Report auto-logoff script AFK camper once Mobile Observatory deployed

CCTV EYES 01 CCTV EYES 02 CCTV EYES 03 … CCTV EYES 42 are members of AKINA mountain family .

these alts are believed controlled by a single player.
they all driving Arazu, using the same fit Arazu | CCTV EYES 03 | Killmail | zKillboard
they are all pay to leave kind of players.
CCTV EYES ALTS will go offline within 5~15 seconds if there is a Mobile Observatory deployed in the local system, a normal human would recloak instead of logging off.
I have recorded these unusual activities of his four ALTs and have them uploaded on youtube.
links are listed below. please let them pay for harass other players by using third party macro software
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 03 - YouTube
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 06 - YouTube
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 07 - YouTube
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 08 - YouTube

this player also control another series of ALTs which are

Night’s Watch 79

Night’s Watch 80

night’s watch 81

night’s watch 82

night’s watch 83

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ok, they can all be controlled by the same person. whats the problem?
@Roy_Un_Luo please do not spam the forums with the same topic in two different locations.

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Why wouldn’t a bot recloak as well?

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watch the youtube video before ask any question. you believe what you believe. same as I do

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because CCP would detect non-human mouse click

pretty sure it would be easier and more effective to make an bot cloak than have it log off.

people working against you isn’t evidence of them being bots

what “non-human mouse click”

pretty sure a bot selecting F1 and a human look the same.

All I saw was you having one hell of a time deploying an observatory

pretty sure a bot selecting F1 and a human look the same.

I am sorry, it’s not the same thing :slight_smile:

you are right, but logging off 4 chars in a row? I can hardly believe human would do that

oh? what is the difference?

its really not that hard.

I’m not saying that he’s not a bot, only that they evidence provided is lacking.

Anyway, he may be logging off instead of recloaking because he’s at work or asleep. So, he saves the ship, but he doesn’t want to keep having to recloak.

And he might be able to respond so quickly because he’s using some sort of intel tool that rings an audio alarm if a mobile observatory shows up on an overview. Now, I’m not here to discuss whether or not it should be against the EULA, because that’s a whole another can of worms (and also probably something that would be next to impossible to enforce). However, I do know that there are already intel tools that do that for neuts being reported into intel channels and/or showing up in local, and that would certainly offer an explanation for the quick reaction time.

Now, if you truly believe he is a bot, then report him. CCP does not ban on player reports alone, and will investigate. However, the evidence that you have provided so far has not been very compelling.

And, just in case it wasn’t clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with multiboxing all those accounts. It only becomes a problem if he uses bots or input broadcasting to control them.
No P2W

keypress by software and keypress by hardware is different…

I know, it’s not that hard, but it’s abnormal. anyway GM will decide

In your video
EVE macro camper CCTV EYES 07 - YouTube
1:53 kill report available

I just drop two Mobile Observatory it got killd in a second. Are you sure those pepole are really afk?


Report and let CCP take a look at it.

today they already knew I have reported to GM because I have made video in Chinese version which posted in bilibili

I didn’t say they are totally AFK. they do have human players behind the desk.

However, log off right after Mobile Observatory deployed is really weird and inhuman action to me. that’s why I created this post.

I have made 4 videos, logging off 4 char in a row after spot the Mobile Observatory is just extremely Suspicious

again, I am not saying they are all bots, but I believe they do use third party software control a part of the sitters

thank you for your reply
yes, I only have 30% kind of feeling, the logging off thing is bot action.
so I gave it shot.
let’s leave these matter to GM to decide

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As no one on the forums is able to deal with this issue, I recommend filing a support ticket about the issue. As such I will be closing it. Thank you.