Sansha Incursion gate Camps

Is there a way to move around a low sec incusion solo? The rats have scram. I thought maybe my problem was that my ship aligned too slowly. Apparently not PSA:Incursion gate rats stronk - PvE Gameplay Center / PvE Ships & Modules - EVE Online Forums because for some reason CCP gave them insta lock, while a human would at least need to wait for his lock command to be sent to the server! I tried to clear them in a battlecruiser, but they seem to out repair me and they shredded my drones (well, now I know I can just drop off a drone each gate and they’ll go after it…). I know a prepared fleet can get by these no problem, but I just want freedom of movement within my favorite hangouts. Well, the PC gategampers will always exist, but, even those will usually be foiled by a sub 2 align since they need to send their commands to a server.

Well Incursions often move around quite frequently lasting about a week at most. Everyone deals with them as they do stop mining operations in HS. Can’t do much about it either end the incursion with a fleet or destroy the NPCs

You could try a Deep Space Transport with its +2-warp core hope there aren’t too many scammers. Other than that, just wait out the incursion. They are advanced rats up there with FOB’s Also noted for their high tank.

At least you can move between gates…

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I thank you for posting your opinion. A lot of people would not be willing to post their own losses in front of everyone to see. And yes I agree this mechanic is stupid

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Apparently the post I made about it was hidden.

So now that my post non-controversial post about my loss was hidden for some unknown reason.

I’ll make a controversial post:

Whoever made insta lock frigs (before server tick) with scrams and webs that can’t be killed by blinged out sacrilege should be fired.

Technically players can make an instant lock ship too. The delay between the player’s command and the server acknowledging it is why sub 2 align works against players. The Sansha rats don’t “technically” have better resolution, but since it’s just the server telling itself that “you need to lock on to Saladinae”…

Tell me how many ships in zkill I’ve lost to instant lock gatecamps by real players that are hindered by server ticks?

My +1 scout flies through, sees empty local, main subcap pilot jumps through.

I’ve never been on an incursion (ever) , nor did I agree to PvE. I’d have to fit my ship in a way to get past (and kill) those rats that would leave me 250% vulnerable to a real gate camp by real players.

I play for PvP. Not instant lock, invincible pointing/webbing PvE frigates. To make it worse both sides of gate were camped by these npcs, so using my adcu on the first escape negated the second.

The mere fact a HAC would even be forced to use an ADCU against low sec gate rats is an insult.

2 C-type armor reps and reactive and an ADCU couldn’t hold it. 5 acolyete II’s, 5 HAM’s with faction couldnt’ kill the webbing frigate? I tank 3-4 max dps ratting Ishtars inside ESS’es all the time in that Sacriledge.


I lose that Sacriledge twice a day in PvP. I expect it. But to NPCs on a low sec gate (the only gate to Fountain/Initative/Bastion Space) !??!?

Wait, if your scout can spot players, can’t he spot (and die) to the Sansha rats? I thought you were traveling alone. My OP was complaining about how solo travel becomes near impossible during these incursions. I understand why the rats in the actual sites need to be tough, but I just want to travel.

Yeah I consider this mechanic kind of BS. They should just make these rats ignore you the first 5 seconds after you break cloak. I half want this dumb thing to be included in the high sec incursions… if only so that it annoys enough people that this is scrapped entirely.

“Oh just don’t fly through incursion space outside high sec” someone will say

I don’t think it is fair for solo gate travel to be shut down not because someone took control of the other side of the gate, but just because the game was like “incursion time”

If you’re not pressed time, you can jump through in a pod and pick up a corvette on the other side and suicide 3-7 corvettes to move them out of range of the gate. This gets difficult as when you get webbed, the corvette is slow and has trouble drawing the rats.

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YOu can see on my killbaord that I lost 6-7 covettes to move the rats away to pick up my faction armor reps and thukker battery.

The fact that such shennaggins is even required shows how OP those things are.

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