Minmatar Development Assistance Association

Hello Citizens of the Minmatar Republic,
Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I, Komi Valentine, proudly announce the founding of the “Minmatar Development Assistance Association” [MDAA]*. The goal of our non profit organisation is to stabilize the Heimatar and Metropolis regions economically.

I adress all capsuleers loyal to the Minmatar Republic! It is your duty as a part of Minmatar society to bring honor to your tribe and your family alike! And the most noble act is to help your brothers and sisters in need! Some of them are struggling to survive on barren or uninhabitable planets in the outer regions right now with no hope of a better life in sight. With no jobs and only a dark future awaiting them. We have to support them! We have to enlighten their future!

The Minmatar Development Assistance Association is an association of minmatar citicens who are taking opportunities into their own hands.

Our plan is to supply locally produced goods to special selected stations in the Heimatar and Metropolis regions. We enforce the best working conditions for all our employees and our innovative production methods ensure that we can offer the items at a very competetive price. Our prices will beat Jita by far* to support local small corporations or industries to invest in those regions and bring job opportunities to minmatar systems. We also offer an additional discount to Minmatar based operations.*

For our first product we have a collaboration with ORE and my team proudly presents the “M2 Salvage Drone”, which will be available at Rens, Hek and some other Minmatar stations in the future:

It’s basically a refined version of the “ORE Salvage Drone I” but 90% made out of recycled scrapmetals that brings the production costs down by a large amount.

I’m very proud of my engineering team, my supporters, and all the science graduates involved in this project.
At the moment we have established one production facility in Heimatar, but we will expand if this pioneer project succeeds.

As a non-profit organisation we depend heavily on the support of fellow pilots to expand. We accept donations in form of ISK, personnel and following production materials:
Tritanium, Isogen, Nocxium, Megacyte
The donated items will be used for the production of the “M2 Salvager Drones”.*

Please consider donating. I especially reach out to all capsuleers. Your lifetime is unlimited, use it for something great. With only some m³ of Nocxium you can support a whole minmatar family.

For donations, questions regarding cooperation or development support reach out to me directly via mail since we have no communication channel yet o/

Best Regards,

Komi Valentine

  • MDAA will not engage in ammunition, weapon or combat drone production or other tools that are destabilising the regions.
  • MDAA is a official registered aid association at Frarn V represented by the Valentine Family #F001VVTFDI.
  • The price of the “M2 Salvage Drone” will be 12.000k ISK That is below the price of the raw materials for regular production.
  • MDAA will provide small civil minmatar cooperations an additional special discount on their products.
  • Komi Valentine as a spokesperson and accountant for MDAA does not represent any third parties interests.

So, cheap mining drones for the people who build the tools to destabilize regions. Nice.

Salvaging drones can be used in many different scenarios. Salvage can be obtained from drifting uninhabited space stations and ship wrecks. Salvaging is hard work and it needs to be done to ensure safe space travel. There are debris fields all over the region from the hundred year long wars the Republic fought and still is fighting today.
We will give access to civilian pilots by reducing the initial price to obtain a drone by ~20% (Rens)
This will ensure that more civilian people become self-employed.
Of course all additional needed materials will be bought from local miners. This way we can help them, too.

We are a peaceful association and we will do our best to not deliver drones to war criminals or pirate cooperations.

I hope I was able to stem your concerns a little

o/ Komi


Just a little update on the current situation and the last week.

We’ve received a donation of 60m³ Isogen from an anonymous donor and since increased our employee count and recruited 100 freed slaves to work at our main construction facility. Thanks to the donor! Your support is very welcome!

For the first run, we produced 2000 “M2 Salvage Drones” and sold them in the main tradehubs of Rens (1000) and Hek (1000) for 12.000 ISK. The transportation was done for free by an amarrian pilot who supports our idea.
All of the drones got sold, but we’ve noticed that our trader in Hek sold most of them to a unknown entity. We’ve since cancelled our cooperation with this suspect trader.
I apologize for this in the name of MDAA.

We had to pay 600.000 ISK in market fees. This was a little unexpected because the Minmatar Republic cancelled their promised tax discount for our aid organisation.
Electus Matari was also not interested in our Idea. We are still trying to reach out to them.

Those are bad news. Without support we can maintain the production for maybe 1 month, because of the high market fees.
But for now we will not give up on our goal! So please help us!

o/ Komi

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For the record, to my knowledge there has been no communication from Electus Matari to the organizers of this operation. I have received a message asking if I could use my position to promote it but have not had the time to reply yet.


I would like to apologize. I’m not chosen to speak for Electus Matari. Maybe my messages didn’t get through because of the recent problems with the communication network in New Eden. I hope this incidend will not affect our relationship and I’m deeply sorry.
Please take any time you want to inspect our ideas.

[[Komi wants to sink into the ground and never return back to the surface. so much shame…]]

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Great News:
Yesterday we started our new distribution model. Instead of shipping to Hek and Rens, where the drones always got bought very fast by capitalist traders, we distributed them to many smaller Minmatar stations this time. To make sure people in need can buy them!

Heimatar market yesterday. All 12.000ISK offers are ours!

Since our association doesn’t own an industrial ship yet it was quite a lot of work and this would not be possible without the help of an Amarrian friend!

Additionally we gave 500 free Drones to Anuko Hugandur (Hulm, Republic University)

I’m very proud of our work. Atm we are networking in the area to obtain stable partners for resource procurement. So hit me up if you live in the area!

o/ Komi


Greeting’s you mention that you will not produce combat drones/ammo or any other tools to “Destabilize” the region however isn’t it the Amarr who lay waste to your region causing chaos to the Minmatar citizen’s. I find it would be beneficial both to the region and your association if you where to start the production of munitions for the war effort and to supply the local freedom fighters.

I will be happy to donate a sum if the production of munitions goes forward.

Kindest Regard’s, Blights Wretch


Hello Ms Valentine,

I run an environmental task-force based in the Ani constellation of Metropolis. Salvaging and removal of space-debris form the mainstay of our daily operations and I’m delighted to see another Minmatar corporation putting its priorities on the environment and well-being of its workforce.

I see potential for partnership here. I’ll be in touch privately to arrange a bulk order for your M2 units. And maybe more.

Kind regards,

Karynn Denton
CEO, Untitled Goose Corp

Sorry, but as a registered aid organisation it’s not in our legal rights to produce or transfer weapons or ammunition.

I personally understand your feelings, but our goal is to set up the ground floor for a civilian market. We try to make the life in the Republic a better place for all Minmatar. It started with the M2 Salvage Drones, but we’ll soon add other civilian products to our portfolio.

Cheap ammunition on the market will also benefit the Angel Cartel in those regions or other capsuleer pirate groups. If you are looking for military production to invest in, I’m sure there are other local entities that will gladly take your offer.

Ah good to see you here Brother Blights, Strange you should be concerned the Minmatar citizens and the region when your Alliance and corporation feed off the “Freedom Fighters” you seem concerned about, as they defend the region. In fact you recently allied with the Slavers CVA to attack a Freedom Fighter structure! As a fellow Thukker I respect your choice but you have no moral high ground on these issues, you and your Aliiance are no Allies to the Minmatar Tribes, accept what you are…

o7 Pol


Oh your very much correct Pol i have very little care for the Minmatar citizens as well as the Amarr I am here to simply point out the facts for the “True” Minmatar’s and that there main threat will not be undone by Salvage drones but instead Consistent Artillary and autocannon fire which does require supply. As to my morals, conflict is great for me and the alliance i belong to whether it be coming from the Minmatar side or Amarr i have no care i simply just have fun to gain.

I am also sorry to hear Ms Valentine that you have no legal rights to produce munitions. If ever you gain the grounds to produce arm’s do be in touch i will be happy to provide aid in any form i am able.

Kindest Regard’s, Blights Wretch

Thank you Blights and Pol,
I would like to ask you to discuss your private matters elsewhere.

I think we have set a clear statement to Karynn Denton she wont forget.
We will not enter a partnership with her unethical corporation.

Please do not try to trick us. It won’t work and only backfires on you.

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You have the business acumen of an apricot.

I simply wanted to buy your drones. If every customer of yours needs to jump your sanctimonious moral hurdles before they reach for their wallet, you’ll be hard pressed doing business with anyone in New Eden.

I would’ve preferred to call you a partner. You’ve chosen to be a competitor. Stay out of Ani.

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Now, now. If there’s been a misunderstanding, you should both work to straighten things out and see if there’s room for everyone to get what they want.

There hasn’t. We’re both clear that we won’t be doing business together.

Take your patronising comments elsewhere.

If you would care to, a private mail to myself could open a chain of business ventures and expansion for yourself, I am interested in your prospects.

  • F. Orta

We’ve received a donation. A Wreath-Class industrial ship with 100 Homeless and 100 Freed Slaves that we included into our workforce.
We have named the ship Malaking Tiyan (big tummy) and we are really glad not to rely on Probe-sized vessels anymore. Without this donation, the following would be impossibe:

Yesterday we submitted cheap drones to most of the Minmatar controlled stations and hubs in Heimatar. We hope a new ground level for the market price of salvage drones will be establishing soon.
This is just a part of our efforts:

A big shoutout to


who supported us in setting up multiple market offers in Heimatar yesterday.

Currently our production facilities are not running, because we can not effort new production materials until the drones are sold. donations are welcome!

We are currently developing new Minmatar inspired products so stay tuned :wink:


It is good to see your ventures are growing and are prosperous. I am glad members of the DF coalition could provide the help you needed. I’ll continue to watch your enterprises closely, don’t hesitate if you require further aid.

And fly safe.


A short update:

We have by now sold over 15.000 Salvage drones in Heimatar and Metropolis!

Thanks to the help of DF, TIA and and some supporters, we have anchored a small research Station at Frarn V. We are currently hiring scientists and science graduates to fill our research labs.
I never thought this would happen but thanks to your support it totally is happening! :slight_smile:


To celebrate this success, we will throw a party at the station on Sunday 03.29 YC 122, 20:00 (Eve Time). Everybody is invited to join. Password for the station’s forcefield will be provided. There will be a nice firework to start the celebration. My cousin ( Majikku ) will perform a traditional vherokior musical (“story of courage”) at the main tower. (~20 minutes)
After that, just do whatever you like. We have a giant dancefloor in the cargo bay, great music, couches, bedrooms and you are invited to stay until monday. Additionally there is a shuttle service to Frarn V, so if you want to explore the beautiful planet, feel free to do so!
The musical will also be streamed if you cannot make it in person. But It would be a great honor if some capsuleers joined the party :wink:
(Info: There will be many baseliners present… our research and production team, around 300 people,… so it will be really crowded. We have security forces and a strict no weapon policy.)

Hope I see some of you at the party!

o7 Komi