(Anyanka Funk) #1


(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #2

If you believe in something, then you act upon those beliefs without requirement for validation or compromise.

If you only do something because you’re in it for the validation of others, then that’s not belief, that’s the weakness of your own insecurity.

I suppose you, much like many others were just in it to play the role so to speak as an affectation – why don’t you do like most and write a petition for official recognition?

(Valerie Valate) #4

Lo! As undergarments from the buttocks of Gallente exotic dancers, so doth the veil of ignorance slip fromst thine eyes.


(Veikitamo Gesakaarin) #5

You do realize one of the greatest assets one has as a capsuleer is not the wealth in ISK, or the megatons of weaponry – it is the power of extraterritoriality and extralegal status?

Freedom of movement is a powerful tool to prosecute one’s own beliefs. Honestly, not everything one does of importance accordingly to personal worldview needs to see the spotlight or have someone pin a medal to your chest.

Living your life for the need of public or personal recognition means you cede power to others – to recognize you or not. When the truth is, if you have a cause, if you have deeply held beliefs you will pursue out of conviction then quite frankly other people just don’t mean a damn.

(Goldfinch) #6

Whatever you may be, Anyanka Funk, you are truly lost.

We cannot judge you because we can claim no steadfastness in our own personal bearings. We declare and reaffirm our Faith each day to the best of our ability, and learn from our experiences. We make mistakes, and we own up to them.

Many may have abandoned the hope of interacting with you plainly and honestly, but we are here for you if you ever require counsel.

(Yarosara Ruil) #7

There there Miss Funk. You’ll always be a real Blood Raider to me. Don’t listen to those baseliner agents, they’re dumb and have been living like we’re still in YC103.

(Che Biko) #8

Funk, you should be smart enough to know she was referring to the Blood Raider Covenant faction and its member corporations. You’re still a Raider.
Then again, I don’t think a Blood Raider would let stuff like this affect themselves as you make it appear it affects you. Heck, you called me weak, but I would not let it affect me like that. So either you are indeed too weak to be a Blood Raider, or you’re just trying to appear as such.

Either way, I still love you. You can come cry your bloody tears on my shoulder.


(Che Biko) #10

I don’t know, I’m not in Origin, and I won’t return soon. Also, you may recall this:

(Tamiroth) #13

As numerous people (essentially) said above, we are what we actually do, and not what we aspire to be.

Your actions speak for themselves.

Even if you do not carry Omir’s blood banner with the Horned Skull as your corp designation, you will burn all the same, and it’s the duty of every good man or woman in this cluster to put you out of your misery, on sight.

The only difference between you and Omir’s men is that you are somewhat more dangerous.

Though, now that he has Burner pilots under his command, even that is questionable.

(Tamiroth) #15

Oh, really? One more reason for them not to trust any kind of capsuleer too much, I guess.

(Ilan Ardishapur) #16

Whatever you are you’re still a disgusting, sinful, heretic.

(Arrendis) #17

Look, Funkybutt, I’m not gonna be one of these idiots with their empty boosterism ‘oh, no, you’re totally a REAL Blood Raider, you just need to be one in your heart’ bullpucky. The Blood Raider Covenant is an organization. They decide who belongs to that organization, and you’re not it.

You’ve finally picked up on that.

That’s not a bad thing. You know where you stand now, and where you stand is above them. Omir wants the blood of capsuleers because Omir wishes he could be you. But he can’t. So maybe, instead of trying to be Omir… you should think about being you.

Figure out who you want to be, and be it. Maybe that’ll mean being a pilot in pirate space. Maybe it won’t. Figure out who you want to be, and what you believe, without the Blood Raider crutch… then go be it.

(Anabella Rella) #18

She already knows who she is as do most of us. She’s a low-life scum, pirate, corporate thief and cut-rate wannabe Blooder.

(Arrendis) #20

Nah. I’d call double that cheap if it means I know the money is staying in friendly hands.

(Goldfinch) #22

Neither bloodletting nor cold blooded murder are the sole province of Raiders. We should strive to make no assumptions of the past, your past, our past.

Empathy only works if it is bidirectional. And we both will have lost an opportunity if all we try to do is fundamentally alter each other’s core beliefs as the first act.

(Valerie Valate) #23

Oooh, I know the answer to this one ! Now how does it go again, oh yes there it is. Ahem.

Takes one to know one !

(Arrendis) #24

Funding the efforts of someone who wants to kill me would be pretty stupid, Funk.

(Orgah) #25

A little note if you do not understand yet, Funk.

We are not in the age of the Rebellion anymore, if you catch my drift. Editing out those posts of yours is pretty much pointless if there are multiple people in the thread quoting them whole, and services like Chribba’s that capture your very first edit for those really curious (or maybe eerily stalky).

Whatever you wish to hide - once its out on Galnet, it can’t put back in the bag.


(Makoto Priano) #26

A point of note, pilots.

Funk is the sort who will delete posts the moment she doesn’t believe they’re in her interest. To archive her self-incrimination, her lunacy, and her other wondrous traits as a waste of biomass, make sure to quote her comments to ensure that they are preserved for posterity.

(Aldrith Shutaq) #27

Think she finally cracked?

Well, I mean, more than she already is.