Expolit to bypass the acceleration gate of the Wightstorm Muster Point

Somehow it is possible to bypass hte acceleration gate of the Wightstorm Muster Point. That happened to me today.

I was doing a Wightstorm Muster Point in a Vagabond and was about 200km away from the warp-in beacon when a Jaguar came into the site. I was greeting him to signal that i could warp out:
[15:12:59] Skidmark Smellybum > o/
he responded:
[15:13:05] Xxxxxxxxx > wait
then he warped out of the sight and a short time later warped back in and landed about 20km away from me.
I asked:
[15:18:51] Skidmark Smellybum > how did you get right on top of me?
and his fleet member responded:
[15:19:46] Xxxxxxxxx > magic

I already reported the exploit and opened a ticket, i will post further infos here ewhen thy come.

Sorry i posted it with the wrong char, so i deleted and reopened this topic

Sometimes when you log off in a site …
… the game, for some reason, drops you back into it when you log back in.

I’ve had that happen to me a couple of times.
I guess one just needs to be quick enough, but I never tested this on purpose.

From the ToS:

You may not exploit any bug in EVE Online to gain an unfair advantage over other players. You may not communicate the existence of any exploitable bug to others directly or through a public forum. Bugs should be reported through the bug reporting tool on our website.

Don’t post about exploits while they are being investigated. If the answer to your bug report is ‘this is not an exploit’ you can come here and talk about it. Until then, shhhhhh.

Using any method to bypass acceleration gate ship restrictions to enter complexes is an exploit. The notification specifies Factional Warfare complexes, but this has since been extended to all sites which have acceleration gates.


You also can bring combat ships in other ships maintenance bay. But since it’s declared as exploit. CCP won’t fix it. But report anyone avoiding gate restrictions.

Yes, this happened to me…had a disconnect whilst fighting the BS. No biggie I thought, I will respawn at the gate. Wrong…when I re-logged in I was still in the room with Rattlesnake shields nearly gone. Fortunately the overheating bonus meant I managed to finish with 30% hull. Happy I persisted with a DC II.

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