ESS Gate Mechanics Abuse

We have been having trouble with cloaky campers in our system but that isn’t the problem that a few mobile observatories can fix though they can get a bit pricey (another topic). I am here to bring to light to something that is happening in systems now, players are abusing the ESS acceleration gate mechanic and the warp in to it. I will give an example that happened recently: We had a nemesis that was a known hot dropper and he was cloaky camping us on the ESS, that’s no problem. But he was sitting 10-15,000km off the 2000m circle around the gate. Cause he was still sitting on the same grid as the ESS, if we placed a ping that was close to him, like the cargo box he dropped to bait us, we can’t warp off and then warp back to the ping as it puts us right on the gate again. The same thing goes for a warp to a fleet member that is gaining on him, we tried to warp to one of our members in fleet but yet again we find ourselves at the ESS acceleration gate.

I really would like to see this changed or removed as it gives the person trying to kill our ships an unfair advantage against those trying to hunt him/her. It would also help if the mobile observatories kept them uncloaked a bit longer and were able to be picked up also with a longer life. It gets a bit tedious when you have a ship with a 5 sec reactivation time and a covert ops cloak bonus and they can just recloak immediately and make the mobile observatories useless.

Please consider these issues and suggestions as it has caused much of null sec hardships to where we are inhibited from some of our gameplay even.

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I don‘t see the issue, where is the abuse? That you can’t warp in deadspace pockets is no news.

BTW is there still an entry gate? Last time I warped to a site I landed directly inside the rat cloud and barely escaped.

If he is 10 to 15k off then I assume he cannot steal the ESS money as you A: need to be in a cruiser anyway and B: needs to be closer to steal the money, so unsure what the issue is with that.

If he is in a Nemesis, why do you need a fleet to kill him, just send a ship (or a few ships) that can kill a Nemesis after him. no need to blob a Nemesis.

If he lights a Covert Cyno, he is 10 to 15K away, if he Cyno’s ships in, can they warp down to the ESS to steal it or do they have to slow boat or warp out/in? in which case they would end up at the gate.

The mobile observatories weren’t designed for use against non-AFK cloaky campers.

The guy in the ESS has the same issue you guys do - he can’t warp around in there or he will end up at the gate as well. So you are stuck in a chase on grid with him. Sounds like a fun game of cat and mouse and if there are more of you than him, you are going to win eventually.

The mobile observatory is doing it’s intended job, making sure the person isn’t afk. They recloaked meaning they are at the keyboard and paying attention.

You think it’s useless because your trying to use it for a job it wasn’t intended for.

I personally think the fact that they make you decloak at all to prove your not afk is a stupid mechanic but it is what it is. The fact that you got to see them there by forcing them to decloak and recloak is why I’m completely against the mobile observatory, have not paid any $ to CCP whatsoever since they were added to the game, and will never pay them any $ until it is changed (meaning never knowing CCP)

That is the whole point: these mobile observatories are intended to deal with afk cloaky campers, so if players aren’t afk and can cloak up immediately these mobile observatories do exactly what they’re supposed to do: pretty much nothing.

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That is the thing. He goes afk and then comes back for 20 HOURS! Who does that? Yes, he can warp off but we can’t warp to any point on the map like the cargo container he put down to bait us!. You are focusing on the obervatory and not on the person (probably) using bots and using a system that it was not intended for. Its frustrating cause we KNOW he is a CONFIRMED dropper for a group and we can’t ever catch him as none of our ships are fast enough or he just recloaks again. We even had him uncloaked for 40 mins and still couldn’t catch him with something faster than him. Now he is back again on another alt and we KNOW it is the same person. Idk if you guys have ever experienced campers that sit there, taunt you all the time, play with you, then just destroy your ■■■■ cause its fun for someone can’t be a grown up and are crying about it so they send someone to just sit there for 100 mil a day. I got specific cause this is what I have been told as well.

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This looks to me a lot like whining about somebody mocking you because of your own incompetence. Darwin’s game.


If he’s botting, report him.

If he’s in a fast ship, get a faster one.

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Then bait him into a trap.

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There is no abuse. You need to learn the mechanics groundly, gain perspective and tinker a strategy with using your sources suitable to your needs.


The guy is not afk and he’s looking for something to drop on.

Give him something to drop on, wait for them to drop and kill them.

We tried. He won’t take it. He’s waiting for something big.

Then please enlighten me on how these mechanics work cause I have looked this up and there is nothing on it.

I have reported him, I wish I could and we tried but most of us don’t have interceptors at our disposal.

Bait with something big?

He says :

Most of them dont have even ceptors .

There are already very clean explanations on thread. You need to read and understand.

So far you did not ask any questions about them. Reason is you did not read or you read but you did not understand what it means ?

If they don’t have the right ships to bait the cloaky hunter, they don’t have to worry about the cloaky hunter.

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Why are you telling this to me ? If you read the OP, as an experienced pilot …you already know.
“ they dont have to worry about “ will not cause them to stop worrying about it , stressed, seeing a simple very old mechanic as an abuse… we are talking about people run operation in null but not even “ceptorable “

Actually up at thread there are already very good info and explanations . If he is still asking that means he couldnt grab it yet …

And i need to see and understand where he stuck on the way to understand first…

Else repeating same stuff wont help anything .