Mobile Observatory

Good old system camping the age old story.

Wow here comes the 50 mil sollution called mobile observatory.

No thats not true. 300mil later 6 observatories nope must have misunderstood the purpose of this device.

24hrs a day flat the camper sits. He uncloaks re cloak observatory have no effect. He forgets he uncloaks for 2 quick presses of on dscan and he is cloaked.

Unless the observatory serves a purpose other then the above i dont know its useless. 30 men 6 observatories 12 hours best scanning skills and ships and we could not catch a camper with it.

In my view if a mobile observatory is launched in a system where there is a cloaky camper surely for the 50mil one must have a fair opportunity.

Recommend that a cloaky camper should have either a 5 minute delay before he or she can re cloak or for the balance of 24 hrs the same character cannot cloak in system. Something have to give because the observatory is useless.

Best Regards, permanent campers makes permanent alpha players.

You may have misunderstood the purpose of mobile observatories.

Mobile observatories are not intended to counter cloaked ships nor are they intended to counter cloaky camping.

Mobile observatories have been introduced to allow players to interact with afk cloaky campers.

For years players cried about AFK cloaking. So CCP delivered exactly that, a mechanic to catch an AFK cloaker. If you can’t catch him, he is not AFK is he?

That being said, it is a game of patience and it seems you are losing it. Sure, he doesn’t need to pay anything, but is 50mil really any drawback for nullsec corps?

Eitherway, if he is there 24 hours a day and he avoids being probed down, I would report him for botting.


Previously afk cloaky camping for 24 hours took no effort and had no risk.

Nowadays cloaky camping takes nonzero effort and risk because of mobile observatories. While
camping a couple of hours is doable for regular players, if someone manages to do that regularly for full days avoiding mobile observatory decloak pings at many times of the day, he may be botting.

Report him.

The purpose of the observatories is, actually, exactly what is happening above. You know this guy is at his keyboard, because he’s continuing to cloak and recloak when his timer is up and observatory is out.

The point of these was to stop AFK cloaky camping (which is bad), not stop all cloaky camping (which is good).


sounds more like he has a script that recloaks him

Wouldn’t that be against the EULA?

Yes, scripting and botting is against the EULA.

So if you have reason to suspect someone has automated their recloaks to circumvent mobile observatories, report them to let CCP deal with their cheating.

It’s also possible they’re paying attention and manually recloaking though, which isn’t against the rules.

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Just because you can’t catch them doesn’t mean they are botting. Some players have all the time in the world to sit at the keyboard and play cat and mouse for hours on end…

It is almost as if they enjoy that more than mining and krabbing.

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