

What I can offer…

  • PvP experience from small to large gangs, former preferred.

  • Capital ability

  • Two PvP chars (93m and 55m SP)

  • Possible Indy support should we mesh (lot to move)

  • Generally good grasp of mechanics and gameplay

  • Love ops. Structure bashing even with the right people can be made fun

Limits and RL…

  • RL comes first. I work in public safety (24 hr shifts) so there will be days I simply cannot log in.

  • Evenings are reserved for my RL (Titans are cool but I won’t be single to own one)

  • I’m rusty at some PvP and where they needlessly moved things at times

  • I work 24 hr shifts… so there may be a day I’m more than glad to help out in the morning… but I may be tired and slow.

I’m US East coast based but my play time is generally going to be during the day. 8am to 5pm ish Eastern. Hence the European hours. That’s not to say that I’ll never be on in the evening, but safe to assume I won’t be and we both can be surprised if I’m on.

One last note. I’m an adult. I work in public safety and have a thick skin as such. At the end of the day though this is a game. At times frustrating yes. I don’t tolerate yelling at people or being yelled at. I’m human and make mistakes. I’ll take ribbing and memes over yelling. No one wants to hear it. It happens way too much!

Mostly just looking for a good group of mildly adultish individuals to enjoy the game with.

EDIT: Apparently there was an active war. Just to clarify that was not the cause of my departure from my previous Corp!

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You should join Alwar Fleet. They are the EUTZ heavy corp in Federation Uprising, a Faction Warfare/Nullsec alliance. We’ll teach you all you need to get back into PVP, and we can always use more capital pilots to expand our capital fleet :slight_smile:

Here’s our Discord if you’re itnerested: http://bit.ly/FEDUPDiscord

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Hey man, I just wanna say if your game time ever changes, make sure to contact me if you’d be interested in living in wormhole space again!

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Come chat with us dude, think we’d be a good match!

Join: MOTCC Public or chat with Gian Bal

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Couple of enticing offers! Couple of good emails!

Taking my time on this one.

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Well seems that FW is rather in a bad state again.

I take it it’s mostly nullsec or die?

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FW in general has been in a bad state, especially lately. The Federation Uprising alliance saw the writing on the wall, which is why we took over Nullsec sov and are now active there.

It’s ironic, the only way for a Faction Warfare alliance to survive in this day and age is to take Nullsec sov. But we’re an organization all about content, so it’s useful for us in that way as well, content dies down in Lowsec, move back to Nullsec, and vice versa.


mail sent

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