CSM XV Candidate Cheat Sheet

I made a CSM candidate cheat sheet for those interested. I tried to distill the candidates down into a few sentences and some keywords. Hopefully, no one feels like they have been misrepresented. If so, let me know and I’ll update it.

Anyway, I added my own endorsements to the list. Don’t like it? Spend an absurd amount of your time making your own cheat sheet, and then you can keep it politically neutral (or add your own endorsements).


Thx, usefull!

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I appreciate the time you took to lay out your thoughts and observations, along with clear statements of affiliations and platforms. It’s a very handy reference sheet for those who aren’t as up to speed on the nuances of the bloc dynamics.


Thank you for your kind words.


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Putting Komi Valentine in your #1 slot doesn’t hurt anything - chances are she won’t get enough votes to count and your vote will be automatically rolled into the next candidate in your list. So, go for it!

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Komi Valentine – Extremely Narrow Interest Range

Is a pretty personal opinion. You missed the most important part, that I am the only candidate, that applies primary for baseliner rights. That’s basically what my whole campaign is about.
I have added a short summary of some of my goals:

my PVE goals
  • Dynamically generated mission sites
  • Dynamically generated Exploration sites – static sites don’t feel like “exploration”
  • Adaptive AI (esp. on Rogue Drones)
  • AI that competes for resources the same way players do
my RP goals
  • Address Lore inconsistencies (eg. regarding Minmatar magic elders)
  • Show and link World News / ISD Articles / Scope Videos in-game
  • Introduce lore guide/library in-game (eg. timeline)
  • Introduce thematic lore elements to FW in-game such as freighters full of slaves warping away
  • Introduce Bloodline/Tribe specific skins in addition to faction SKINs (eg. right now there is only one ship with a Vherokior SKIN even though it is only one of three playable races)
  • Introduce bloodline apparel
  • Push for more faction apparel as well as headwear and tattoos
  • Introduce portal for direct submission of creative content (SKINs, apparel, stories for lore inclusion, etc)
  • Create some civil shuttles (you can’t interact with them, they just warp from gate to station)
  • Show maintenance drones flying around stations
  • Discuss possibly bringing back and expanding the ability to walk in stations
  • Wrecks should not suddenly disappear after salvaging. It’s silly that a battleship instantly disappears after salvaging one “Charred Micro Circuits”
  • Increase input requirements of Upwell structures
  • Split Upwell structures into four functionally identical racial variants each to enhance Lore

I would assume that this document is not neutral when it comes to the evaluation of candidates and favours some capsuleers.

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Maybe read the post itself before replying with a complaint about someone’s clearly disclosed personal opinions being included in their cheat sheet?

Thank you for putting together this list. It will be very helpful in narrowing down my votes.

Seeking out a bit more information. I’m wondering if anyone has any information on which candidates (if any) are trying to work on removing asset safety?

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Apparently I am memey.


Not exactly unbiased…

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Yeah, I was… harsher on my first pass through, then watch the interviews. Seeing people’s faces humanized them, and I went back and changed how I phrased things for a few candidates.

I applaud you for putting yourself out there, and trying to represent for your community. And, I really do like your artwork. … I don’t know what to say. I empathize with you. Like, I’ve never run for the CSM, but I have been making content for a few years now, and I still get nervous about releasing stuff (like this document). I worry if I missed any mistakes, how it will be received, or if any one will even give a ship. So, I take no pleasure in pissing on your parade and withholding an endorsement. I sincerely hope that this (and your experience as a candidate) doesn’t get you down. It took balls for you run. I know that this wouldn’t be a big deal for everyone. But I suspect that this required you to step outside of your comfort zone. You did a live interview, and you presented yourself to be inspected and judged by a community that can sometimes be as brutal and unforgiving as the game we play. And that, I respect.


We need more of this type of thing, I’m sick of trawling thru detailed opinions and reports on canidates, where I need to take several days off work just to read things. I’d prefer bullet points and small concise opinions on each canidate, instead of the over the top dribble from some sources. Maybe 15 questions with Yes or No answers?

Your non-endorsement of me is the most counterindicative thing ever.

You say that I am a “hard no” but also say that I did a good job when I was CSM and that I am unable to be corrupted by null meta gaming. That I will always be Xenuria… So… how is that a bad thing exactly?

Maybe he wants you to be susceptible to null meta gaming so that he can be mad at you even more? Iono, lmao.


You put together a good sheet. I corroborated your claims and they stood up well. I also compared it with endorsements and evaluations from other players and CSMers (esp Steve and Mike, but others too) I respect. I’ve decided I’m going to go with Steve’s list + Jurius + Loroseco (almost the same as yours - you did only name 9 people, though).


From what I could tell, you did take your job seriously, and you did provide useful feedback. Unfortunately, I have concerns over whether or not you’re difficult to work with. Moreover, many players have an extremely negative perception of you. It’s so bad, in fact, that I worry that it would undermine people’s perceptions and faith in the CSM. Now, it does appear that people have judged you unfairly, but I’m already waving the CSM flag. So, I’m not about to pick up the Xenuria banner and try to convince people that you should be taken seriously -especially when you refuse to stop with the memey BS when campaigning.

Anyway, I could be wrong about any one of these conclusions -especially since I feel like the CSM summit notes paint an incomplete picture of everything a CSM rep does. But there were already a bunch of other candidates that I felt comfortable endorsing. So, that’s the route I took.

“Cheat Sheet” doesn’t seem like the correct title. There’s 6500 words on that page.

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lol. Well, imagine the mountain of information that I condensed it down from.

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way back when I was in uni in the 70’s a prof allowed one side of an 8.5x11" page to be used as notes you could bring in for the midterm. I condensed several chapters onto one page. Man I could write small.

For the final you were allowed to use the other side but I had gotten wiser . . . . it had no notes, just examples of how to solve common problems. Was far far more useful and a lot less crowded.

A Cheat sheet is what you make of it.