Minmatar Development Assistance Association

Statement about recent market changes:

The Mineral prices in New Eden are rising. The Minmatar Development Assistance Association will not increase the prizes for the M2 Salvage Drones for now! Just today we set up some new offers in the Metropolis Area:

The price for ORE Salvage Drones is rising in Heimatar. This led to an unexpected sale in our drones.
Some entitys tried to buy all our stocks. Here is a list of those suspects:

  1. whizkidz Echerie bought ~6000 Drones at 34 Stations
  2. Croom Yeva bought ~3600 Drones at 18 Stations
  3. Berret Armer bought ~2200 Drones at 11 Stations

If you have any information, about those entitys, contact us please. It seems like they are using our project for their personal gain.

As a response we have set up a new market offer in Frarn to support the locals in Heimatar.

Fight high salvage drone prices and support your local Metropolis and Heimatar markets ! ! !

o7 Komi

Donations are still open btw :slight_smile:

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It’s been lovely watching your business take off with such vigor. I will try and attend the celebrations if I can. Long may you have the continued support of the DammFam coalition, we are there to support exactly these kind of dealings and enterprises within Minmatar space.

Well done Ms. Valentine.


Today is a big day. After some request of the local population, the MDAA decided to start an operation in Molden Heath last month. Today this request will be executed!

Molden Heath belongs to the Minmatar Republic and a lot of Vherokior brothers and sisters live in those systems. It is a beautiful but sadly economically unstable region compared to Heimatar. There are some “Islands” where the Republic managed to established law and order, but for most of the Systems that is sadly not the case…
The region is populated by Angel Cartel pirates and some Capsuleer pirates, which makes travelling and trade for the general population very dangerous. This means there are many systems that are basically cut off with only few transport ships traveling there per week.
We will not leave them to their fate. This is why the Minmatar Development Assistance Association shipped 200 Salvage Drones to EVERY Minmatar station in the region.

The market for Salvage Drones in Molden Heath was comparativly small:

Once our operation is over, we expect to effectively decrese the price for Salvage Drones in Molden Heath by 60%. This will hopefully lead to some salvaging ventures starting there.

Sales start NOW on some stations with 50+ more stations following in the next 2 hours!

Special Thanks to:
Capsuleer PrinceRedBull13 for helping with the delivery of 2000 M2 Salvage Drones through dangerous areas of lowsec and honorful returning our transport vessel.
DammFam for the help with marketing and sell orders. (special thanks to rodnichok)
Arcane Odyssey for access to their intelligence channel and stations.

o7 Komi


A small Update:

Since the sale of our salvage drones went that well, we decided to extend our knowledge to other products.

After long negotiations with the local goverment, we have created a factory on Frarn V, that will be producing Integrity Response Drones.

The Tenet Commercium, who owns the orbital customs office, gave us a special discount on importing and exporting planetary goods. We have created 637 new Jobs in our 15 facilities:

The Launchpad is located at “Bulkang Island” near the equator. The command center and the drone production facility are located at the promontory of “Kalyai” . The other facilities are located all around the coast, including one extractor control unit, that meets all nature conservation legal requirements.

The drones will be produced for the Heimatar market. The price is expected to be around 2 Million ISK for a complete pack of them. Minmatar ventures can apply to get the drones for free and are encouraged to do so, if they are planning to build structures in Minmatar space.

The first Prototypes are currently tested and shipping will begin in some weeks.

o/ Komi


Update from the Molden Heath market:

salvage drones|690x407

We sold 2800 Drones on the first day after deployment. That’s a huge success.
In the Highsec areas it seems like someone bought all the Drones and resells them now at a higher price.
We still need to find a solution for this recurring pattern, because it is not acceptable to misuse our aid.

Personal statement:


I would like to ask every capsuleer to donate.
You can support us with ISK, minerals, scrapmetals…

In the last weeks our donations seeped away despite our successes and currently we have not enough assets to produce more Salvage Drones.
I currently don’t want to enter Heimatar, due to my troubles with CONCORD ( Breaking News: Komi hacks FTL Network! ), but I encourage all workers at our station: “We don’t give up. We will find a way to keep the production running. We started with nothing but an idea, and now we have a production facility and more ideas. Just take some vacation with your families, there will be no job terminations. I will personally guarantee you all are getting paid while on vacation!”

o/ Komi

PS: We are selling cute plush Salvage Drones, If you want one, you should be quick. It’s a limited number of copies :wink:


You are doing amazing work both for the Minmater and for these Drones that deserve good productive homes.

I look forward to assisting your cause as I can.

I have made my first donation to this great cause, and will make more in the near future.


You very much welcome. Not everything can be bought with ISK.


Due to the increased mineral prices we had to adjust the price for our salvage drones. While most is made out of scrap metal and salvage, we need some minerals and other materials as well.
12.000 ISK for the old offers and 14.000 ISK is the adjusted price now.

30.000 ISK for the cheapest Salvage Drones in Heimatar was just unacceptable. Right now we are selling at EVERY Highsec Minmatar Station in Heimatar!

This was only possible, because our workers and volunteers worked nonstop for the past month to produce and ship all those Drones. Our next deployment will be in the Metropolis area again, followed by Molden Heath.

Thank you all for your donations.

o/ Komi


Yesterday we received a very big donation:

Even though @Brisc_Rubal is currently my rival in the CSM election, I would like to thank him for this generous donation. It will secure the future of our first aid organisation for the next months any beyond.

To express our hapiness, the leading engineers designed a unique drone for Mr. Rubal, that was already sent to him:

The “Rubal 1” runs 100% on fossil fuels and has an additional filter for bright sun light :wink:

Thank you, Mr Rubal.

Future and past donors over 100 Million ISK may receive a special drone themselfes in the future :wink:
I think it is an excellent marketing opportunity.

We are currently hiring a lot of people in Frarn to expand our research and Production:

Fly safe and take care of your kin,

o/ Komi

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Apparently saying “America” is inappropriate on these forums.

Who knew?

Sorry, Summit, for this late update. Just wanted to pass some news.

  1. While our drone research is progressing slowly but steadily, it seems like our Salvage Drones have now established a nice market floor in Heimatar. We have shipments going on into the Metropolis area as well to archive the same goal in the near future.

    For over a week the price is very stable at an affordable position.

  2. Our Scrapmetal Recycling Array is running around the clock to recycle Metal Scraps.

    We are buying Scrapmetal in all of Heimatar for a fair price!

  3. We collected funding for a small Corona Research Laboratory, that we erected next to the Frarn V’s Customs Office.

    We are still training some personel there. And are hoping to contribute to important civil research. Containing the virus and finding a vaccine or antidote could save a huge amount of lives.

  4. If you want to donate any money, please send donations to Valentine Drone Design that act’s as a holder of the Minmatar Development Assistance Association.
    Donations over 50Million ISK will receive a special Gift
    Donations over 100Million ISK will receive a unique and limited drone design, according to their wishes.

Thank you for your time,

o/ Komi

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Ms Valentine, I’m surprised you’ve omitted your 100% successful sales in Molden Heath in your report.

Selling your entire regional stock within an hour is a fantastic achievement. I do hope you plan to resupply your stocks as soon as possible as there is clear demand here.

I reckon the buyer probably spent around 200m ISK on your drones - I trust you’ll honour this support for your business with a unique and limited drone design for them?


Like, I’m not sure you know what a donation is? It’s, like, when you give money or goods in return for nothing.

I mean, if I could write off my bar tab as a charitable donation, I’d be drunk a lot more, probably?

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We used a large amount of our funds to anchor a bigger corona research Laboratory with professional equipment and one brand new flow cytometer. We are looking for Animal Medical Experts to join our research project:

Dr Andrea Cossarizza has warned about the rapid spread rate of the Virus. With our highly connected society, the Corona-virus has already found its way into most regions of space transferred by careless crewmembers, tourists and alike. The number of infected people are estimated in the billions in the Minmatar Republic alone, with countless new infections every day and millions of deaths.
We hope our lab can provide some important research to the University of Caille to create a vaccine or antidote in the near future.

o7 Komi

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An Update:
Our efforts in Heimatar finally paid off. We could stabilize the price for Salvage Drones there for a month now. We will in a couple of days start a Sale of Drones in Metropolis again to archieve the same stability there as well. In Aldik our Transportation ship with 1200 Drones on board got saved by Electus Matari. Special thanks to them! Until the invasion is over there, it is far too dangerous to deliver any drones there again.

A statement regarding Molden Heath:

"We hope that our Salvage Drones find good use in Molden Heath, helping Untitled Goose Corp with their salvaging and cleaning service.
We are looking forward for joint actions with Untitled Goose Corp and are glad we can call them our partners.

Since both our corporations are providers of salvaging equipment, we have signed a contract that amongst other things regulates the competition between us in Molden Heath. The Minmatar Development Assistance Association will continue shipping cheap drones to the lowsec systems of Molden Heath, while Untitled Goose Corp will provide salvaging equipment in the Fittakan constellation.
This ensures that our cheap drones are getting where they are needed most, while Untitled Goose Corp can provide their premium products to wealthy capsuleers in the area.

I think it’s important that we could get rid of our old disagreements and are now working together to help the region flourish.
We wish Untitled Goose Corp good luck with cleaning up the Heath and provided them a special Drone Design for their cleaning efforts and support of our business."

Gooseling State (docked)

Salvaging State (undocked)

360° Preview:


o/ Komi


I am delighted to confirm the strategic partnership between Untitled Goose Corp and the Minmatar Development Assistance Association, working together to make Molden Heath a cleaner and safer place.

Komi and I did not get off to a good start; one only has to scroll up this thread back to February to see the distrust and suspicion between us. But we are Matari - we are at our strongest when we work together. We recognised this and put our disagreements behind us. I sincerely hope that this partnership between two small salvage corporations proves to be an example others can follow, for the betterment of whatever region they operate in.

And of course, we adore the Goose Salvage Drone and the talented designers at Valentine Drone Designs have our warmest appreciation for their efforts! Just look at that little bow! This design clearly reflects the good-nature, charisma and humour of Komi Valentine who I am proud to call a partner.

The Goose Salvage Drones and other salvaging equipment such as Mobile Tractor Units and salvage rigs are on sale and guaranteed at the cheapest prices at Gelfiven, Gulfonodi and Teonusude. MDAA are selling Savage Drones at guaranteed lowest prices throughout Molden Heath low-sec space. Contact either corporation for enquiries on private bulk sales.

Take care of yourselves and your environment,

Karynn Denton Lekhantsi

✿ Keeping the Heath Clean ✿


The design of the new Goose Salvage Drone is quite something to see.

I for one hope that this new design in public hands will reduce the number of abandoned drones as they are just so very cute.

The work never ends for us in Ouperia Drone Recovery but projects like yours gives us hope that one day our services will be less needed than they currently are.

Wyrm Limion, CEO, Ouperia Drone Recovery
Drone Lives Are Precious