Minmatar Development Assistance Association

Greeting’s you mention that you will not produce combat drones/ammo or any other tools to “Destabilize” the region however isn’t it the Amarr who lay waste to your region causing chaos to the Minmatar citizen’s. I find it would be beneficial both to the region and your association if you where to start the production of munitions for the war effort and to supply the local freedom fighters.

I will be happy to donate a sum if the production of munitions goes forward.

Kindest Regard’s, Blights Wretch


Hello Ms Valentine,

I run an environmental task-force based in the Ani constellation of Metropolis. Salvaging and removal of space-debris form the mainstay of our daily operations and I’m delighted to see another Minmatar corporation putting its priorities on the environment and well-being of its workforce.

I see potential for partnership here. I’ll be in touch privately to arrange a bulk order for your M2 units. And maybe more.

Kind regards,

Karynn Denton
CEO, Untitled Goose Corp

Sorry, but as a registered aid organisation it’s not in our legal rights to produce or transfer weapons or ammunition.

I personally understand your feelings, but our goal is to set up the ground floor for a civilian market. We try to make the life in the Republic a better place for all Minmatar. It started with the M2 Salvage Drones, but we’ll soon add other civilian products to our portfolio.

Cheap ammunition on the market will also benefit the Angel Cartel in those regions or other capsuleer pirate groups. If you are looking for military production to invest in, I’m sure there are other local entities that will gladly take your offer.

Ah good to see you here Brother Blights, Strange you should be concerned the Minmatar citizens and the region when your Alliance and corporation feed off the “Freedom Fighters” you seem concerned about, as they defend the region. In fact you recently allied with the Slavers CVA to attack a Freedom Fighter structure! As a fellow Thukker I respect your choice but you have no moral high ground on these issues, you and your Aliiance are no Allies to the Minmatar Tribes, accept what you are…

o7 Pol


Oh your very much correct Pol i have very little care for the Minmatar citizens as well as the Amarr I am here to simply point out the facts for the “True” Minmatar’s and that there main threat will not be undone by Salvage drones but instead Consistent Artillary and autocannon fire which does require supply. As to my morals, conflict is great for me and the alliance i belong to whether it be coming from the Minmatar side or Amarr i have no care i simply just have fun to gain.

I am also sorry to hear Ms Valentine that you have no legal rights to produce munitions. If ever you gain the grounds to produce arm’s do be in touch i will be happy to provide aid in any form i am able.

Kindest Regard’s, Blights Wretch

Thank you Blights and Pol,
I would like to ask you to discuss your private matters elsewhere.

I think we have set a clear statement to Karynn Denton she wont forget.
We will not enter a partnership with her unethical corporation.

Please do not try to trick us. It won’t work and only backfires on you.

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You have the business acumen of an apricot.

I simply wanted to buy your drones. If every customer of yours needs to jump your sanctimonious moral hurdles before they reach for their wallet, you’ll be hard pressed doing business with anyone in New Eden.

I would’ve preferred to call you a partner. You’ve chosen to be a competitor. Stay out of Ani.


Now, now. If there’s been a misunderstanding, you should both work to straighten things out and see if there’s room for everyone to get what they want.

There hasn’t. We’re both clear that we won’t be doing business together.

Take your patronising comments elsewhere.

If you would care to, a private mail to myself could open a chain of business ventures and expansion for yourself, I am interested in your prospects.

  • F. Orta

We’ve received a donation. A Wreath-Class industrial ship with 100 Homeless and 100 Freed Slaves that we included into our workforce.
We have named the ship Malaking Tiyan (big tummy) and we are really glad not to rely on Probe-sized vessels anymore. Without this donation, the following would be impossibe:

Yesterday we submitted cheap drones to most of the Minmatar controlled stations and hubs in Heimatar. We hope a new ground level for the market price of salvage drones will be establishing soon.
This is just a part of our efforts:

A big shoutout to


who supported us in setting up multiple market offers in Heimatar yesterday.

Currently our production facilities are not running, because we can not effort new production materials until the drones are sold. donations are welcome!

We are currently developing new Minmatar inspired products so stay tuned :wink:


It is good to see your ventures are growing and are prosperous. I am glad members of the DF coalition could provide the help you needed. I’ll continue to watch your enterprises closely, don’t hesitate if you require further aid.

And fly safe.


A short update:

We have by now sold over 15.000 Salvage drones in Heimatar and Metropolis!

Thanks to the help of DF, TIA and and some supporters, we have anchored a small research Station at Frarn V. We are currently hiring scientists and science graduates to fill our research labs.
I never thought this would happen but thanks to your support it totally is happening! :slight_smile:


To celebrate this success, we will throw a party at the station on Sunday 03.29 YC 122, 20:00 (Eve Time). Everybody is invited to join. Password for the station’s forcefield will be provided. There will be a nice firework to start the celebration. My cousin ( Majikku ) will perform a traditional vherokior musical (“story of courage”) at the main tower. (~20 minutes)
After that, just do whatever you like. We have a giant dancefloor in the cargo bay, great music, couches, bedrooms and you are invited to stay until monday. Additionally there is a shuttle service to Frarn V, so if you want to explore the beautiful planet, feel free to do so!
The musical will also be streamed if you cannot make it in person. But It would be a great honor if some capsuleers joined the party :wink:
(Info: There will be many baseliners present… our research and production team, around 300 people,… so it will be really crowded. We have security forces and a strict no weapon policy.)

Hope I see some of you at the party!

o7 Komi


Statement about recent market changes:

The Mineral prices in New Eden are rising. The Minmatar Development Assistance Association will not increase the prizes for the M2 Salvage Drones for now! Just today we set up some new offers in the Metropolis Area:

The price for ORE Salvage Drones is rising in Heimatar. This led to an unexpected sale in our drones.
Some entitys tried to buy all our stocks. Here is a list of those suspects:

  1. whizkidz Echerie bought ~6000 Drones at 34 Stations
  2. Croom Yeva bought ~3600 Drones at 18 Stations
  3. Berret Armer bought ~2200 Drones at 11 Stations

If you have any information, about those entitys, contact us please. It seems like they are using our project for their personal gain.

As a response we have set up a new market offer in Frarn to support the locals in Heimatar.

Fight high salvage drone prices and support your local Metropolis and Heimatar markets ! ! !

o7 Komi

Donations are still open btw :slight_smile:

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It’s been lovely watching your business take off with such vigor. I will try and attend the celebrations if I can. Long may you have the continued support of the DammFam coalition, we are there to support exactly these kind of dealings and enterprises within Minmatar space.

Well done Ms. Valentine.


Today is a big day. After some request of the local population, the MDAA decided to start an operation in Molden Heath last month. Today this request will be executed!

Molden Heath belongs to the Minmatar Republic and a lot of Vherokior brothers and sisters live in those systems. It is a beautiful but sadly economically unstable region compared to Heimatar. There are some “Islands” where the Republic managed to established law and order, but for most of the Systems that is sadly not the case…
The region is populated by Angel Cartel pirates and some Capsuleer pirates, which makes travelling and trade for the general population very dangerous. This means there are many systems that are basically cut off with only few transport ships traveling there per week.
We will not leave them to their fate. This is why the Minmatar Development Assistance Association shipped 200 Salvage Drones to EVERY Minmatar station in the region.

The market for Salvage Drones in Molden Heath was comparativly small:

Once our operation is over, we expect to effectively decrese the price for Salvage Drones in Molden Heath by 60%. This will hopefully lead to some salvaging ventures starting there.

Sales start NOW on some stations with 50+ more stations following in the next 2 hours!

Special Thanks to:
Capsuleer PrinceRedBull13 for helping with the delivery of 2000 M2 Salvage Drones through dangerous areas of lowsec and honorful returning our transport vessel.
DammFam for the help with marketing and sell orders. (special thanks to rodnichok)
Arcane Odyssey for access to their intelligence channel and stations.

o7 Komi


A small Update:

Since the sale of our salvage drones went that well, we decided to extend our knowledge to other products.

After long negotiations with the local goverment, we have created a factory on Frarn V, that will be producing Integrity Response Drones.

The Tenet Commercium, who owns the orbital customs office, gave us a special discount on importing and exporting planetary goods. We have created 637 new Jobs in our 15 facilities:

The Launchpad is located at “Bulkang Island” near the equator. The command center and the drone production facility are located at the promontory of “Kalyai” . The other facilities are located all around the coast, including one extractor control unit, that meets all nature conservation legal requirements.

The drones will be produced for the Heimatar market. The price is expected to be around 2 Million ISK for a complete pack of them. Minmatar ventures can apply to get the drones for free and are encouraged to do so, if they are planning to build structures in Minmatar space.

The first Prototypes are currently tested and shipping will begin in some weeks.

o/ Komi


Update from the Molden Heath market:

salvage drones|690x407

We sold 2800 Drones on the first day after deployment. That’s a huge success.
In the Highsec areas it seems like someone bought all the Drones and resells them now at a higher price.
We still need to find a solution for this recurring pattern, because it is not acceptable to misuse our aid.

Personal statement:


I would like to ask every capsuleer to donate.
You can support us with ISK, minerals, scrapmetals…

In the last weeks our donations seeped away despite our successes and currently we have not enough assets to produce more Salvage Drones.
I currently don’t want to enter Heimatar, due to my troubles with CONCORD ( Breaking News: Komi hacks FTL Network! ), but I encourage all workers at our station: “We don’t give up. We will find a way to keep the production running. We started with nothing but an idea, and now we have a production facility and more ideas. Just take some vacation with your families, there will be no job terminations. I will personally guarantee you all are getting paid while on vacation!”

o/ Komi

PS: We are selling cute plush Salvage Drones, If you want one, you should be quick. It’s a limited number of copies :wink:


You are doing amazing work both for the Minmater and for these Drones that deserve good productive homes.

I look forward to assisting your cause as I can.

I have made my first donation to this great cause, and will make more in the near future.


You very much welcome. Not everything can be bought with ISK.