Marked for Your Attention

Lords and ladies, pardon my intrusion. There are disturbing events developing that I felt you might not be aware of. For anyone fond of theatre you may consider this a sort of fourth-wall situation that might warrant your consideration.

A rebellious yet clever young Hacker named Komi has landed herself in the crosshairs of some rather zealous persecutors who have marked her for death with a price on her head. I feel she is too proud with her tribal roots to seek aid, and thus I lay this at your feet to ponder. Whether to offer council, aid or simply dismiss the matter is your choice to make.


Breaking News: Komi hacks FTL Network!

Bounty for Elimination of Komi Valentine

11,650m ISK + 500 PLEX GROWING BOUNTY POOL (Direct Pay) to pod Komi Valentine (regardless of implants) to eliminate her from running for CSM (and permanently eliminate her existence)


There is also the option to contribute to the cause of eliminating Komi!


Please don’t tramp mud in my office, I just had the rugs cleaned!
I would expect more consideration from one of the Reborn…

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Thanks for letting me know about this!

Good to see this sanctimonious hypocrite is getting what she deserves.


Ms Denton,
How is business doing?
Maybe I should place tougher anti-piracy laws in the Ani constellation to my agenda.

Thanks for bringing this up. Actually I am really happy that I’ve found some people who could offer me shelter. I feel safe out here with my new peers. Safer than in the Republic. But you are right. I need some help getting out of this Situation. Has anyone ever dealt with such a situation? How can I solve it? Forever running away?


Never better.

What agenda?

The “baseliner” pacifist who found amnesty with one of the most violent capsuleer alliances.

Hah! Utter hypocrite.

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Lynch the pirate witch!

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Following policies set forth by the CRC Communications Policy, a message has been removed from this thread for being Out of Character.

Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly


You know, I think I like you, Miss Valentine. I’m happy to see that you’ve found shelter. If that shelter turns out to be inadequate, I think Origin would be more than happy to offer you refuge.

When it comes to getting out of this situation…just lay low, and I think you will be forgotten and/or irrelevant soon enough.




I am proud and happy that the Bloody Fist can offer Ms. Valentine asylum in this very dangerous time for her.

Rich coming from a ganker, at least we have a just cause.

It wasn’t a criticism, just a fact.

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