Minmatar Only Corp - Join us, brothers!

                          Contact Jack Bastien
                       ++++ WE ARE MINMATAR++++
           --------EVE AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE EXPERIENCED-------- 

Thukker Innovations are a MATARI-ONLY, Industrial / Manufacturing corp operating in Minmatar space. [we also do PvE, PvP, Exploration and more]

We are RP friendly and support Minmatar causes and pro-Minmatar corps and operations.

Join us today at Thukker Innovations, to build a future for your people, with your people.

      Please send a PM to our RECRUITER Jack Bastien to make contact with us *


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I recently started a FW corps that is Matari FW/RP oriented. Swords Of Matari. Can you have one of your industry directors mail me in game? ID like to discuss setting up possible long term business/relations. Hope to hear from someone soon!

will do - thanks for the response

Come on Matari - we need your support - join us today!

I can vouch for these Matari. Having placed over 300 mil in orders from them recently the craftsmanship is superb and they deliver ontime at a reasonable price. If your Minmatar and looking to support the Republic and join a great Manufacturing corps these are your guys.

Thanks, Radd, it’s fine to work with you…

Any Minmatar out there needing a comfortable group to join?

Give us a holler…

We are Minmatar only - we are looking for a few good members that like to do all kinds of EVE activities with friends…

Join us today!

We’re still looking for new members to get involved with a solid indy corp - our CEOs have over 10 years experience

Go Minmatar

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