PSA:Incursion gate rats stronk

Hi all.

While I’m not sure the subject line would surprise many of you, I would like to inform that no matter how zippy your interceptor is, they are still catchable by Incursion rats on the gate you attempt to warp from.

I’ve talked to several players, discussed it in ingame channels, everyone I’ve talked to believe this to be impossible. But CCP response points in the direction of ‘part of the sandbox’ kind of thing. “Incursions are extremely dangerous” - no ■■■■.

So take care when you fly anything valuable in a ceptor through incursion space.

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Water is wet.

Maybe use a ceptor that is fast and has low align time? I moved 50B in a ceptor through 2 Incursions yesterday and they were never even able to start locking me.

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Yeah, how sure are you on this? I went through 5 LS gates in an Incursion area filled with ships on the gate and didn’t get any response or even a twitch from one of them. Now, I did see a few player wrecks on a couple of gates (leading into and out of the incursion area) and one was even an interceptor, but it appeared that perhaps some AP was going on and that the players did not realize that there was an Incursion in the area.
Any chance what you are reporting is more influenced with the recent ongoing Minmatar/Amarr border conflict?

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I’m speaking of personal experience so I’m 100% sure. I was heading through a system in Curse (nullsec incursion) in a ceptor with align time of about 1.92 seconds. Incursion rats on gate as I come in, I thought oh well I’m fine, as usual.

I select the destination on overview, I click warp to. But the instant I pressed that command, I was warp disrupted by the incursion rats and soon blapped by the larger ships. This was literal instant point - they grabbed me on the same tick I decloaked.

Yes water is wet, and silly comment is silly. It’s hard to make instant align more instant.

This is what I got:

You canceled your invulnerability at 15:36 by giving the command to warp to 0SHT-A - Curse Western Guardpoint. By doing this the Incursion Sansha’s Nation Frigate was able to locate and engage you. These NPCs are very dangerous as they are designed to be high end PVE content, meant to be run by fleets with other players. They are also highly aggressive and will pinpoint anyone immediately if they decloak in range.

By this I can only take it as ‘intended behaviour’.


Well, then damn…:thinking:

Rats don’t need to send data from a client to a server, and don’t need to receive any data either. The time saved that way is the same time that saves you from players.

Server ticks are a way to mitigate latency. The rats, running on the server, don’t suffer from latency. They immediately know where you are and can react in the next, or possibly same tick.


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