Supercaps in new ESS sites?

I wanted to bring to attention a potential exploit. A small gang was roaming Oasa and found a hel inside an ESS site. We wanted to confirm this wasn’t an exploit considering it was put out cruiser to battleship restriction.

The gate was, not the ESS site itself.

CCP has said stuff about bypassing the gate restriction being an exploit before.

just wanted to make sure that was an intended outcome. It seemed to really violate the spirit of the rules and negates anything you could bring into the ESS to try and engage.

Do you have a datetime and location for this incident? Would help CCP trace the issue (and offenders). Also: did you file a ticket with this info?

I got screenshots and such. I didn’t know where the proper place to report the issue was and this appeared to at least somewhat be relevant so I did the initial report here.

This is serious so I would also submit a ticket (player report) with the info. These players knowingly bypassed restrictions and need to be dealt with, and CCP needs to address the bypass itself.

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Let’s call in the brass.

@Mike_Azariah, @Brisc_Rubal

After some further reading in the “known exploits” section, it does look like bypassing an acceleration gate restriction is specified as an exploit. Not sure how cynos factor into all that though, so I hope someone is able to put the confusion to rest soon.

They still qualify as an exploit. The purpose of an acceleration gate is to provide restrictions on entering a particular deadspace pocket such that non-qualifying ships should not be able to enter that pocket via any mechanism, including cynos. CCP has not implemented a “you cannot warp to this pocket” mechanism, so they use gates instead. Use of cynos is a gate bypass and is prohibited.

I must say as a ‘Junior’ FC seeing a Hel on D-Scan, get a successful combat probe run, in a bunch of Hecates and wondering how long we can tackle and hold out until back-up arrived.

This was quite outrageous.

System S7WI-F / Time 20:10 / FXHY Cwf - Replied in local rather smugly with the Hel in there whether it was that specific pilot or not, I cannot confirm.


Good job on the screen grab. Submit a ticket with that attached as evidence to CCP and they have a list of suspects to narrow it down to :+1:

That screenshot doesnt really prove, that the Hel was INSIDE the ESS. He could be chilling on a safe close by to scare you. Making such a safe shouldnt be hard. Next time slide in, and if he actually is in there, you can petition the loss to CCP, cause somebody actually broke the restriction.

Sadly we were in Hecates and Sabres, so we were unable to enter the site ourselves to check, but maybe there’s a way to check my in-game logs as to whether I got a successful probe run, and engaged warp to that target, and where I ended up landing. Kinda hope so, it’s a pretty lousy way of flying a Super when they can be pretty slippery to catch at the best of times and just camping a warp in on a location you’re not supposed to be able to access.

You are correct - getting past gate restrictions is an exploit.


Ah, so you combatprobed the Hel, warped to it, and landed infront of the ESS?
Yiu should really add the info to your initial post. So either the “warp to” was bugged, or there is a new exploit.

That was the case, yes. Sorry for late reply.

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yeah that screenshot doesn’t prove a single thing, except there was a hel with deployed fighters less than 75 million km from you. Maybe next time get on-grid confirmation and screenshot THAT. But thanks for playing.

He combat probed the location of the super to the ESS. That is, it was not in any adjacent deadspace pocket other than the ESS itself :slight_smile:

not enough information to determine that from the screenshot. Only a visual confirmation works for me. ie, on-grid, staring straight at the bracket.