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Cloaked “false sense of security” gate camps. Baiting fights in FW plexes. Baiting fights by getting ganker to combat probe you. All fleet setups, of course, not solo. Off the top of my head I don’t see any benefit to this solo (save for the use of Blops and their penalty reduction). Even without cap depletion, solo non-covert cloak for PVP is probably just unwise outside of parking safely.

Not all enhancements require a problem to be solved. Not all enhancements should be considered solutions to problems - they don’t always fit into that “problem-solution” model. They’re just enhancements. That is it. Good-Better is not the same as Problem-Solution. But again I reiterate the extent to which I do NOT feel strongly about this. To me this conversation is like asking me which of two flavors of ice cream I prefer; I’m fine with either one and feel the outcome is relatively inconsequential. I don’t think it would make-or-break EVE, and I don’t think it would have a dramatic impact on metas, but I do think it would make things more dynamic. I can assure you I am not pitching a solution to a problem I acknowledge does not exist. I don’t particularly care that much about it.

Not really? AFK cloaking is fine, indefinite cloaking is fine, the status quo of cloaks are fine. I think it would make fights more interesting, not that it is necessary. This isn’t a sword I’d fall on. I probably feel less strongly about this than Mike and Brisc, who in the past have said the following:

I asked Brisc what he had in mind since it was listed on his CSM campaign platform and he said the following:

On that note: @Mike_Azariah @Brisc_Rubal I apologize for quoting you in the anus of all threads on the forums, but I would like to follow up on that prior discussion - has this come up at all between CSM/CCP?

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The only time I do is when I’m the only one in system. Which is a lot. Nullsec is pretty barren really. I don’t understand why they get so upset either. Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. I’m just a merry traveler. My cloak is my station.

Exactly! I’m doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
I’m like a long haul trucker pulled off on the side of the road sleeping in my cab. The other two are driving a school bus remotely while connected to a dial up modem. It’s bad for everyone.


Oh look, this argument again. Why is it so hard to understand the difference between accumulating wealth while AFK and sitting idle in space while AFK?

I guess that could happen occasionally, but I don’t see why cloaking is so overpowered in these niche situations that it should have even further nerfs. If someone is creative enough to arrange a scenario where a non-covert cloak is useful and execute the trap successfully then they deserve their kills.

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Scoots isn’t always right. Recent example:

Did I mention I don’t feel strongly about this? Pretty sure I did.

I agree

Hey @Xeux look! I agreed with Merin!

Since cloaking was introduced and over 3 yrs of people turning oxygen into green house gasses on this subject in this thd and CCP has not changed it. In the age of chaos where they want more destruction, how anyone would think they would change it at this point in the game is beyond me. Maybe, just maybe CCP likes it this way? Hmmm… :thinking:

This has been fun?
Don’t touch my cloak!

Hey @Archer_en_Tilavine. I have a quick off topic question. What’s up with all the defenseless Venture kills on Zkill? Just curious

That was from the skilling spree event when I didn’t have time to get legit PVP kills due to work. I farmed the SP on my alts and also let my crewmates due the same. That’s the one and only time you’ll see any of my KBs padded (skilling sprees). Well, that and those kill-a-bot events CCP has where they teleport bots to Yulai for slaughter (those are fun!).

I don’t mean the lonely roamer, but yes ppl who camps entire region of nullsec and disrupts some activities that way WHILE AFK. I’m.not against cloaky camping that way, it’s a valid strategy, but I’m totally against that while afk.

So stop letting them. If they’re AFK why are you changing your activities?

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FTFY (must be 5 characters)


We have talked about it, yes.


I have the best anti cloaking module, ever! Is already in the game, and has been since the game’s inception!
Be at the damned keyboard while you’re mining. Stay aligned. Don’t be a dumbass.
Best anti cloaking system in the game! Works every time, guaranteed!


No one can really know if anyone is truly AFK. But the best clues are to be had by the people running the servers.

I am not saying everything is perfect, and I am not saying anything needs fixed, and I am not complaining about anything, but here are some ideas to ponder (or ignore if they cause you issues cause I am not even advocating them):

…If input (clicks) is not received from the pilot to the server in a certain time frame (say ten minutes) all ship modules turn off including the cloaking device

…and/or only the cloaking device shuts off

…and/or he ship begins to flip flop aimlessly in space (indicating the pilot is not conscious enough to control the ship) (ship control is meant to be direct mind control after all isn’t it?)

…and/or the ship begins warping and jumping to the nearest friendly or neutral station (could be said to be a safety feature as the ship thinks its pilot is dead or about to die)

…or the ship won’t try to jump if no friendly or neutral stations but instead warps to the nearest temperate planet or moon or next best thing if none in system.

…or the ship will just go to the nearest station and attempt to dock, even if unfriendly.

…or the ship will stop everything its doing and immediately go into safe log off mode and be gone in 30 seconds.

So as a ratter my response is this:

  • If neutral in local dock up and wait ten minutes.
  • After ten minutes is up, undock in my own cloaky ship and do some d-scanning/probing.
  • If no ships found, dock up and wait another 10 minutes.
  • Rinse repeat until cloaker logs off or decloaks.

Where is my risk? When will my ratting ship ever be under threat?

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So if you botting ratters can run programs to click on targets, then an AFK camper can just as easily do the same. What are you going to solve but even more paranoia when a camper doesn’t uncloak after 10 minutes?

Your poor quality post would like to disagree with this claim.

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