Possible To Still Bypass Acceleration Gate Restrictions?

Back when high sec still had static DEDs, I used to farm the Guristas 2/10. There was an acceleration gate in the first room that was hard to get through because it required a key that only dropped from an overseer and that overseer took ages to respawn. Plus the key was consumed upon activating the gate.

I found a way around this, once I got a key and made it to the final room, I would fly until I left the grid and then place a bookmark that I could warp back to and then simply fly back on grid effectively bypassing all the gates.

Is this still possible? I was recently grinding standings on an Alpha alt account and came across a mission with a gate that only allowed shuttles through. On the other side was a pocket filled with tons of huge mine-able asteroids that obviously weren’t meant to be mined.

I’m wondering if it is possible to fly off grid and warp an alt to me in a mining ship and then fly the mining ship on grid and mine the asteroids. This would for example allow a paper max yield Hulk to mine in 100% safety as no gankers could get through the gate and no one is going to fly 50,000+ km.

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My experience is that you cannot warp to a bookmark on grid within a gated area and so it was smart of you to make a bookmoark off grid then fly back in. I never tried that.

But it is also my experience that you cannot warp around inside gated areas but only warp out. But maybe that is just my experience?

It is also my experience that you cannot warp to a fleet member from outside the gated area; you will be taken directly to the first gate instead.

And trying to go subwarp from off grid to asteroids in the center in a mining ship would take forever. Even if possible I cannot see it being worth it.

The only way to really know is to test it. Few people even try to do half of what you mentioned.

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Even if possible, don’t try.

Using any method to bypass acceleration gate ship restrictions to enter complexes is an exploit. The notification specifies Factional Warfare complexes, but this has since been extended to all sites which have acceleration gates.



Ahh that’s a shame, it just occurred to me as well that if it did work, it would be awesome to bring cloaky T3Cs into a frigate plex for an ambush. :frowning:

An exploit! What utter crap! The only ship I have that is fast enough to even be worth getting in through an off grid backdoor ISN’T worth it because it cannot even fit anything useful besides a core probe scanner. No tank, no weapons, no harvest equipment.

Sure. As a hunter it would be great if I could go scan down all the DED sites in systems around and then be able to just get to someone later on without being decloaked, rather than having to take gates that allows them time to dscan me and react.

Actually, as a hunter, its perfectly fine that I don’t have that advantage.


I see way more issues with this plan than just gate restrictions…

Look man, I never backed up your play style or ideas. All I did was say that of the many ways in , ALL but the “official” way being considered an exploit was crap. Why? Because I know a way in and its harmless, much like the thread OP.

Maybe I should have been more clear earlier, but think before you reply to me please and don’t take my quotes out of context.

fw plex is not only place in game with gate…

I see. The ones I know of, my way in is harmless, lets put it that way. But its still considered an exploit by what I just read.

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Some people either fit modules that made the travel time minimal, or didn’t care about the time to get into position. This led to a lot of ambushing players with much more powerful ships than the new arrivals were permitted by game design to bring into these restricted spaces, and was not intended gameplay. Thus, exploit.


Good point. Even I could get in in my speedy ship and then refit using a mobile depot. My way is not harmless after all. Thanks for pointing that out.

Still, it really runs counter to the “EVE is a PVP game” and “All of EVE should be dangerous” screeds doesn’t it?

And with all the workarounds EVE literally forces you to employ, I am on a constant hunt for more. I would never guess that working around a stupid acceleration gate would be an exploit just for using existing and otherwise legal game mechanics. I would have no clue at all if I were not just specifically told “That’s an exploit”.

Bypassing in-game restrictions for a PvP advantage is not really running counter to ‘EVE should be dangerous’. EVE is dangerous enough by itself without glitches and exploits.

Gate restrictions exist for a reason and are not intended to be bypassed. If on top of that, CCP determines bypassing this restriction an ‘exploit’, it would be cheating if you did it anyway.

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Wow bro…you are really reaching and seem desperate to make a contradictory point. By that metric, running from Concord is an exploit.

Running from Concord is an exploit, if you survive.

Honestly, I’m not actively trying to contradict you and it isn’t about you, but somehow you continue making comments that are completely contradictory to my common sense.

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Awesome. Please start reporting all the -5 and below outlaws that make it in and out of high sec alive with Concord on their tails.

Correct me if I’m wrong (I’ve never suicide ganked yet, so no experience here), but one of CCP’s declared exploits is

It is also considered an exploit to commit a criminal act and prevent ship loss to CONCORD by any means.

Did those -5 outlaws that ran from Concord suicide gank, or was it merely the NPC response fleet that chases outlaws? As far as I know, there’s a difference between the NPC response against low security players and NPC response against suicide gankers. The latter should always lose their ship by Concord. The former not.

Right. But by in-game declaration outlaws are not allowed in high sec, just like by in-game declaration you are not allowed to by-pass an encrypted acceleration gate. Why would anyone on their own think finding a way past the gate is an exploit when entering a high sec system as an outlaw is not?

This whole game is built on unfair advantage. If they fly a T1 frigate you get a T2. If they are alone, you get a gang. If they fly a destroyer, you fly a cruiser.

I can sit outside an abysal trace and gank who comes out. They usually are not ready.

You are free to gank people in other combat sites.

This is exploit by decree only. Its not obvious.

outlaw ≠ criminal


Right. Not in EVE anyway. But both want to run from Concord. One is allowed and one isn’t. Damn confusing no?