Hauling and invasions

I suppose it’s suicidal to fly a freighter through a route that has an active invasion, right?

If it is suicidal, then may I ask how I’m supposed to get to Minmatar space from Gallente space without having to fly through low sec (and 40 jumps), or buy a 10b JF?

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Pay PUSH to do it…

Yes, I understand there are ways around it. It’s not really what I’m asking though…

Fit for speed is probably the best advice, Inertial stabiliser II’s. Less time out in the open where you can get attacked. Dont bother with anything like faster warp.

I’m litterally asking how to do it by myself, if at all possible, rather than paying someone else to play the game for me. Also, it’s 40 jumps including lowsec.

But okay dude, we get it, you are super elite and all that, which must be why your comment was so knowledgeable and helpful. No really, go troll somewhere else.


Yeah, I was thinking maybe a web alt. But I’m afraid I might get instant tackled? I’ve been instantly targeted at gates in frigs so it’s kind of scary. And then I’m also afraid gankers might be on the lookout for opportunities.

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you can cloak on the way through.

I have been going through in a blockade runner and a DST.

If the rats are on gate, MWD/Cloak with the DST is still a time to hold your breath because the frigates head toward you when you decloak from the gate cloak, but in a Blockade Runner it’s straight forward.

It seems so far the the invasions only last a day before they move. So if you can wait and do something else, then that works, however we don’t have much to go on yet in terms of how quickly they seem to move on to elsewhere.

The other thing would be to try luring them off gate with a scout. They will follow you so you can move their fleet to a different location it seems, but I haven’t tried that myself yet, so I might just be leading you to a loss with that advice. So far they don’t seem to jump gate with you. So you only need to worry about jumping into a system, not leaving it.

You’ll be fine.


You get an alt to clear your path on the gates or few buddies

Thanks scipio, I’ll look into using ships that can MWD/cloak. I have a lot of volume to move, so maybe an Orca? Although as I’ve said previously, I’ve been inta-locked while travelling there in a fast align frigate, so I really don’t feel confident at all lol. Maybe I’ll just wait, but the invasion center is in Colelie, which is part of the Gallente/Minmatar pipe. Do we know how long the centers are supposed to stay active?

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Will likely remain a long time as the progress is just at phase 1 if you check the invasion info

Ok, I guess that will probably mean at least a week then… I think I’ll do some trial runs with cheap mwd/cloak ships, see how the Triglavians react to that.

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The problem with an Orca is going to be the system effects, which hit drones hard.

So while you’ll have huge tank, the attack to clear the rats might struggle.

Not something I’ve tried and would be worth testing it on SiSi first, before going it on TQ.

Apparently these things are on SiSi. So it might be a PILOT (Production In Lieu Of Testing) if you do it.

I hope a long time. Shaking things up a little is good.
I’m looking forward to the time jita is invaded. That will be epic!

You seem a clever type, OP, I’m sure you’ll adapt.


It is just something that the game environment is throwing at you, perhaps this added risk that balance of against nerfing bumping, I can only hope!

So with this gankers will just setup shop in systems being camped by the Trigs on the pipes to get free points and that would be far better than the abortion we have now. Because we can at least shoot the blighters…

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I went through 4 systems of Trig taint earlier in my Orca. On one gate if i didnt have mwd to Insta warp i would of been toast. I was painted, dampened, webbed, tracking disrupted and jammed…but not scammed. If i need to do that again im bringin the cavalry with payback.

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yeah… THAT actually helps you with warp…

Do a mwd trick ,orca have more than enough buffer to get you in warp.
For now rats on gate dont scram.

just cry and ask ccp to make the game even more easier so everyone gets a godmode button right next to the safety button (safety button LMAO xDDDD)

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