Are CCTV bots explicitly allowed by CCP?

Nullsec is camped by 1 person (~20-30) characters and if you use mobile observatory - the character logs off in a very short while.

I would like to know the “legal” mechanics to this working and why he’s not banned yet?

e.g. EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 06 - YouTube

Have you reported him for botting? If yes (but even independent of that) and if he is not banned yet maybe he is not actually botting. Like maybe he checks up on his stuff every now and then and if he sees an observatory (not sure how these work but I assume they show up on d-scan or such) then he logs off the character manually or something along those lines. If you haven’t reported him yet it is worth doing so so CCP investigates his actions.

I think our whole alliance have been reporting him. And he is single-handedly controlling 20-30 characters. It’s humanly impossible to do so without any software involvement.

It’s not like it takes a huge amount of inputs.

Possibly, but that doesn’t mean that the software is banned. For example, nullblocs have used intel programs that ring alarms when neuts get reported/show up in local. So, it’s possible that he might be using a similar program that does something like ring an alarm when an observatory shows up on the overview.

Also, never underestimate the determination and discipline of autistic no-lifers. I’m being dead serious here. There are quite a few players out there who will do things like update market orders, babysit cloaky campers, and run sites for hours and hours on end.


Wait, what ? Nullsec ?!

The legal mechanic would be “dscan > spot mobile observ deployed > log off”

The number of reports is not important. The relevance of the reports is, and the result of ccp’s investigation. CCP will, rightly so, not give reasons.

Not necessarily. And even if other software is involved, what it enables doesn’t necessarily and automatically break the EULA.

But the case is interesting, especially on that scale. The player(s) in question belong(s) to an alliance that prides itself in a special service “When you pay, we will help you drive away other people in your system.” and " Whoever fights against AOM is our friend.’ (both quotes from that alliance’s description). They seem true to their word, the video OP referred to was shot in AOM sov space. So, you get what you pay for. Confusius say: if you fish in other man’s pond you will catch crabs.

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I’m amazed that someone thinks that one person with 30 toons can camp all of nullsec.


… there are people capable of controlling that number in active activities, one as passive as this would be brainless.

Just because you can’t do it doesn’t make it humanly impossible.

If you’re entire alliance is reporting him he’s probably been looked into by ccp and cleared off suspicion.

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I mean this guy thinks it’s impossible to afk on 30 toons at once. I don’t think he has a full deck.

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From what I’ve heard, CCP doesn’t always take immediate action on botters- sometimes they wait and see to gather more intel.

Perhaps they can identify additional accounts, or additional persons doing this- and ban everyone at once.

If you genuinely suspect this person is botting, and you’ve already reported to CCP, then you’ve already done everything in your power. Best to just let CCP do their thing at this point.


Huh. Someone is salty they got blapped.

I don’t like multi-boxing either but thems the brakes kid.

I’m confused at the footage because I don’t know what it is showing. A lot of people seem to think “looks kind of fishy, but not conclusive, and it seems CCP decided he wasn’t botting” So what in the video shows him to be a bot?

Or it’s just one guy doing the bans with help of some tools. If case is not super clear cut, nothing is going to happen. Just by sheer scale of the problem, the thought of ‘somebody is investigating this’ is not realistic imo.

Take Coercer bots in lowsec for example, holding on to a ban might have some theoretical benefit, ‘game fbi is chasing the money!!11’ but the actual damage is this: Everyone who went through botlands while they are active, felt the game is only populated by bots.

Same is true for the nullbros here, even if in some 6 months, some nullbear might lose all his assets for this… (if found illegal) They already had to deal with the problem for a long time.

a big mistake in this structure is that it beats for the whole space in the overview. if we are to fight covertly, then to act to the end, and also gave aggression.

There are no bots in this game.
You are all hallucinating,

No such thing exist.

There are only delusional players who blame each other being bots …

I still don’t get why everyone things the video is evidence of botting. After watching it, I’m not really sure what I’m seeing. It’s all happening too fast for me to undertand.

What is the problem, exactly? If you want to use the system, then drop an observatory and he goes away. Isn’t that the dream scenario that you nullbears demanded (and received)? Shouldn’t you be overjoyed with this outcome?

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But the mobile observatory costs ISK… /s

So you would be losing ISK to get rid of the camper (if you ignore that you can then kill rats for at least 1.5 hours undisturbed by the camper).

(Edit: I think my sarcasm didn’t come across that well.)

What’s the problem? This is getting max value out of the observatory, since it doesn’t look like that camper tries to kill them, just logs and waits it out.

What’s the point of cloaks if they can be countered resource-free?

The observatory has had the intended effect of making cloaky camping require more effort and activity. The people I know who used to run sizeable camping operations have stopped, and now have swapped to a smaller number of blue eyes toons, as is the meta after the changes.

This camper is putting in the effort to continue, so a cheap set of observatories isn’t going to be enough. The defenders need to put effort in to bait them out and burn them.

Edited previous post, I think the observatories are perfectly fine.