Suspicious campers auto logoff within few seconds when Mobile Observatory deployed in local

CCTV EYES 01 CCTV EYES 02 CCTV EYES 03 … CCTV EYES 42 are members of AKINA mountain family
they all driving Arazu, using the same fit Arazu | CCTV EYES 03 | Killmail | zKillboard

CCTV EYES ALTS will go offline within 5~15 seconds if there is a Mobile Observatory deployed in the local system.

If there is Mobile Observatory deployed locally when I was camping. normally I would recloak myself, instead of log off. The action of logoff exposes the active online pattern to my enemies.

To proof my six-sense is correct, I bought some Mobile Observatory and start deploying them when I see CCTV EYES alt is in local and recorded this kind of unusual activities of four CCTV EYES ALTs.

I am NOT saying there are absolutely no humans behind the desk during the camping, which is not true, the camper’s corpmates blow up my Mobile Observatory within 10 mins after the Observatory being deployed.

However, I believe they are using Screen recognition software to scan the system continuously and close the game client once there is Mobile Observatory deployed locally.

I was GM, also participated in the anti-cheat program during my last job. I would say since there is no soft keypress to the game client, the sole action of killing the game client process itself, is unlikely detectable to CCP. This is why I made this post.

The recordings are listed below
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 03 - YouTube
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 06 - YouTube
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 07 - YouTube
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 08 - YouTube

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This was closed for a reason by ISD. @ISD_Golem

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where should I put this post? why keep shutting me up?

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a GM told you to post here or contact a CSM directly. a ISD told you to do as the GM also said, and to submit a ticket, or in the GM’s case, in game, report a suspicious bot.

as @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode mentioned, even though you were relegated here by a GM (which is against TOS/EULA to share their communications, forum users cannot help. report the bots via In game F12.

You’ve been told what to do by multiple parties now. Please follow the instructions.


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