The Hunt for Komi Valentine is Over!

The Hunt which I’ve started I am now bringing to an end.

Recent events in conjunction with an interview with Komi Valentine have faltered the above criteria by a wide margin; as such, I am terminating the hunt.

For details:

Credits + LEAVE A REVIEW of the “performance”

:crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords: Below is the original post contents for The Hunt

Original Post: 11,650m ISK + 500 PLEX GROWING BOUNTY POOL (Direct Pay) to pod Komi Valentine (regardless of implants) to eliminate her from running for CSM (and permanently eliminate her existence)

Komi Valentine is a hardcore, egomaniacal RPer who is currently running for CSM and is grossly unqualified to do so (read campaign thread for epic lulz). Fortunately, Both RP and RL Komi have asserted that she is “mortal” (per CSM campaign statements and interview in “Talking in Stations”) and have committed to biomassing the character if she is podded, thereby eliminating her from the running (and eliminating her existence entirely).

In order to eliminate the threat of Komi winning a CSM seat (and purge New Eden of her gratuitous vanity), I am organizing a bounty pool for the first person to pod Komi before 1 June (when CSM voting starts). (After 1 June, 50% of the Bounty will be paid out instead simply for the benefit of getting rid of Komi).

Current Bounty Total: 11,650m + 500 PLEX (Use Locator Agents to find her)

Current Contributors:

If you wish to contribute to the pool, let me know in this thread and I will update the thread with the total bounty amount. Bounty or not, the real reward is getting rid of Komi forever; the bounty just makes it sweeter.

Once she is podded, kindly contact me via EVEmail with an in-game or zkill Killmail link for proof of death, and you will be paid accordingly.

@Komi_Valentine you brought this upon yourself. This is what happens when you make a mockery out of CSM. If you were actually qualified to run, if you had the decency to report an exploit quietly like everyone else would have instead of bribing CCP for exploit details and using it as a publicity stunt to advance your vanity (you’re still using the exploit by the way, and that’s reprehensible), if you actually ran on a platform instead of making generic statements or playing dollhouse as part of your campaign strategy, if you confined your vanity to the RP section of the forums instead of CSM where it’s kind of a big deal because it affects everyone, this wouldn’t have to happen. Instead, we’re going to pod you, then you’re going to biomass your character, then we’re never going to hear from Komi ever again. It’s nothing personal, we’re just trying to make New Eden a better place - without Komi :upside_down_face: .

And yes, the bounty will remain active even if Komi withdraws from CSM - way too many lines have been crossed for the amnesty to be given at this point.


If only they could… just… i dunno, dock up forever.

Also, Goons et al are proof that there are no real qualifications to be on CSM beyond having enough F1 CTA Forum Monkeys with 25 alt accounts.

The CSM has been a joke since it started. Just eliminate the CSM altogether. The only player-group that will ever cause real change will be a player-created group that can actually persuade the majority of players to keep subbed unless XYZ is changed or to unsub en mass if demands are not met.

THAT would be the ultimate player input. The CSM is a thinly veiled facade that accomplishes ZERO that CCP has by the balls.


How do you know she is actually going to biomass, maybe she is just trolling.

Did you listen the incoherent rambling on TiS? She actually believes that if she is killed or even kills a npc, she doesn’t deserve to reclone


How do you “mistakingly” say you are 20, and not 28?? i’ve never been so nervous i say the wrong age, especially that much difference.
she should have been banned from the game, for the obvious hacking of the game since she can make her whole profile disappear.


lmao, i’ll personally deliver 5b to the killer upon proof of biomass

  1. To clarify this: I’ve reported the bug, and I cannot change my profile back. So what should I do? Stop playing?
  2. Yes, I was nervous.
  3. my 2 cents:
    CSM 15 | Vote for Komi!

I think she is going for a publicity stunt. all of this is attention for her to get on csm, look she even replied in here.

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Her RP reputation (the core of her vanity aka existence) would be devastated if she went back on her word - and it would be extremely cheesy for all of a sudden for her to become a capsuleer RP-wise just to survive this; I would imagine there would be an equal loss of respect.

I’ll add you to the pool :wink: . Proof of biomass = pull up bio and see if char is in Doomheim corp.

What you should NOT have done was turn it into a publicity stunt. You can’t change your profile back? Okay, that’s understandable. But advertising to get attention for yourself? Wow… that’s just… wow…


is it really any worse than some of the ■■■■ some other players have done?


are you saying hacking isn’t bad?

in truth it wasn’t hacking of anything in EVE’s files, having spoken with Komi about it at length. they were messing around with formatting for corp titles and accidentilly locked their profile beehind a blank

Discovering the exploit itself isn’t a problem and the inability to revert is understandable, the problem was using it as a publicity stunt/bribing CCP: that’s reprehensible. The Trump-level egomania and self-promotion of RP persona with zero actual platform, literally not a single concrete detail of how to improve the game outside of aesthetic improvements (hairstyles!) is also a problem (“I’ll take surveys of what people want” doesn’t count).


in the 9 years i’ve played, i’ve never seen someone do that before…thats why i feel like it was hacking…

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So you don’t have an issue with her attempting to exploit CCP?

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While I acknowledge this position and agree with you per my following post, I do, however, want to point out the following:

So even if this was 100% RP, the fact of the matter is that

  1. it was a publicity stunt (pure vanity)
  2. it was bribing CCP (even if it wasn’t serious, it was still a vanity publicity stunt)
  3. Komi’s refusal to ever go out of character for a millisecond means she never took the opportunity to clarify what did and did not actually occur, so there is zero fault on anyone for making not-unreasonable assumptions as to what did or did not happen. The talk show interview hardly compensates for the lack of OOC since not everyone will listen to it and most of what happens in and around the game happens in writing (including the campaign and CSM itself).
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There’s this too.

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Oh wow! Vanity crosspost! Where I come from, we call this an “attention… seeker”


Honestly, this could all have been avoided by Komi dropping his dumb roleplay and submitting a bug report because his in-game character Info sheet bugged out.

But since he wants to run with it as if he’s some kind of hacker, hope he enjoys the bounty.


what’s entertaining about all this is that by yelling and putting a bigger and bigger price on their pod, you’re giving them all the more exposure.

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